Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV Review

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Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV 

For this year, the products Samsung brought, Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV is the second highest grade TVs from them. The model which is similar with JS9000 is JS8500 series but the features which are exceptional from JS8500 is, it has the curved screen and slightly different design. In today’s market,  JS9000 is one of the Samsung’s new “SUHD” TVs for the year and it sells a very considerable discount on this LED TV.

This King Curved LED TV has strong LED lighting and it offers you the best quality viewing on-screen scenes with natural light coming into your room. As a processor is the heart of a smart device, for this Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV uses the most effective Octa Core Processor which enhances its performance much better, more qualified. The color performance is also very high than any other model. It is made of using the latest Nanocrystal technology which makes all the pictures more colorful view.

Top Features of Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV-(At a Glance)

  • Contains a very refreshing effective rate- 240 CMR
  • Has the high qualified LED Backlight
  • Very wide dimension(W*H*D): without stand-(57.5*32.9*4.2)’’
  • Dimension with stand: (57.5*36*14.4)’’
  • It has four video connecting 4 HDMI inputs
  • Has 3 USB, to work in real time
  • Includes smart functionality- Yes, it includes
  • Includes built in wifi, able to use internet

Special Features

Better UHD Dimming:

In Samsung’s new term of edge, the micro dimming is replaced by UHD dimming in Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV. A lot of precision regarding color, contrast and detail levels are needed for coordinating each part of the screen in the overall excellent image. It has the manipulation of the edge lighting in JS9000 so that it can marginally impact contrast and color in the picture.

Easy sharing content:

Some latest apps are coming soon to access the best USD content on Netflix or Amazon. In this, one can easily instant search for content and it will be very faster to any programs or movies even while you are still watching TV. Beside this Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV has easy sharing system and it makes easy to share content between mobile and TV. It always provides you a signal when your device is close or it seamlessly plays the content perfect for the big screen. You can easily move about your house when you are viewing your favourite content on your device.

The Awesome Octa Core Processor:

This awesome processor has the outstanding multi-tasking capabilities for multi-link screen viewing, for improved gaming and fast play and return system. It can handle many functions at a time ensuring lighting fast performance. In this innovation of Samsung, the engine  of Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV enhances broadcast movies and TV shows as well as video and more. It has the super ability to convert lower resolution content to a level of clarity which is almost like ultra-high definition.

HD to UHD Upscaling, conversion:

It is known that only if the TV has a built in stellar upscaling and conversion technology, the picture quality is better on a 4K UHD TV with a HD signal or standard definition. Otherwise, it is not possible. This model can analyze the incoming signal, scales up to the lower resolution signal and applies video noise reduction techniques. This feature differs this Samsung jS9000 from other very top end TVs.

Appearance and Design:

The primary difference between JS8500 and JS9000 is it has a metal charcoal framing bezel and a curved screen. The curved screen helped with side angle viewing quality. It’s accompanied T-shaped stand is also brushed charcoal with having modern touch also.

Color Performance:

Samsung JS900 has the incredible heart of improvements of Nano Crystal Technology which improves its color technology much better that others. The new SUHD models by Samsung for 2015 and 2016 are enjoying this new technology. This technology is called Samsung’s Version of Quantum Dot Technology. The JS900 uses that Nano Crystal Layer is a stack of ultra-thin film located between the LEDs or LCDs and its front protective glass or plexi layer. 

The most advantage of this technology is a wider color gamut that is produced by better disbursement by the Nano Crystal Diffuser Film. Its Nanocrystal and Quantum Dot technology are thought are thought of competing OLEDs technology that can carry their own color to the surface of the panel.


  • It has many essential apps, it’s Tizen OS is fast
  • LED edge lighting produces top notch light flow, through dynamic images
  • Excellent Black levels, colors, contrasts, for a LED TV
  • Its really looking great in 4K, has HD programming upconversion
  • The curved TV design is very attractive and appealing
  • Has smart touch remote- to point and click functionality
  • It has game mode and it really cuts down input lag
  • Octa core processor- allows the smart hub runs very smooth and fast


  • Bad for 2D content, viewing the side angle which is not great
  • It has automotion plus that is badly highlights unnatural effects to 2D shows and movies

Customers Overviews of this Samsung UN65JS9000

Many real users already talking about this awesome Samsung UN65JS9000 Curved Smart LED TV in Amazon. They shared their so true experience with other users too. As real users can only figure out the real experience of a product, and that can judge a product. Most of the customers gave 5 stars to this Samsung UN65J

So, most of the real  users found who gave 5 stars to this great curved LED TV.

This great curved LED TV got 4.5 stars among 5 stars. Customers found very happy using this product.

A great user named M Hilovsky said “The picture quality is outstanding. The television is noticeably brighter than the previous model in the head to head. The colors are extremely vivid  and the depth enhancement function is pretty wild as well.”

Another happy user of this TV named Ryan Sterling said in his review “You will never regret this purchase. Definitely it is the best and most impressive screen I have ever owned. The one connect box by Samsung is a genius idea.”

On the other hand, some negative comments are also found from some customers. D’Ante said “Great television but not the best out there right now. The colors are pretty vibrant and unnatural but I calibrated the television using a color monkii tool to fix it.”  

The last comment has seen in customer review saying like “It worth every penny! The picture quality is amazing. I strongly recommended it professionally calibrated to show true quality. Its awesome.”- Luzfashion0617

Questions and Answer

Question: Does this TV have a swivel base?
Answer: No. It doesn’t. It has a wide stand with 4 legs.

Question: What is the difference between JS9000 and the JS9500?

Answer: The basic difference is JS9500 is a full array LED TV whereas JS9000 is only an edge-lit LED TV.

Question: Does the 3D look better because of the curve?

Answer: I don’t know actually. But i watched a 3D movie in it and it really feels like I was in the movie theater.

Question: Can I plug in any standard webcam through USB port for skype?

Answer: Yes. But only VS-STC5000 camera is supported on this model.

Question: Can anybody try to give me the most specific dimensions for the stand only?
Answer: The base is 30’’ wide. No boss soundbar will not work here.

Question: Does this TV have a camera?
Answer: No. But there is a Samsung camera that is compatible with this model.



Final Verdict

Samsung is the brand who always comes in the market with some innovative and extra benefited features for its users. In that way, Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV uses the most powerful Octa Core Processor which ensures its performance super high and super fast. The most amazing feature of this Samsung JS9000 is, it is using NanoCrystal Technology which is beneficial for a wider color view. This device has also the power of sharing content between mobile and TV. This is the most attractive feature of this curved TV. Besides this, you should know Samsung has always the brightest LEDs in the market. A new term of Samsung is the replacement of Micro Dimming by UHD Dimming. So when all these top performances are shown in a single device, it left no doubt this great Samsung UN65JS9000 Smart LED TV is one of the best smart LED Curved TV seller in the market today.