Best French Press Coffee 8 Cup Black Bodum Brazil Review

French Coffee Maker

For a great tasting coffee, the secret is using freshly ground coffee beans. From drinking coffee outside, homemade coffee is the best because you can customize the strength of your coffee. At home having a right best french press coffee ensures that you get tasty drinks that satisfy you effectively.

So, prepare that coffee you always dream of with the Bodum Brazil 8 Cup French Coffee Maker

Best French Press Coffee 8 Cup Black Bodum Brazil Reviewbest french press coffeeBodum Brazil: Top Features

  • Filters help extract aromatic oil
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Steel and brass made the lid, durable
  • Parts are all dishwasher safe
  • Easily serves for 8 cups of fresh coffee

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                                                    Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Beaker

French Coffee Maker

This machine is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass which means it is quite lightweight and easy to transport. Here in this, the heat resistance is the main feature of this type of glass. Meaning you are less likely to burn your fingers if you happen to touch it anytime.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The filters and all the parts of this machine is made of for easy cleaning and maintenance flexibility. The entire coffee press is dishwasher safe, for clean it you can always be using a cleaning brush to get inside of the carafe or maybe, use a sponge. So simply take out the plunger and put the whole thing into the dishwasher. You just need to ensure no coffee grounds accumulate inside.

Elegant Design

French Coffee Maker1

The real magic behind this Bodum Brazil best french press coffee maker is the brewing process starts with the fine mesh filter. Amazingly, the filter extracts every last bit of flavor out of the coffee to ensure the richest and most flavorful cup of coffee. As it uses all BPA free parts, so when brew a cup of coffee you will never have to worry about tasting plastic.

It has now come in many different colors and sizes to choose now from red, black, white and lime green.  

Brew More Effectively

This is very easy to operate a machine that requires no pre-experience.

To bring the best taste of the coffee, the preference would depend on you. If you prefer to take a lighter taste, all you need is 5 minutes before your coffee is done. Otherwise for a very strong taste, brew for 15+ minutes.   

French Coffee Maker 

Great For Teas As Well

Here is another great benefit of using this. When the Bodum Brazil is most often associated with coffee, you can definitely use them for making a delicious, hot cup of loose leaf tea if you choose to make.

Durability and Free Packaging

French Coffee Maker

With a plastic handle and top and a glass carafe, it may concern many users with durability or longevity. But it is good to hear from many users, no one even now finds it difficult while using this great value coffeemaker. Bodum Brazil highlights the fact that with such a cost-effective piece of coffee maker, the customers can get this special “rage-free” packaging for free.

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  • Elegant and compact design
  • Keeps coffee warmer for a long time
  • Very easy to use a plunger
  • BPA free plastic  handle and base
  • Offers you the free packaging
  • Easily washable in a dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can use this coffee french press for brewing loose leaf tea?
Answer: Yes. You can absolutely use this for brewing loose leaf tea.

French Coffee Maker


Question: Can the lid do apart from the rest of the maker?
Answer: Yes you lift the assembly out to clean it.

Question: Can it make a single cup of coffee?
Answer: Yes. Adjust the ground and water and make what you need.

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Bottom Point

A kitchen appliance with a great combination of features and benefits like the best french press coffee Bodum Brazil 8 Cup is a right tool to have in the kitchen who likes to drink coffee in several times of a day.

From the manufacturer, you can rely on this coffee machine for the tastiest coffee pot that makes your morning bright. Thus for an affordable best french press coffee, Bodum Brazil is one of the best on the markets.

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