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Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 is a best and affordable subscriptions camera.The irlo pro 3 it was released at the end of 2019 and they added home kit support in February. The camera records in 2k video quality which is about 1.6 megapixels more than 1080p.Its 2560 by 1440 which is exactly half of 4k resolution now it’s important to note Arlo also makes the Arlo Ultra camera which does record fully in 4k but this Arlo pro 3 also has 160 degree field of view which is wider than a lot of other cameras that support home kit and it also has this cool feature called color night vision it has a spotlight on it that it will light up when it detects motion at night and then with that and some other cool video tech behind. The scenes they’re able to make this sort of faded color look over what would otherwise just be a black and white night vision photo now you get what you pay for but you pay for it with Arlo this two camera kit plus the hub that I got retails for $499.but now they offer $372.04.Now you can also use this hub with up to six cameras so you can mix and match and you know expand your set up potentially over time but these two cameras the hub is a great way to get started. The box of camera provide you the two cameras and the hub and the related cables to hook up the hub. You also get one battery per camera and a proprietary charging cable to charge those cameras. Now you also get two different mounts that are low has a mount for this camera this is just like a tripod style mount. Where you screw in the you know back of the camera onto the mount and then they also have a magnet  style mount where there’s like a magnet ball and then the back of the cameras magnet that then latches on to that mount now they include one of each type amount for the two cameras. 

2K & HDR camera provide so you can easily see the objects witch you want. You can also zoom in the objects and see the clear details and colors. 

Color Night Vision help you at night .you can see the objects color or black and white. And  Integrated spotlight use in its. The lights will be on at night so that your unwanted people can actually understand you and say goodbye to them

The camera is capable of showing up to 160 degrees filds ,So you can see enough space. A camera that can be seen up to 160 degrees to see what’s going on around you is really a good aspect. But you can clearly see what’s going on in 160 degrees fild and keep a very good eye. You can know at any moment what is happening in the place where the camera is held. You will get notifications in your used mobile, laptop, desktop, so it is very easy to track, you need to connect the camera to the mobile and you will get notifications easily as soon as its apps turn on notifications and what is happening. You can zoom in immediately if you wish

Wherever you are, you can see what’s happening in the camera space directly, and you can store them for 30 days so you can see them later. The most important aspect of this is that you can specify which part of the camera you think is most important and you will get notifications of what’s going on there. For example, if you have a specific area in front of your door when you are outside, you can easily see who is coming to your door. You can find out if any packets are found on the door of your home or office. The camera has a package detection mode that will easily notify you when it see a package in your door. It can hold 30 days of storage. Within 30 days your camera will save what is happening in the place used. I think that’s a good thing. A lot of times we find ourselves doing a lot of work in the office or at home or keeping a lot of things that we don’t remember, which we can use to remember later.

 And when it comes to security, there is no need to worry about who is at our doorstep. So if there is storage for up to 30 days, we can easily get an idea of ​​what is happening.

Easily set up the The irlo pro 3 . Really wish for this premium of a product that they would have included one of each tire two of each type of mounts so that you could choose and use both magnet mounts both tripod style mounts or mix-and-match the two by just including one of each you’re forced to use both types so then comes setup so you take the base station plug it into your router plug it into power download the Arlo app set up a new account or sign in to an existing one and then go through and add the base station and then add each of your cameras from there. you want to figure out where you want to put these cameras and hopefully. you’ve thought about that long ahead of time but keep in mind that you really can’t put the cameras too far away from the base it really varies depending on your home setup but the downside is that the hub does have to connect via ethernet so you’re going to have to hook it into maybe like a Wi-Fi mesh router that you happen to have or an Ethernet plug in your wall or you know a plug right on your router inside of your internet closet or whatever but regardless that’s gonna affect the range and as you set these cameras up though. You can look in the irlo app and see the quality of the wireless signal that the camera is getting so that can give you an idea of where it places the camera then you just have to screw in the mounts 

make sense put up the cameras and you’re good to go for adding home kid so then inside the app you can go through and add these cameras to the home kit. You just go through the steps in the wizard it presented you with the standard sort of adding accessories to home kit mode things.

exposes a motion sensor to the home kit so you’re able to then make any number of automation off of the motion sensor events like when it started detecting motion stop detecting motion so maybe when your camera starts detecting motion when you’re not at home then you can have some lights inside the house turn on automatically to appear to that person as if someone’s actually home or you know you could just have lights in a certain room turn off if there hasn’t been any motion for a certain period of time if that’s how you’re having the camera run now this is a very common feature of a lot of cameras in the home get to also expose a motion sensor but I just wanted to note that it is cool and nice that Arlo also adds this as well there’s another elephant in the room when it comes to Arlo. Arlo Pro 3 is a best and affordable subscriptions camera.

Product information

Alert type :Audio And Motion

Wireless Communication Technology :Wi-Fi

Brand :Arlo

Video Capture Resolution :1080p

Power Source :Battery Powered

Product Dimensions :14.57 x 9.45 x 9.57 inches

Item Weight :3.44 pounds

CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One

Product information

Alert type :Motion Only



Technology :Wi-Fi

Brand :Canary

Video Capture

Resolution :1080p

Power Source :Battery Powered Product 

Dimensions :3 x 3 x 6 inches

Item Weight :13.9 ounces

The Canary all-in-one home security affordable and best budget camera. Canary was founded in 2012 in New York City by a team of experts with experience in robotics, security, design and software. Let’s look at what features the Canary team brought to the all-in-one home security camera.They have intelligence and security stemming from 1080p high-definition video,90 decibel siren and the built-in climate monitoring. In addition, they also have desktop streaming, 30 days of clouds storage and two-way audio.

The Canary all-in-one home camera is the all-matte black, which gives it a clandestine look. When someone walks into your home or your apartment, they don’t look at it and say “OH, there’s the security camera. “The face of 

the camera has a glossy finish. The lens and the camera are actually flush with that finish. Those are actually a bit recessed from the exterior plastic. You have the indicator light and microphone further down on that front face. On the top of the camera, you’ll find four beams that are meant for measuring the environment within your home. On the bottom you’ll find the speakers and an LED light that lights up when you’re streaming and recording. On the back, you’ll find a space to connect your Ethernet, micro USB and 3.5 millimeter audio, along with this handsome Canary insignia. In order to know whether or not the Canary all-in-one home security camera is right for you.

Every digital camera must have stellar video, 2-way audio, night time vision, cloud and neighborhood storage, clever platform integration, synthetic intelligent, price and convenience. video quality, and the Canary has stellar video, coming in hot at 1080p high-definition video with an impressive 147-degree field of view and three-time digital zoom. While the 108p and digital zoom are relatively standard for a camera like this, the 147-degree field of view and that angle definitely puts the Canary in the upper echelon of security cameras that we’ve seen. For that, for video quality is very clear.

The Canary kind of comes with two-way audio. Out of the box, you can use the two-way audio when you sign up for the premium features. it has this necessary feature when the necessary feature doesn’t come necessarily with the camera itself. When it comes with two-ways audio, the Canary actually works admirably, but there’s the warning that you must pay for it.

Here at Security there’s a lot of emphasis in terms of necessary features on night vision, for those of us who are a little bit more nocturnal. For the Canary, it has 12 infrared LEDs, which allow for a really clear picture in that nice black and white. All your images will be detailed, not blurry. For that, night vision is nice.

For Security necessary feature of local and cloud storage, when it comes to the Canary, it can only really get half credit from us. The Canary has no local storage options. It does come with the last 24 hours of video recordings. You have to pay a separate subscription price to get the last 30 days. The fact that you can’t plug either a USB or a microSD into the Canary only allows us to give it half credit when it comes to the Security necessary feature of local and cloud storage.

A security necessary feature is Smart platform integration, and really, the Canary is firing on all cylinders when it comes to Smart platform integration. It works with the two biggest players in the market, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can throw the feed of what’s going on in your home to your Amazon Fire TV under Amazon Alexa, or you can type into Google Assistant to figure out what the humidity in any particular room, all because of the feature set built into the Canary.

The Security necessary feature of artificial intelligence usually refers to facial recognition. While it’s not necessarily facial recognition, the Canary does come with person detection. The AI can learn your habits over time. In addition, Canary claims that they’ll be rolling out a host of new features in the near feature, powered by AI. Even without considering AI features to come out in the future, we think that the person detection and other features of the Canary definitely strong the Security.

That allows you to see the humidity, temperature, and air quality in the room in which your camera is located. all-in-one, which is the home health technology All that is visible in the app. When you turn on the app, you’ll see that it’s pretty tame, which is nice because we’ve seen a lot of apps that just overwhelm you with everything that is immediately visible on the screen. You have events, in terms of when you arrived when you left. Below the watch live button, which is the largest thing that you’ll see when you open up the app, you’ll see that there are sensory data for temperature, humidity, and air quality that comes along with Canary’s proprietary home health technology.

you can be going to jump straight into a live stream. In the live stream, you can adjust it with manual zoom and a digital window. You can look around what’s happening in the room or zero in on something you want to focus on. Below that, you’ll see that there is a walkie-talkie talk button for two-way audio, a siren if you want to scare an intruder and a safety button that you can push if you’re not feeling safe and you can ultimately alert the authorities. Other things that you can look at in the setting are the modes. You’ve got away, home and night mode. If you don’t want to be recorded while you’re in your own home, you can just set it on home mode, where it will not record if any of the users are home. You can set up your users and know that they can feel safe and that they’re not being watched. Of course, you can look at previous recordings and clips from earlier in the week.

Here’s the night vision on the Canary all-in-one home security camera. It is pretty phenomenal. You’ve got 12 LED infrared lights that really provide for this detailed non-blurry image in the dark in black and white. If I move around, see what’s going on, you can still get a very detailed it’s a very nice 1080p HD Security Camera. 

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Product information

Alert type         : Motion Only



Technology : Bluetooth

Brand : Google

Video Capture

Resolution :1080p

Power Source : Corded Electric

Product Dimensions :2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches

Item Weight :11 ounces

The Nest Outdoor Cam is best useable and best weatherproofed camera. it’s come with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa additions and feature is stellar video quality. That means you can see at least 1080p high-definition video and a 120-degree field of view. It has that lovely 1080p high-definition video. It actually great what we think, and it gives us a 130-degree field of can see. Its very important, specifically for the outdoor cam, because you may be covering an whole yard, just a particular part of the boundary that you have a certain worry about. You want to make sure cam capturing everything.

When you’re capturing your field like office, home or a place, you can really zoom up to 8 times with the digital zoom that comes with the Nest Cam can see a clear video by zoom option.

The Nest Cam Outdoor ensures with two-way audio. The website itself has tons of videos of people using the Nest Outdoor Cam to scare away interlopers.

Everybody want that night vision to be Clear and concise. With its eight infrared LEDs that ensure that anything that goes on, on your porch, in your yard, in your front yard, anywhere, is going to be captured by this camera.

the Nest Cam Outdoor has no local storage option, but it does come with three hours of free cloud storage. If you want to more storage you can use that cloud storage, you have to pay cost just 5$ a month for five days or $50 a year, $10 a month for Ten days or $100 a year, or $30 a month  and $300 a year.

with the Nest Cam Outdoor, you actually get a lot of it. You attach it to your Google Assistant which one owned by Google, but it also participates well with Amazon Alexa. That means that you can get your video from your Nest Cam Outdoor to your Google Chromecast, it also can throw your video to your Amazon Fire TV. Not only can you participate it with those two fundamentals, but you can also attach it to things like your Philips Hue lightbulbs. If it detentions something outside, some motion alert, you can have it flick on a Phillips Hue lightbulb on your doorway.

Artificial intelligence mentions to effects like person detection, package detection, or facial recognition. You get all of that built-in. You can get person detection, acquainted face recognition. That’s a useful part to have with your homebased security system, so you can know accurately what’s going on inside and with the Nest Outdoor Cam outside of your home.

when you’re connecting the Nest Cam Outdoor, you will take it, unbox it and plug it in, take out that Nest mobile application, use the QR code to scan it, and boom, they are integrated. You will of course join it to your Internet and you are prepared to go at least for the first part. Of course, that extra component with the Outdoor Cam is making sure it’s correctly installed where we like it to be on your roof area or above a door. With this, it’s pretty easy to do because it is magnetic. If you have a magnetic surface, you can actually just place it you are finished. You are ready to go. You’re watching what’s happening.

you also like to use the screws that it comes with its , you can anchor them here and put them directly into the wall. When you’re speaking about length, it’s also easy to connecting. You’ve got 10 feet and a 15-foot extension with Nest Outdoor Cam.

When you’re setting up the little Nest Outdoor Cam just make sure you’re close enough to an outlet and with 25 feet you should be to make sure you’re getting it without any real pull on the cord. Overall, in terms of setting it up, it’s an absolute breeze. Even you using it on a day-to-day basis, it’s simple because it’s the similar Nest mobile application that you use with your Nest Protected homebased security system or your Nest Hello or your Nest Cam Indoor. You get the knowledge. It’s a really robust easy-to-use intuitional mobile application.

With the Nest Cam Outdoor, you have to  pay $199, but you can think that also getting a weather-proof excellent appliance. Witch is 4 to 104, dust-proof, snow-proof, rain-proof. That’s attractive remarkable for a camera. For outdoor camera it is very important.

Talk about the features that also come with it in terms of its Amazon Alexa Google assistant integrations, two-way audio, 1080p and130-degree field of view, pay $5 to $30 more each month to get the full value in terms of facial recognition and cloud storage. 

Google Nest Cam Outdoor could really provide everything you need to help keep you and your family safe. Overall, when it comes to value for the Nest Cam Outdoor is excellent.

Mobile applications for the Nest Cam Outdoor are important for your cameras because it is here where you’ll receive notifications, view your cloud storage, and just generally work through your apps. You want it to be an intuitive easy experience. In the Google Play Store, you have really liked their experience with Nest.

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera has a pretty impressive feature set for the Circle 2.its 1080p high definition video with night vision and a 180-degree field of view. The smart time-lapse day

brief, which summarises the videos that it takes every 24 hours until one easily accessible clip in your app. It have two-way audio, cloud storage, and motion detection. also have unlimited streaming for up to five cameras, smart alerts, person detection, and an easy set-up. 

Logitech Circle 2 rubberized plastic around the camera gives it a nice feel.For moving around It has a metal mount ball. it attaches to the base by a magnet, is really weighty and solid. And it have resetting button for reset it just press the button and hold this 9 seconds. 

Logitech Circle 2 is 1080p high definition video quality so it can give clear video. Up to 1080p full HD video and Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz compatible Logitech Circle 2 can do more zoom and super quality video for your home Security. And it have night mood also.

180-degree expansive field-of-view glass lens so you can easily view more can capture more area with its1080p ultra-wide lance, so you can see more What’s happening on your home.  

The Logitech Circle 2 originates with the capability to both talk and listen. It has a microphone and speaker so that you can conversation to anyone in your home, which is actually useful when you’re thinking about two-way audio for comforting telling a visitor where something is .You can actually see what they’re doing and tell them where to go or to warn them about something in the room.

You can store 24 hours of video footage for free in your private cloud storage. In order to store additional information you need to choose a plan for which you have to pay.

From the moment that took place 24 hours to find out what matters is a time-consuming affair. Very important statues you can easily see from the time lapse of 30 seconds.

It is able to notify you automatically through snapshots and notifications of the moment. With the help of motion detector, it will automatically take a snapshot of any object in the camera and will notify you via a notification. Added to this device is Five Motion zone with Advanced Analysis and Person Detection. So it will be able to easily identify any person you see and send you a notification.

Circle to a Weatherproof camera is able to adapt to all environments of sun-rain dust so it can be used in any environment indoors or outdoors

Its battery lasts longer because it turns on automatically when it sees an object and it takes 25 seconds for the camera to detect the object or person of the camera with the help of motion sensor, take a snapshot and send a notification so it goes back to sleep mode. Battery performance is good and provides a lot of service.

Product information

Batteries :1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Brand :Logitech


Weight :2 Grams



LxWxH :3.82 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches

Reusability :Rechargeable

Item Weight:1.15 pounds

Zmodo EZCam Wireless

Zmodo EZCam Wireless is 720P HD Camera, video with night vision and a 130-degree field of view with 4x digital zoom with night vision. It have two-way audio, cloud storage, and motion alert, wireless camera with Alexa voice control, is chip price best camera.

Zmodo EZCam Wireless 720 HD camera give you clear video when it capture video you can zoom it 4 time for more can provide you bright and clear picture of object. The wireless camera work with Alexa voice control.

Zmodo EZCam is two-way Audio and night vision camera. Its microphone is built-in anti-noise filter. You can enjoy with your Family by using microphone.

On The night vision you can adjust night vision and on the night you can get a picture night vision sensitivity allows you to control the automatic infrared night vision, which can see up to 26ft in the dark

Although the camera is 720p and 130 degree, the camera is equipped with a high quality motion detector that can notify you via notifications. In fact, it is an object in front of the camera motion detectors able to withdraw and still pictures are to be notified via your mobile notifications.

Get one month free trial when you subscribe to Zmodo Cloud. 24Hour 7 day nonstop recording on cloud, and you can modify, share, make video clip and flashback or download footage at any time.

Product information

Alert type :Motion Only



Technology :Wi-Fi

Brand :Zmodo

Video Capture

Resolution :720p



LxWxH :6.6 x 4 x 2.3 inches

Item Weight 9.6 ounces

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