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We are looking for attractive speaker on a low budget to enhance the beauty and best sound of our bookshelf but there are many types of speakers in the market and it is very difficult to compare them Shopkeepers show us high budget speakers for their benefit so to avoid these hassles we have low budget below $100  good quality speakers that will enhance the beauty of your bookshelf and provide high quality sound that will enable you to meet your needs.                         

Micca MB42X

Micca MB42X

Micca MB42X is a small speaker that goes down to 60 hertz and a big speaker that goes down to 60 hertz typically it’s not the same thing the size really does make big difference rights don’t expect chest-thumping levels of basic and we were talking about a four-inch mid-woofer 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter and a really small cabinet over also. First, I want to tell you basic looking so the first thing I noticed was how light they are these are fairly light speakers but I did feel like the construction quality was decent enough. They use nice like Allen keys around the woofer and around the tweeter has a real five-way binding post. you can see on the back and possibly the smallest port I’ve ever seen in my life. Anyhow magnetic grill nice finish, nice touch. Micca MB42X is flat black totally flat black vinyl finish. it’s got rounded edges and then here at the back, we’ve got a port. but the port is facing the rear of the speaker and we’ve got nice binding posts. so, you can either use the posts to attach wire or you can plug some banana clips banana plugs right into there so that’s cool. Look at the grill. if you look, they are flush right up against the front of the speaker and they are actually attached with magnets. There are no pegs no peg holes nothing like that just magnets. really cool idea. I really love that’s awesome. sloppy looking the way they’ve glued that down but you’re not going to see that and from all appearances. Outward appearances that look really good. You can see the little silk dome tweeter nothing too special about that tweeter it’s an inch being optimistic it’s an inch and of course, it’s just held in with little hex screws and then you can see the woofer. is really cool they tilt this up but the woofer is actually a carbon fibre, reinforced woofer and it’s four inches so just from the looks you know it sort of dwarfs I really love the look of this woofer is really cool I really loved that carbon fibber look it’s really neat and there’s a thumb or a rubber surround there to provide. Some extension and that’s pretty much it they’re really minimalistic looking.

Micca model MB 42 X motion series and again, it shows the impedance and the power handling capabilities. The backside of Micca MB 42X here in the specifications. That these are rated up to 75 watts and in fact, if you go and read some of them, they’ve got a section here for amplifier considerations. it actually says that you can use them with an amplifier up to a hundred watts, so you know they’re fairly rated to handle. a fair amount of power these are well officially they’re designated for ohm speakers. it says the impedance can vary between four and eight ohms and that’s because of the built-in crossover and the woofer and tweeter together which is just how it works out to be something that’s pretty interesting here is the frequency response frequency response is rated down to 60 Hertz and of course up to 20 kilohertz but a that 60 Hertz figure is pretty impressive for something with a four-inch woofer to put that into perspective these.

Micca MB42x Woven Carbon Fiber 4 inch woofer is small but the sound quality is a highly optimized 12dB crossover with Zobel network and baffle step compensation. its sound can easily cover a single room with the best sound quality. Sound quality is better than another 5-inch woofer. If you keep it in one room, you can enjoy the best sound with Its improved tonal balance and clarity makes it excessive suitable with a wide range of usage situations, from background harmony the  in all the rooms and you can enjoy the joy of a home theatre. MB42X audio system are now not self-powered and require an amplifier or receiver to play song.

About Micca MB42 X

  • Balanced woven carbon fiber woofer for improved transient and impactful bass
  • High overall performance silk dome tweeter for easy treble and correct imaging
  • Highly optimized 18dB crossover with Zobel community and baffle step compensation
  • Ported enclosure promises prolonged bass response with low distortion
  • The dramatically modified sound signature that is enormously open, balanced, and dynamic

Model Name MB42X

Brand Micca

Speaker Type Bookshel

Woofer Dual 4-Inch Carbon Fiber

Tweeter 0.75-Inch Silk Dome

Magnetic Grill System ✓

Frequency Response 60Hz-20kHz

Power Handling 75 Watts (Each)

Crossover Advanced 9-element, 18dB/Octave on woofer and tweeter

Dimensions (inches) 9.5 (H) x 5.8 (W) x 6.5 (D)

Enclosure Rear ported, matte black vinyl

Sensitivity 85dB 1W/1M

Requires Amplifier or Receiver yes

Price $89.99

Micca MB42X is low begets, light weight and light space  nice style wide range music player.

Polk Audio T15

Great sound at a low price

Product information

Model Name T15

Brand Polk Audio

Sound clarity Speakers Maximum 24000Hz

Output Power 100 Watts

Speaker Type Bookshelf

Driver Size 1x 5 1/4″ Mid/Woofer. 1x 3/4″ Tweeter

Recommended Watts/Channel 20-100 Watts/Channel

Peak Power Handling 100 Watts

Nominal Impedance 8 ohms

Enclosure Type Vented

Overall Frequency 60Hz-24kHz

Item Dimensions 7.30 x 6.50 x 10.70 inches

Item Weight 8.25 lbs

Price $82.99

The Polk T15 home theatre and music bookshelf speakers fetching unbelievable home theatre sound and concert-quality music all in a classic look—and at a low price. The Polk T15 Planned to make a wide feast sound. You can set up it easily on your bookshelf. You can easily use them as front or rear speakers in your home audio system. The Polk T15 also have Their five-way binding posts provide an array of secure wire-hook-up options. T15 is commonly designed to work with domestic theatre receivers, stereos, or domestic theatre processors. Whether you’ve stayed on the sofa for a little tube Polk audio is the only real major brand. Polk audio is like the real serious company in this trio, so I wanted at least one of the speakers to be from a major manufacturer. i chose Polk audio because the t15 is typically 99 most people know Polk audio stuff goes on sale somewhat frequently and these when they go on sale, they go down to 69.99 which is pretty darn reasonable and puts them very much in the ultra-budget bookshelf category. I’m going to tell you a little bit about its specs With one 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter, a 5.25-inch composite driver, and a performance-tuned front-firing bass port—all engineered with Polk’s proprietary Dynamic Balance technology—your sonic visions of brighter highs, a wide-open mid-range, and stunning bass response are now a reality. The acoustically-inert, furniture-grade MDF cupboard development additionally reduces resonance and distortion, so you get rich, unique audio the way it is supposed to be heard—minus the muffled noise and rattles designed to produce a large dispersion sound, putting up your T15 bookshelf audio system is notable easy and convenient no rely on the place you region them. You can even use them as the front or rear audio system in your domestic audio setup, too. Their 5-way binding posts grant an array of impervious wire-hook-up options. Plus, they’re designed to work with most home theatre receivers, stereos, or home theatre processors. Whether you’re settled in for a little tube time on the couch or you’ve acquired the music turned up, the T15 is performance-tuned to enhance the experience—that’s a fact. The best sound paired with affordability never sounded this awesome!

what it sounds like some pros and cons things like that and I’m going to try not to compare. it so getting into it with the specs I have got a five and a quarter inch woofer here I have got a 0.75 inch silk tweeter the height is about 11 inches the width and depth are both between six and seven inches it’s an eight ohm speaker and it’s got a frequency response of 65 hertz to 20 000 hertz and that’s plus or minus 3 db of course and the sensitivity is 89 decibels all right how do they sound so this was a really interesting for me.

Now you can enjoy home theatre experience with audio system Polk T15. In it you will be able to understand the sound of all kinds of action romantic comedy pictures very clearly. Its sound spread unimaginably all-around Polk T15 supports Dolby and DTS 8 Ohms each, 60 – 24,000 Hz response but without a decibel variation or a response curve that is meaningless. They do say the -3db useful low end is 65 Hz. Over all it is a good value for use in a small room like a small bedroom or computer office say about 10′ x 10′. You can play mine with “loudness” on and have the bass turned up a bit to give a nice balanced sound on most material. Polk T15 is great for movies/TV (probably because I don’t care about surround sound) and they are perfect for music.

  • Use these wall-mountable bookshelf audio systems a front, left-right setup, surround or as rear speakers and get mesmerized by way of specific audio with crystal clear vocals, ample to fill any small to medium sized room.
  •  Featuring 5.25″ Dynamic Balance Driver & 0.75″ tweeter, these audio systems are meant to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with big bass even at the lowest frequencies Become greater home theatre experience with immersive surround Sound. 
  •  POLK T15 supreme quality at an Affordable price. With priced speakers,
  • you can now revel in top class acoustics, excessive best construction, convenient setup and a extraordinary theatres journey proper at home

• Create a full-fledged  5.1  home theatres setup with the entire vary of T-series Polk T15 audio system from Polk with two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Centre Channel, two T15 Bookshelf audio system and a subwoofer.

• Polk audio system are compatible with most home theatre AV receivers  giving you many setup association picks – in single or multi-room with 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 structures or an immersive 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 setup

they’re a better value than anything in their price range.

Edifier P12

Edifier P12 -2 way passive bookshelf speaker constructed with premium wooden enclosure to reduce cabinet resonance. The p12 offers high quality crossovers for an ultra-balanced sound signature built in wall mounting brackets and cables provide you with versatile placement options just connect an amplifier and you’re ready to it is very simple to play Edifier P12. Edifier P12 used high quality reliability with hassle-free parts.

Edifier P12 An external amplifier or receiver is required. By using An external amplifier you can gate the freedom to amplify and press the boundaries of sound. 6 ohm impedance, the 4-inch driver and a bass reflex port to enhance bass help to balance natural sound  

The Edifier P12 is the classic designed cabinets. Its use market proven MDF enclosures. The exterior of the speaker is very nicely laid out by the wood color which is awesome to look at.

The P12 makes use of a ¾ – inch silk dome tweeter permitting for greater room at the high-end. For bass, a 4-inch driver is used for smooth, amusing, low frequency sound. Each speaker additionally has a bass reflex port that provides emphasis to the woofer.

Back side of the Edifier P12 can see a a wall-mount bracket so easily can put in the wall, and perfectly on shelfs. The P12 aspects a wall-mount bracket built-into every speaker permitting for use as rear channel or encompass audio system. The P12 are also a best choice for front or centered speakers. Speaker wires included with The Edifier P12 for Connect an amplifier or receiver to power these speakers. Edifier P12 give 2 year warranty.

About Edifier P12


Product information

Item model number P12

Manufacturer Edifier

Dimensions (each speaker) 5 inch x 9.4 inch x 6.6 inch

Item Weight 11.13 pounds


Total Power Output 5W~20W x2

SNR (Singal to Noise Ratio) ~79dB sound pressure level

Frequency Response 55Hz-20KHz

Input Sensitivity / Impedance 6 Ohm

Bass Driver 4 inch (116mm)

Treble Driver 19mm silk film

Active/Passive Passive

Remote Control No

Price $79.99

Acoustic Audio AA321B

Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers speaker size ((HxWxD) 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″ so it’s a small speaker at 400 Watts Black Bookshelf Pair is looking so is very simple and smooth deigned. You can choose Acoustic Audio from two different colours. You can set-up the speaker in any location in the room, office room, or keep it on a bookshelf. It’s easy to set-up just go backside and you can see quick release spring loaded wire terminals. New speaker connecting to your system that’s enough. 

AA321B bookshelf audio system has a booming but compact 2.5″ Polypropylene full vary woofer with nice rubber surrounds for protection. The heavy obligation ABS building of their sealed cupboards make these audio systems no longer solely durable, however a smooth and elegant addition to any indoor system.

It has to be fastened with four screws to keep it fixed on the wall. You can place your Acoustic Audio AA321B at any angle in the space of your room where you want to hear the most beautiful sound. Turn or angle the speaker to direct the sound accurately where you want it. Included mounting brackets agree on the hassle-free connection in any location.

Acoustic Audio AA321B provides quick release spring loaded wire port even it’s a small audio system. You can easily connected with the system and get the best sound. 

At 400 Watts Peak Power per speaker, these multi-purpose indoor audio systems pack a punch. They had been designed to be long-lasting with heavy obligation ABS development sealed cupboards so there is no want to fear about wear-and-tear. At 3.5inch high, they make excellent additions to any include a sound home theatre, will match onto any bookshelf and can be used with any stereo system. With full-range sound, 2-way performance and an unbeatable charge including this audio system to your machine is a no brainer. These speakers are exceptional if they are used properly and considering their price and small size. Acoustic Audio AA321B are heavy for their size, which probably means they have heavy magnets, which would clarify why they have the best sound even though they are small. obviously, it will not take enough place like larger speakers in a full-size surround sound system.

If you want to use them in a suitable setup and do not want to spend a lot of cash, these speakers are best for you.  

About Acoustic Audio AA321B

  • MOUNTABLE INDOOR WIRED SPEAKERS  Traditional passive speaker design, basically drive power from your amplifier or receiver
  • HIGH QUALITY – Full Range sound with 2.5 inch Polypropylene woofers, 150Hz-20 kHz frequency with 88dB at 8 ohm
  • DURABLE AND MOUNTABLE – Black ABS impenetrable cabinets with spring full raw wire connectors and mounting brackets. Great sound from a solid speaker size of (H x W X D) 3.5 inch x 3.5 inchx 4.5″ inch each 
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS – use by amp or receiver power less than 20 and no more than 200 watts each channel.
  • IN THE BOX -Mounting, Two Acoustic sound system by Goldwood AA321B speakers brackets with hardware, instruction manual. 

Product information

Model Name Acoustic Audio AA321B

Brand Acoustic Audio by Goldwood

Speaker Type Bookshelf, Center Channel

Maximum Output Power 400 Watts

Woofer Size: 2.5″ Full Range Polypropylene

Frequency Response 150Hz – 20kHz

Efficiency/ Sensitivity: 88dB at 1 watt 1 meter

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Speaker Size (HxWxD): 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch x 4.5 inch

Wire Terminals: Quick Release Spring Loaded

Finish: Black

Includes: 4 Wall Screws ,Mounting Brackets, User’s Manual

Designed and Engineered in the USA Yes

Price $31.88

Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5″

The Presonus Eris 3.5 inch studio monitors you won’t need a discrete amp to drive these they feature one-inch silk don’t tweeter which is absolutely massive at this price point and even as you start going up in price most are usually about three-quarters of an inch below the tweeter grille The Presonus Eris have a 3.5 inch Kevlar woofer which is another standout feature of these speakers for the price and the overall frequency response of these monitors is 80 Hertz to 20 kilohertz. Now, these speakers aren’t super heavy in the low end but they are very punchy and they sound very very crisp and clean in the low-end without making our mix sound overly muddy or booming the frequency crossover of these is 2.8 kilohertz so for these if you’re looking to peel the paint off your walls with some really heavy bass I would definitely look into getting a subwoofer but for me personally, I don’t think that they’re needed especially since the low-end in the bass is just so clean and crisp the front of the left speaker has your power button with a soft start to the internal amp which does eliminate popping when powering on or off the speakers you also have a 3.5-millimeter headphone out as well as input on the front for hooking up external devices on the fly with the included male-to-male 3.5-millimeter cable. Now they do make a version of these that is Bluetooth so that you can hook up your phone or whatever else you have that’s Bluetooth to these speakers lastly. the Personas Eris 3.5 inch studio monitors have a smooth volume knob with a blue LED above it when the unit is powered on the rear of the speaker. it has quarter-inch balanced inputs as well as unbalanced RCA inputs a low and high-end frequency adjustment both with a 12-decibel range of minus 6 to 6 the part for the power cord in the tried-and-true red and black ports for connecting the satellite also has a rear-firing port on both units now all the inputs and controls are technically what is the left speaker but if you wanted to place those controls on your right-hand side like most people do just swap the left and right stereo inputs in the box along with the aforementioned 3.5-millimeter cable you will get the power cord a 2-meter speaker cable and slightly shorter 3.5 millimetre to RCA cable for hooking up to your computer. You’re also going to a thin set of pads to help with separation from your desk. The Personas Eris 3.5 inch studio monitors stand up at 210 millimetres with a width of 141 and depth of 162 now this whole setup is exceptionally light with a combined weight of 6.4 pounds for both these could be easily lifted with just your pinkie finger. if you look at the back of the speaker on the left-hand side at the top we have what personas called acoustic tuning which is basically a cue now the EQ comes in high and low and you can dial that down – 6 or + 6 DB under this we have a balanced input which is a TRS input and next to that we have an unbalanced input which is RCA finally over on the right here inside we have the bare wire connection that will attach the left speaker to the right speaker using the cable so these Eris monitors are designed for gamers video producers or audio producers on a laptop but they’re also fantastic for anyone that wants a perfect monitor sound while they’re out on the road because these only weigh about three kilos so they’re extremely light.

Finally going to talk about the sound that you get from these eighty dollar speakers these are studio monitors so like a way more about hearing every instrument and more specific settings studio monitors are actually designed for music and video production it was an absolute joy to use these speakers when producing all of the sounds was super clear and accurate. the personas aris 3.5 a monitor that may be small in stature but big on sound like as wide soundstage.

It really impressed you. they’re extremely affordable so if you want to check them out Amazon.

Product information

Model Name Eris E3.5

Brand PreSonus

Item Weight 3.1 Kilograms

LF / HF driver 3.5 inches woven composite / 1 inch silk dome

EQ High/mid variable control (-6 to +6dB)

Low cut No

Acoustic space control NO

Color Black

Type 3.5 inches 2-way Studio Monitors

Inputs 1/8 inch 1- stereo, ¼ inches 2- balanced TRS, 2- unbalanced RCA

Frequency response 20 Hz – 80 kHz

LF / HF amplifier power 25W per speaker 

Peak SPL (@ 1 meter) 100 dB

Acoustic space control NO

Dimensions 5.6 inches (w) x 6.4 inches (d) x 8.3 inches (h)

Price $99.95

About Eris E3.5

  • Studio monitor for gaming, watching, multimedia,  movies, or making your next hit.
  • Industrial design quality. They look as great as they sound. Protection: interference RF, output current limiting, over-temperature, turn-on/off transient
  • 3. 5-Inch woven composite powerful bass response with a more   exact overall sound
  • The only monitors in their class with audio tuning. This enables you to get original sound quality in any room. Edge frequency: 2. 8 kHz
  • Power on/off is placed on the front panel for your expediency.
  • Stereo aux input, headphone jack,

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