Best Reading Floor Lamp 2019 (Cheap Prices)

Floor Lamp Reading Adjustable Light

The lamp user might search what type of floor lamp gives the most light?. Besides, so many might search for best reading floor lamp. Whereas, other lamp user might urge for the best reading lamp for eyes.

Not only that, but someone might ask for reading light for the book. Additionally, a number of users choose to buy Tolomeo floor lamp. On the other hand, many customers are in search of best reading floor lamp reviews.


We are here to hear you. Your need. Surely, we are commited to provide you the best product with an enhancing quality. Furthermore, we could give the best reviews to you. So that, while buying the lamp easily you can choose the best product from amazon.

Why the best reading floor lamp needed for you?

Sometimes, we people don’t feel our need. In contrast, many of them feels too. But our reviews are for both the group of people. Basically, best reading floor lamp needed for many of them.

Especially is required for the people are having the problem in eyes. Moreover, it is required for the book reader. Furthermore, necessary for the students.

What is best reading floor lamp is?

Generally, a lamp indicates a lighting fixture which stands alone. Most importantly, it stands without the electric socket. If anybody need to glow with extra lighting without the help of electrician reading floor lamps adjustable is the best choice to buy.

Usually, the reading floor lamps adjustable nearer to tables, couches, and chairs to be used as a reliable task light. Not only that but also the lamp can move any part of the house where light is needed. And, to be honest, they come with many unique design and styles.

Some of the best reading floor lamp are given below. You people can look look after those product to buy the best product from amazon

Best Reading Floor Lamp cheap prices

Byingo Remote Control & Touch Sensor Switch LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp – Modern Simplicity Style – Stepless Dimming – Fully Adjustable Long Arm – for Sofa/Desk Reading, Living Room, Bedroom

This remote control & touch sensor switch reading lamp one of the best lamp in the existing market of Amazon. Surely, you people can try for it. To be honest, it has a unique and premium features which we will discuss below. Hope you will have the benefits from our review.

Price: $49.99 

Key features:

  1. 2 optional operation modes to power on/off and adjust the light intensity gradually without the level.
  2. 5 modes can be selected directly from the remote control for a variety of tasks.
  3. Additionally, Energy saving LED floor lamp, only 6W but output 500 lumens in lighting, 10 times less of consumption than normal lamps.
  4. Most importantly, low consumption, environmentally friendly, very long lifetime of 30000 hours. Great for reading. Great for low impact lighting.
  5. Moreover, Variable size/height, base, and parts easily dissembled/assembled in a few seconds.
  6. Furthermore, Modern and compact design, simple and elegant, adjustable inclination, head of lamp 360° rotatable, easy to use, perfect for the living room, bedrooms, office, for reading or work.
  7. The lamp is made of aluminum metal.


Question:What is the height of the lamp?

Answer:About 41.5″ the vertical part, and about 22.5″ the flexible part. 

Question: What if I lose the remote? Is there another way to control it?

Answer: Yes, the metal tip at the end of the light is touch sensitive and allows you to change brightness, off/on, etc. I’m picky about lamps, but this one is great. 

Question:Can I turn the lamp off and on with remote or does in only dim the light?

Answer:Yes you can turn the light on & off with the remote 

Customer reviews:

  • Surprisingly Pleasingly Good Lamp!
  • I wasn’t expecting him to like changing from his old lamp to this one
  • The minimalist floor lamp that fits anywhere
  • Love it, works with and without the remote
  • Perfect for a corner. Lots of settings!
  • My expectations – great product -happy with it.
  • Love the floor lamp — I’m using it next to my bed.
Byingo Remote Control & Touch Sensor Switch LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp

Best Prices On Amazon

Product description  
Brand Byingo
Item Weight 4.85 pounds
Package Dimensions 17.6 x 9.3 x 2.4 inches
Included Components Light kit inlcuded
Voltage 120 volts
Fixture Features Dimmable, 2-way switching, Remote Control & Touch Sensor Switch, Instant On
Specific Uses General purpose
Switch Style Remote Control & Touch Sensor Switch
Type of Bulb LED
Luminous Flux 500 lm
Wattage 6 watts
Blade Color Black
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars

Within this period you have understood about the product design and quality. Most probably we can give you the more product of your best choice. To provide you the best quality product remain with us and see all of our reviews.

Byingo LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp Modern Simplicity Style 4 Color Modes 500 Lumens Stepless Dimming Fully Adjustable Long Arm Touch Sensor Switch, for Sofa/Desk Reading, Living Room, Bedroom:

Another creation of Byingo. To be honest, a product which has the absolute quality to use. The user who has used already will understand the products features and premium design.

On the contrary, many of them have different views about this product. But, surely, the negative views are less. On the other hand, the positive views are more.

Price: $39.99 

Key features:

  1. 2 in 1 Touch controls to power on/off and adjust the light intensity
  2. Besides, the temperature of light, 4 modes from warm white to the cold white variable.
  3. On the other hand, Energy saving LED floor lamp, only 6W but output 500 lumens in lighting.
  4. Additionally, 10 times less of consumption than normal lamps, low consumption, environmentally friendly, very long lifetime of 30000 hours.
  5. It is really Great for low impact lighting.
  6. Most importantly, Variable size/height, base, and parts easily dissembled/assembled in a few seconds.
  7. Not only but also modern and compact design, simple and elegant, adjustable inclination, head of lamp 360° rotatable, easy to use, perfect for the living room, bedrooms, office, for reading or work.
  8. Not to mention, It is guaranteed no UV, no flicker, no glare, avoid fatigue and protects your eyes.
  9. The light is made of aluminum metal.

Very Cheap Prices On Amazon


Question:Does the bulb get hot? this is going over plastic and painted ornaments

Answer: Yes it does. But the eating of the bulb won’t affect plastics or the ornaments i guess. 

Question:Can this be used as a grow light?

Answer: I don’t think it would be strong enough 

Question:C an this lamp last for a full 4 hours on? Will it heat up?

Answer: Yes, it lasts for 4+hrs. No, it doesn’t heat up. Best lamp ever… I use this lamp for hours while I’m lashing. 

Customer Reviews:

  • Very easy to install only take me less than a minute
  • I like the fact that it’s slim and slick looking
  • Good features for the money. Works perfectly so far.
  • Compact footprint with excellent lighting.
  • Look at the instructions on how to turn on/off and how to adjust the color temp and brightness.
  • You likely won’t regret buying this one!!
  • Very versatile lamp. Very bright.
Product description  
Product dimension 16.9 x 9.3 x 2.2 inches
Item model number FL-01
Item Weight 4.75 pounds
Switch Style Touch Sensor Switch
Special Features Touch Sensor Switch
Usage General purpose
Material Plastic
Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
Power Source corded-electric
Voltage 120 volts

Byingo LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp another creation of Byingo. Probably, one of the best product if them. In fact, user friendly.

Besides, it provides a quality service. Not only that, it is rendering a illuminasion to you rooms and also to the required place too.

Floor Lamp, VAVA Dimmable LED Floor Lamps for Living Room, 1815 Lumens & 50,000 Hours Lifespan, Standing Lamp Desk Lamp Two in One, Flexible Gooseneck, Touch Control Panel, UL Adapter, 12W, Black:

floor lamp viva

Best Prices & Products Rating Here

The VAVA dimmable LED floor lamps a fantastic lamps to use. To be honest, it has enhancing services to provide. Comparing with the price it is outstanding in one word.

Surely, a superb product for the lamp user. Meanwhile, a gorgeous look also with its average of the lamps. Moreover, it is flexible, UL adapter. Not only that but it has Touch control panel, flexible gooseneck, 1815 lumens & 50000 hours lifespan.

Price: $64

Key features:

  1. Firstly, LED for 50,000 Hour Lifespan.
  2. The eco-friendly, long-lasting LED shines up to 1815 lumens while consuming only 12W of power
  3. Moreover, Built-in touch control provides a convenient, reliable way to set the light color, brightness, and integrated timer.
  4. 2-in-1 Multifunctional Design.
  5. Furthermore, Secure, User-Friendly Build.


Question:How tall is it

Answer: Depends on where you bend it, of course, but I have mine kind of like the picture here, and it’s approximately 56″ floor to peak. 

Question:How long is the gooseneck?

Answer:from the base of the flexible portion to the beginning of the light, approximately 15-inches 

Question:The light changes color from a blueish white to a very light amber. Is the white light full spectrum and is the amber light blue spectrum filtered?

Answer:I keep my lamp on the bright and from my perspective is full spectrum. 

Customer Reviews:

  • Light is good for reading and close work if you’re sitting within a foot of it. Easy to assemble and sturdy.
  • TaoTronics makes some great high-quality products at a reasonable price
  • Fantastic flexible bright reading lamp
  • Vava Floor/Desk LED gooseneck lamp, 5 color choices, dimmable, timer features. Black only.
  • This is the LED that your looking for Luke
  • This is a great tool for generating and directing light
  • Love; great light and literally a snap to put together. Took seconds to put together.
Product description  
Product dimension 9 x 9 x 58 inches
Item model number VA-DL31
Item Weight 6.19 pounds
Included Components VAVA Floor Lamp, Power Adapter, User Guide
Material Metal
Customer Reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars
Color Black
Wattage 12 watts
Additional features
Dimmable LED Floor Lamp Specifications
Light Source: LED
Operate Voltage: DC 12V / 1.5A
Power: 12W
Color Temperature: 3000K – 6500K
Lumens: 1815 lm max

Already, we saw in the introductory part of this product. Also, you saw its unique features. Besides, the system of using such a lamp is also added with the products introductory part. A lamp which is not counterfeit rather a quality service provider.

TaoTronics TT-DL046 Dimmable LED Floor Lamp for Living Room, 1800 Lumens, Reading Floor Lamp for Bedroom, Flexible Gooseneck, Touch Control, UL Adapter, 12W, Black:

Tao Tronics TT – DL046 LED floor lamp used for living room. Surely, a fantastic lamp for your use. The lamp is a bit different than the other lamps. In fact, the enhancing features made it different from others.

TaoTronics TT-DL046 Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

I mean, 1800 lumens, reading floor lamp bed room, flexible gooseneck, touch control, UL adaptor, 12W, black. All those premium features you will have. If you are buying this lamp.

Price: $54.99 

Key features:

  1. UL adapter converts the voltage to 10V/1.2A to prevent electrical hazards
  2. In fact, Tall floor lamp for bedroom and office.
  3. Even more, Set color, brightness, and a 1-hour timer in case you doze off at night.
  4. 3 Colors & 5 Brightness Modes: In a like manner, Choose from 15 possible combinations to suit your illumination needs; floor lamp shines brightly up to 1800 lm with 12W lighting output.


Question:Does the lamp “head” “rotate” around itself or does it only shine straight down?

Answer:Lamp head rotates around itself; very useful. 

Question:How long is the bulb ? Whats yhe shortest achievable height?

Answer:The bulb is 6 3/4″ long and the shortest height is 49″ 

Question:What’s the minimum height of the lamp if used as a floor lamp? I’d like to place it on the floor under a loft bed.

Answer: For the minimum height you can remove 2 tubes at most. That would be 38.98 in / 99 cm when the floor lamp head is straight. I hope that helps. 

Customer Reviews:

  • Searching, searching, Found!
  • High-quality lamp with great versatility
  • Great Lighting Looks Expensive
  • Great Therapeutic Light Quality at a Value Price!
  • This company makes the best lamps!
  • Nice Reading Lamp & TaoTronics Support
  • This floor lamp assembles in less than two minutes.
  • Great light and easy to adjust
Product description  
Product dimension 9.1 x 68.1 x 9.1 inches
Item weight 6.88 pounds
Item model number TT-DL046
Material Metal, plastic
Included Components 1 x TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x User Guide, 1 x 1-Year Warranty Card
Color Black
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Luminous Flux 1800.00
Special Features Adjustable
Additional features
Dimmable LED Floor Lamp Specifications
Operating Voltage: DC 10V/1.2A
Power (for LED panel): 12W
Lumens: 1800 lm
Power Voltage: 100V-240V
Full Range CCT: 2800K-5500K

By this time, you have already seen the reviews of the customers. Along with you observe Frequently asked question. Not only that, but you enjoyed the upgraded features of the product.

Besides the key features which will help you to buy the product. On the other hand, additional features will attract you to buy from Amazon

PHIVE LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Dimmable Gooseneck Standing Lamp (4 Color Modes, 5-Level Dimmer, 12W, Memory Function, Touch Control Floor Light for Living Room, Bedroom, Office) Black:

Phive LED floor lamp generally uses for reading. In fact, contains many of the quality features. As like, Dimmable Gooseneck Standing Lamp (4 Color Modes, 5-Level Dimmer.

best reading floor lamp

Besides, the friendly user. On the other hand, you can use it anywhere from the house. Especially, the premium features made the product different from other floor reading lamps. That is, Memory Function, Touch Control Floor Light for Living Room, Bedroom, Office

Buy Used Price: $48.00

Key features:

  1. Firstly, 4 Modes & 5 Level Dimmer: With sensitive touch control, customize your personal settings of light couldn’t be easier.
  2. However, you can use it any place of the house. As like, Reading on the sofa, working on the bench, studying on the desk, relaxing in bed, and playing the piano. Its usage is unrestricted.
  3. Subsequently, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble
  4. Most importantly, 18-month warranty, friendly and efficient customer service
  5. In addition, Durable gooseneck design allows you to adjust the light freely and conveniently.


Question: How tall is this lamp?

Answer:51 inches tall at a 90-degree position,
67 inch tall when fully extended. 

Question:What is the height of the base?

Answer: The base height is 1 1/4″ but when the lamp pole goes into the base is about 2 1/2″. 

Question:What are the four lighting modes in the Kelvin scale of cool-warm? Is the coldest light 5000K or more?

Answer:Four Color Temperature: 3000K,4000K,5000K,6000K

Question:What size batteries does it use?

Answer: It does not use batteries as it is powered by a wall adapter. Very nice lamp – I’m very happy with it. 

Customers Reviews:

  • Sturdy, a spectrum of illumination
  • Very happy, better light than my OttLight
  • Great adjustable floor lamp
  • Been shopping for the perfect design. This lamp is PERFECT!!
  • Easy to assemble, compact, and great natural spectrum light.
  • Great Light without the Bulk.
  • Amazing lamp! Excellent custom service! Only suggestion is the indicator location be the same as the on/off button
  • A swift delivery excellent assembly instructions and Easiest assembly Ever !
Product description  
Product dimension 11 x 4 x 17 inches
Item weight 5 pounds
Item model number STB-1
Material Metal, plastic
Fixture Features 4 Color Modes, 5 Level Brightness, Memory Function, Touch Sensitive Control
Color Black
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Type of bulb LED
Light Direction Adjustable

With in this period of time, you have seen the features of the product. Additionally, you all have enjoyed the reviews provided by the customer. Whereas, the question answer part also been added.

Most importantly, you all observe the description of the product. Finally, it is true that within this limitation of the price a great product is here in Amazon.

Stone & Beam Modern Task Floor Lamp, 49″H, Matte Black:

Stone & Beam modern task floor lamp, a new product in Amazon. To be honest, if you look at the current sell. Surely, you will realise the value of the product.

Best Review & Prices On Amazon

Moreover, an integrated LED lamp along with 9″W x 16″ D x 49″H. As well as, the color is matte black.

Price: $89.00

Key features:

  1. In fact, the product dimension is 9″W x 16″ D x 49″H
  2. Indeed, Integrated LED lamp
  3. Moreover, it can be Assemble in 15 minutes or less
  4. Furthermore, Intended for indoor use only


Question: The product description says it has a dimmer switch on the pole, but I cannot find it. Where is it?

Answer: I just remember it didn’t work and in the end, we had to get rid of it. The light either came broken or something else was wrong with it.

Question: Is there any way to correct the problem that this lamp turns on by itself in the middle of the night?

Answer: This happened to ours also so now we just unplug the lamp when not in use. I love the look of this lamp so that’s how we deal with this problem

Question:How long is the cord?

Answer:About 6 feet long.

Customer reviews:

  • Love This Floor Lamp!
  • Must have! Amazing style, color, design, height
  • Sleekly Sheds Light on the Subject
  • Beyond – My Expectations – A Perfect Match for Our Need The Stone & Beam
  • Fantastic lamp with a phone charger
  • Great Dual Purpose Desk Lamp
  • I really love this lamp
Product description  
Product dimension 16 x 9 x 49 inches
Item weight 8 pounds
Item model number HW-F2983BBK
Color Matte Black
Style Floor Lamp
Customer Reviews 3.5 out of 5 stars

Though a new product, but the sell is in a great extent. And with this period of time the description of the product is given. With this sort of information will enhance the confidence of the customers.

Besides, much more information like the reviews of the customer also been given. For this reason, the customers will be advantageous to know the information about the product within a short period of time.

Floor Lamp, LED Floor Light, TECKIN Reading Standing Lamp Dimmable for Living Room Bedroom, Long Lifespan High Lumens Touch Control Floor Light, 3 Color Temperatures, 4 Level Brightness:

Floor Lamp, LED Floor Light, TECKIN Reading Standing Lamp Dimmable

A floor lamp it is. Moreover, LED floor light which you can use as a reading lamp. On the other hand it is use able to your living room also. In fact, the lamp are long life span. Besides, high lumens touch control floor light.

Not only that but also 3 colors of temperatures are available. Whereas, 4 level of brightness is also important features of this lamp.

Price: $47.00

Key features:

  1. Long-lasting & Energy-saving: Basically, This lamp includes an 8-watt energy-saving LED lamp but the brightness is equivalent to a 100W incandescent lamp. really unimaginable.
  2. Moreover, it is having 20,000 hours lifespan, it will last for more than 20 years. Saves money and energy both.
  3. Furthermore, This LED lamp provides a flicker-free and anti-glare light to brighten your living room and workplace.
  4. In addition, This LED floor lamp present 3 colors modes. 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, and 6000K cold white. And the use is different for different environment.
  5. Flexible Neck & Sensitive Control: With soft and rotatable gooseneck, it is easy to bend and twist the lamp. with the sensitive control, you can set the brightness by 4 lighting levels to match your activities and requirements.  


Question: How is this lamp turned on/off and brightness changed? Is the switch where it can be reached while sitting?

Answer: The touches control switch is on the led light’s back. it can change light color and brightness though touching it. While turn on/of the need to touch the press through 10 seconds. 

Question: Do you need to plug and unplug to turn it on and off? The buttons on the top of the lamp only seem to regulate brightness?

Answer:Press and hold the power button for 3 to 5 seconds to turn off/on. 

Question:How do I replace the bulbs?

Answer: If your lamp stops burning as my does occasionally, unplug it for a few seconds, so far it has restored the operation of the lamp, the lamp has worked well for reading 

Customer reviews:

  • Good lamp at first, has some annoying quirks.
  • Super bright – and totally adjustable.
  • Light. Lots of beautiful light! Touch control is kinda yucky though.
  • Great reading and task lamp.
  • Great floor lamp for all purposes!
  • Small footprint – lightweight – high quality – simple assembly
  • Great lamp for working at your computer!!
  • Great for small apartments and night lighting!
Product description  
Product dimension 8.3 x 8.3 x 55.3 inches
Item Weight 4 pounds
Item model number FL32
Assembled Height 55.28 inches
Assembled Length 8.27 inches
Assembled Width 8.27 inches
Style floor lamp
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Wattage 8 watts
Included Components Bulb included

By this time, you already got the point. Why need to buy this product. To be honest, a fantastic product for the users to use. Additionally, the reviews by the customers and also the different answers to the question are presented.

On the other hand, the premium features along with the system of uses also been provided. More importantly, the description of the product is segregated into their category.

14W addlon LED Floor Lamp with Reading Light Craft Lights Dimmable Head Natural Daylight Standing Pole Light with Gooseneck for Sewing Bedroom Office Artist (Black) -Floor Lamps:

The reading lamp. Another creation is presented to you. It is, 14W addlon LED Floor Lamp. Basically, use for reading and the Light Craft Lights Dimmable Head Natural Daylight Standing Pole Light with Gooseneck for Sewing Bedroom and Office.

Surely, a lamp with quality features along with advantageous uses. Moreover, the way and style of using the lamp also given to you in order to concern you about the premium quality of the product.

Price: $42.00

Key features:

  1. Indeed, includes a 14 Watt power-saving LED light so that you will never have to replace a bulb.
  2. Additionally, performance could use for more than 20 years, long lasting bright light.
  3. 14W addlon LED Floor Lamp, LED technology helps save energy and totally replace the incandescent bulbs. 
  4. In addition, the floor lamps led is 6000K super bright light will illuminate your room for any project or hobby. 
  5. The light is soft and eye protection and are widely used for arts, crafts, reading, sewing, woodworking, and any other hobby, it can also keep in the bedroom, office, garage, a workbench for other projects.
  6. The gooseneck led floor lamps is available in 2 brightness level.
  7. Moreover, the flexible gooseneck allows you to focus the light wherever you need, simply swing up and down or side to side. Besides, Gooseneck makes the height adjustable.
  8. The floor lamp provides 5FT cord and we can move to where you want.


Question: How long is the bulb?

Answer: It’s about 5 or 6 inches long. I LOVE this lamp. I use it in my craft room and the lighting is great! It’s worth every dollar. 

Question: What is the lowest possible height attainable

Answer: The gooseneck will allow the light to make a right angle at 46 inches high. At this angle, the light is parallel with the floor and shines down. 

Question:We lost one of the screws while putting it together. Do you sell them?

Answer:Yes,we sell screws, you just search B07KXPPGL5 in Amazon 

Customer reviews:

  • However, the lamp has many other advantages:
  1. easy to assemble in 10 minutes
  2. sturdy and simple design – important if you have active kids or crowded office
  3. The power supply is inside of base and power cable coming out from there, at floor level
  4. has 2 convenient levels of light intensity
  5. made with visible good quality and hopefully will last long;
  • The quality of the lights is very good. The base is heavy, so it won’t fall easily. The brightness of the light is enough to illuminate a room
  • So far great. I spent 190$ on a different lamp that I had to send back. This one seems almost brighter. Factor in the fantastic price tag on this one, and there’s just no comparison.
  • The LED is bright on high switch setting. Has enough weight in the floor part to prevent tipping over. l would buy again.
  • Great lamp. Light is perfect for when I’m doing my embroidery projects. The light has 2 brightness settings and the base is heavy.
  • I like the looks and the choice of brightness
  • Nice looking and bright light.

Finally, really a great product provides the better service. Meanwhile, various advantages are also there of using such kind of lights. In fact, the reviews provides by the customer also been given.

Not only that but to make you understand the premium features along with question-answer session between customers and seller are given. Besides, a short and specific description is also been given at the bottom of the content.

Joly Joy Floor Lamps for Living Room, 12W Dimmable Flexible Gooseneck Standing Lamp, Reading Light with Touch Remote Control, 4 Color & 5 Brightness Dimmer, LED Floor Lights for Bedroom, Chair, Couch:

This is such a floor lamp which is used for both in the place of the living room and reading room. Besides, the premium features are available. As like, 12W Dimmable Flexible Gooseneck.

The lamp also possesses the touch remote control, 4 Color & 5 Brightness Dimmer. Basically, the lamp uses for the reading room and bedroom. On the other hand, it is used for chair couch. It is also useable any part of the house.

Price: $65.00

Key features:

  1. It is unimaginable that, the 112 LED bulbs use only 12 watts of power to generate 1200 lumens of light.
  2. On the other hand, it has the advantage of Flicker free, Glare-free to reduce eyes strain and discomfort!
  3. Besides, Service life up to 50,000 hours without burning out or overheating.
  4. Touch & Remote Control: Dual operation modes for speed and convenience that feature high sensitive one-touch control and a remote to adjust brightness and color, various selections.
  5. In addition, The living room lamp offers 4 color modes and 5 brightness levels, along with 6 common default modes (Task Lighting mode, Leisure mode, Reading mode, Work mode, Nurse mode, Recreation mode).
  6. with a flexible aluminum gooseneck, the arm can swivel 360 degrees. 


Question: Does this lamp remember the last setting if you unplug it and plug it back in?

Answer:Yes, this lamp has a memory function! 

Question: Does the product have other controls besides the remote control?

Answer: There is a button on the end of the light, but I had trouble controlling the different functions of the light. The remote works the best at controlling the light.

Question: does the remote control use batteries, or is it wireless?

Answer:It uses batteries. 

Question: Bottom tube (with the wire to the power cord) has another cord coming out the top. What am I supposed to do with that?

Answer: You plug that into the top piece where you screw them together, so you get power to the light.

Customer reviews:

  • Perfect Bedroom Reading lamp & Fantastic Customer Service!
  • I have tried a lot of LED LAMPS -and yours is best of all Brightest clearest- most versatile dimmer ever – Best Lamp I have Ever Bought for reading or intricate work -Crystal clear sunlight mode!!!
  • This lamp with multiple settings and brightness choices was a huge success in our living room. 
  • Small, light, easy to put anywhere, tall enough to use in recliner or bed….light bright enough to read with
  • This is a great lamp. I love the remote control,
Product description  
Product dimension 17.6 x 9.4 x 2.4 inches
Item weight 5.15 pounds
Brand name Joly Joy
Fixture Features adjustable, dimmable
Shade Material Aluminum+ Silicone + PC
Wattage 12 watts
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Power Source corded-electric
Switch Style touch
Type of Bulb LED

Surely, the features are crystal clear. In fact, one of the best reading lamp in amazon. Please check out the reviews by the customers of this lamp user. May be you will get the all the answer of the question.

On the other hand, through the FAQ you will get more of the solution of your question. Along with the question answering session, the key features and product description will give a clear idea about the product.

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