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Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Game

Ditto is the most interesting gadget for you and can be a good gift for anyone. Fun gadgets at home to beat bored make Pixel Art + Design in your arms to create handy or free from vidoom utility fashion designer can get right of entry to the 1000+ pixel art community. You can chat, remark and make buddies with different artists. The well-protected 10W DSP speaker and your pixel art design will play and dance in parallel. The front DIY LED front panel is the outlet for you to create. you can use it as an alarm clock.

Six features to choose from Divoom Ditto

• Elegant crafts
• Great audio quality
• Advance smart alarm
• DIY pixel art creation
• Huge daily function
• Great gift for anyone

Product information

• Black color
• Product Dimensions 3.54 x 4.48 x 4.77 inches
• Item Weight 1.78 pounds
• Vivid Rgb Customizable Screen
• Support SD Card Music
• Rear bass port
• Durable Mechanical Keyboard

Smooth X Gimbal

The ZHIYUN Smooth-X is a gimbal stabilizer for a floatable design smartphone the size of a phone. The Smooth-X can be scaled up to 260mm with a unique selfie stick design. The ZHIYUN Smooth-X gimbal can stabilize your videos and make them as smooth as a movie.

Portable and revolving: The closing flexibility in your palate. The measurement of 65 x 56 x 145 mm can be effortlessly equipped in your pocket.
Extensile Selfie Stick: Smooth-X is no longer only a foldable gimbal stabilizer for smartphones, however additionally an extended selfie stick. It makes it possible to increase up to 260mm to explore greater possibilities
Portrait mode: With a single click of the gimbal button, you can enter portrait/landscape mode to record YouTube live flow or tick talk video in your personal style.
Bluetooth control on the camera: Connect the Smart-X Selfie Stick Gimbal to your smartphone by means of Bluetooth. You can set off video recordings or pictures without touching the screen.

Technical Specifications

Size (Folded)          65*56*145 mm

Size (Unfolded)      57*56*263 mm

Extendable Grip     Up to 260 mm / 10.24 inch

Gimbal Type          2-Axis, Pan Axis & Roll Axis

Weight    246 grams / 8.68 ounces / 0.54 lbs

Color       Gray

Mounting 1/4″-20 Female

Battery Life            Up to 4 hours

Valid Payload         200±35 grams

Charging Port         USB Type-C

Compatibility  iPhone 11 Pro Max to iPhone 6s and Android Compatibility (Please check the Application Guide from user guide )


ControlPad is the world’s first PC keypad with pressure-sensitive technology designed for gamers, content creators, musicians and more. Ampad science imbues all 24 keys with analog functionality, permitting for extraordinary accuracy in work and play. Walk, run and crepe the game, or modify the thickness or opacity of your brush – all with simply a keypress. Made with mechanical gaitron switches in a mechanical aluminum body with detachable wrist rest, the controlpad is additionally constructed to stand up to the rigors of daily use.

• 24 Genuine Gateron Red Switches for fast-fire situations with high quality switches good for 50 million clicks.
• Innovative Aimpad Technology for a competitive edge with pressure sensitivity
• Removable Wrist Rest for Comfort
• Anodized Brushed Aluminum for High quality, durable construction
• RGB Backlighting Display a flashy light show or illuminate
• On-the-Fly Control Adjustment of Settings

iCue Nexus

To personalize

Design extra than 200 swipe-to-navigate displays with special graphics and icons, show up to six programmable digital buttons simultaneously with customized drag-and-drop graphics.

Order with a touch

ICU Nexus Create actions and macros for your favorite games and applications in the Cursor iCUE software that can be activated with a single touch of a customizable screen.

Complete control

Without even needing to open the iCUE software client, adjust your iCUE compatible device settings, such as mouse sensitivity and headset equalizer.

Touch your system

See more from your CPU and GPU depth, real-time system monitoring as well as temperature, fan speed, and ICU-compatible devices.


• 5 “diagonal wide display screen with 640 x 48-pixel display resolution.
• Create your personal macros or manage your CORSAIR gadgets with six digital buttons per screen.
• iCUE Customize up to 256 screens with special pictures and icons.
• Connects to your PC by using USB with a separate base or linked immediately to a top class pirate keyboard.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Wired Ergo

Pwnage Ultra Custom Wired Therefore gaming is just a mouse with ultra customization and eSports grade performance like a fine tune engine for custom sports footwear for a race car driver and a sprinter. There is a difference between a gaming mouse that can improve a gamer’s performance and their personality. Pwnage Ultra Custom includes the latest technology in gaming mouse design.

Product description

• Light wight: Pwnage Ultra Custom Ergo is a 58g-86g lightweight Customizable gaming mouse .
• Attractive deigned: Pwnage come with honeycomb shape design
• Great sensor & resolution : Pixart 3389 gaming sensor with Maximum resolution up to 16000DPI
• Supper Speed: Max.acceleration: 50G, Max Speed 400 IPS , Omron Micro Switch with 20 million clicks
• 100% PTFE Skates Feet – Ultra light-weight paracord cable to limit friction and drag feels wireless
• 6 buttons ergonomic mouse with packaging that consists of Rubberized mouse aspect grips, weight module, swappable white pinnacle shell, button cover and DPI buttons

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