Best Wireless IP Camera Piper All In One White Classic Review

Wireless IP Camera

Are you looking for a perfect solution for your DIY home security with a self-monitoring comfort? Well, there is a good solution for you. Take a view of this Best Wireless IP Camera Piper. It will be amazing for you to get all those amazing features in a mere single camera. In the event that they are easy to use, requires no contracts, requires no monthly fees. In the meantime, Piper is a pretty nifty gadget. It is designed in such a way that doesn’t spoil your home decoration or kill many spaces. 

Piper White Classic Wireless IP CCTV Camera Review 

Best Wireless IP Camera Piper
Wireless IP Camera

If you are still in a dilemma, either piper is your best choice for video monitoring, home automation or not! Then take a deep look in this review. Indeed You will find some massive information that will make easier for you to take a decision. In fact, we promise to bring the bundle of options with the most reasonable priced best wireless IP camera for your security service.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • 180-degree viewing camera on smartphone or tablet
  • Powerful sensors for sound, motion, environment, for wifi security
  • Thus remotely control lights and appliances with Z-wave accessories
  • Real-time alerts activation, the piper will notify you via phone calls, email or texts
  • Free charge for contracts or service fees
  • Full HD quality videos, with 100 videos free cloud storage
  • See live videos and zoom to explore your home via two way audio

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Best Wireless IP Camera Piper
Wireless IP Camera

Piper Has Smart Arming With Life360

One of the outstanding features, Piper adds recently is “Smart Arming” ability. In effect, it has a great ability with a tracking app called Life360. Even more this camera can detect place when the family members left the house. Nevertheless, even when your camera unarmed at the time, always you will get a notification through your mobile app to arm the camera. As a consequence, you will feel secure even when the last person of your house ignores of heading out. You can properly take care of it anytime, from anywhere.

Glossy Outlook Of Piper Wireless IP Camera

In the first place, Piper comes with a glossy, curved, plastic exterior. It is available in two different colors black and white. Markedly this camera positioned at the top of the front panel.

Wireless IP Camera

And a motion sensor connected directly below it. Whereas an enclosure and a port located on the back of the device with three AA batteries, it provides enough backup power for it. Being that a microphone also included on the bottom to let you hear what’s going on around the camera. On the top, the top speaker of it allows you to transmit your voice like an intercom system. Next, it has three holes on the rear panel. So that you can attach the wireless IP camera to a wall mount or an aluminum stand.

Control Your Home While Away From Home

The day has come now to stop worrying what’s happening in my house. Well, the major advantage you are getting from this wireless IP camera is it can remotely control z-wave enabled accessories.

This wireless z-wave technology includes thermostats, light bulbs, sensors, locks and garage door openers. Specifically, this is a wireless IP camera with a full home automation system. As they use Z-wave technology, so you can get alerts if the wave sensor of your door or window is activated. Another positive side of it is you can set your schedules for accessories as like lighting or thermostats. Similarly, the other recent addition is z-wave water sensor. Under those circumstances when you sit in your basement and get alerts if there is any flooding.

Rules Over Your Home With Disposable Videos

Practically the camera has a 180-degree angle camera to show you the objects on the same mantelpiece. Initially, the lens is fixed and within the app, you can zoom or pan around the fixed field of view. Afterward, there is a four-up view and it lets you set four different views from the same camera. Furthermore, this wireless IP camera can record videos when piper hears a loud sound or detects motion. In all honesty, the piper has no monthly fees at all.

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Wireless IP Camera
Wireless IP Camera

What Is More Waiting For You?

There is also so many built-in sensors in this Piper White Classic wireless IP camera. In addition to this, the sensor can show you the temperature outside of the house as well as inside of the house. Even the noise level, the humidity, the amount of motion that was detected and the amount of ambient light also. 

Wireless IP Camera

Piper wireless IP cameras are most easier to install. Just download the app and plug it into your piper. Then run the setup to connect to the wifi zone. And within some minutes you are ready to use the camera. Are you thinking that is all enough of Piper wireless IP camera? Not at all. Let’s see what’s left more. In view of the warmer season, you can plug a fan into a Z-wave module. While adding the module, you could also set the room temperature that made your pets a little bit cooler. Speaking about the pets, this wireless IP camera has also a set of “Pet At Home” switch. Because of this, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor. As well as you could also fix the button not to get a notification every time your pet moves.

How Piper Maintain The Security Of Your Home?

A very futuristic security system is Piper wireless IP camera. Generally speaking, the camera has a siren, microphone and motion detector in order to help detect and protect your home. For your extra peace of mind, it has extra camera battery backup. As long as you are away from your home, the piper can detect loud for a loud noise or some type of motions. And it will immediately give you the live video footage.

Now you must be thinking, what will happen if I’m unable to be reached? But fortunately, piper also keeps the option to add your trusted family or friends to your contact list in case of your absence. So that case they will get the notifications and take necessary steps regarding the burglars.

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Things You May Like – (Pros)

  • You will get a 180-degree panoramic camera, for viewing the entire room at once
  • Even more, it included some home automation features
  • More importantly, it is a wireless IP camera which is robust and features rich
  • The camera has integrated piper alarms
  • Further, it is enriched with multiple security modes
  • Besides Piper has a partnership with Life360, it helps to remind you when to arm piper
  • The camera is integrated with z-wave accessories
  • Also comes with 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Not only that but also comes with one-year limited warranty
  • Still, it is two-way audio and no monthly fees or contracts

Things You May Not Like – (Cons)

  • The camera doesn’t integrate with many third-party brands
  • Another drawback is the camera could not rotate or tilt
  • In contrast, you will find no accessories included in base purchase

Customer Overviews Of This Wireless IP Camera

To get the real pictures of Piper wireless IP camera, scroll the customer comments. See, what the real users feel about this product! Moreover, already 413 customers are talking about this fine Best Wireless IP Camera Piper.  

Regarding this, a great customer named John K Russell said “I like the four settings off, home, vacation and away that allows for different rules. Rather the didn’t receive any false alerts. I have also added both a z-wave and door sensor and they both work well”

Best Wireless IP Camera Piper

Another user Bob said “Once I positioned it in the right place, it works fine having the ability to hear your home’s interior while away is a relaxing feature.

Some are also giving five stars being happy using this wireless IP. A customer tried to express his feelings saying “The main unit is wonderful. Appreciate the ability to see inside our home at any time. Yet our piper covers all three of our entry doors from the living room locations”

On the other hand, some customers felt not good about it. They called it a bad experience like “It always loses connection where other wifi devices in my home are never affected. The customer service of Piper Company also very lousy”

Frequently Asked Questions (Including Customers)

Reader Question: Can this device detect motion at night even though it doesn’t have night vision?

Answer: Yes its motion detection is IR, no light needed.

Reader Question: Does it record videos?

Answer: Yes it records and stores up to 1000 short 25 second clips when the alarm goes off.

Reader Question: Can additional z-wave cameras add to piper classic?

Answer: Yes you can add cameras. Thus you can link three piper cameras together living room/kitchen, master bedroom, and garage.

Reader Question: How does Piper send alerts via phone calls and text?

Answer: It sends notifications through your wifi to an app on your smartphone.

Reader Question: Is it waterproof, can it be placed outdoors?

Answer: No, this is for intended for “Indoor Use”

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Final Word On Piper Wireless IP Camera

So what’s your opinion about this wireless IP camera? Considering all the facts above, you can get this security system with 24 hours response service only at $199.00.

Wireless IP Camera

Likewise, if you are looking for a low-cost way to make your home more secure, this addition must be perfect for you. Moreover, the installation process is a breeze in piper. Coupled with the fisheye lens of the camera lets you surveil a large area only being a single camera. At the same time, the wide range of sensors makes it extremely versatile. Then again the z-wave compatibility expands the piper’s functionality as like not just the security but also works with home automation.

Above all, if you desired for a home security system with no contracts, even not added monthly fees you can go for this wireless IP camera. Honestly speaking, Piper White Classic wireless IP camera will definitely worth for your investment.

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