Sawing an ELAC speaker in half to see how it’s built


With an ELAC speaker review as you can see. The ELAC Adante  AS-61 stand mounted speakers. It’s a beautiful speaker it is heavy you should try picking this thing up we were highly impressed when we saw it, when we picked it up the build quality is pretty great.

We’re looking at the design of this speaker has Andrew Jones pretty well know and respected speaker designer.

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So first we’ll start by taking on the front panel there are two drivers as you can see and that’s six screws. The top one here is a converging design this is a mid-range and in the medium of the mid-range is the tweeter.

The woofer looks like it’s slightly different than the actual wolfram and this is technically a passive radiator the actual driver. The speaker taking the amplifier wattage from your grantee. The speaker sound is excellent and builds multiplication we took a table saw and excluded it in two.

First the speaker they rented him to make a rather affordable line of speakers that sound really good. They’re costly and worth it and planned by Andrew Jones with some breezy stuff going on inside.

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The speaker cone with no voice coil or magnet or anything like that on the back here it’s not connected to electricity. It’s a nice lightweight but very solidly built passive radiator.

On the back has connections board and those are some nice heavy-duty connections right there. There are two sets of binding posts on the back and they come with the jumper installed.ELAC speaker reviewSo you can just connect your speaker wire to one set of terminals if you want but you got some flexibility here if you’ve got some additional amplifier channels you want to use. They’re fantastic phenomenal, indeed, particularly at that price.

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