DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter Review

DJI Phantom

Karma drone is a popular name in the market today. I did a ton of researches, before making this particular model review. So I hope it will be helpful.

Hence this edition of phantom line proves what is exactly called “Ready to fly” karma drone. Do you know what does it mean? Well, that means the drone has been tuned and set up to pretty much fly just right out of the box. However, that doesn’t mean it a toy to have fun. In fact, it is a drone of a quite versatile quadcopter, you will not found anywhere.

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Karma Drone

DJI Phantom

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Unlike other models, it is quicker to set up and launch. Moreover, it is very user friendly and easier to travel with. SO what more to wait? Start your karma experience with this awesome DJI Phantom Aerial UAV quadcopter.

The Good

  • Good battery life for its class.
  • It has excellent apps with useful features.
  • Elegant design and easy to use.
  • Comes with excellent video quality.
  • Easier to travel with.
  • All over, the karma drone is smaller and lighter.

The Bad

  • Lacks several advanced flying modes.

See How the Camera Is for You

Knowing about so many features, There Something more interesting becomes apparent. Though DJI is familiar as a drone company, but the camera game is also not least in compare.

From early ages, the shooters were always okay. But in the long run, when the karma drone started upping its game, the new version impresses many one with its 4K/12 megapixel camera. For example, flying is fairly easy and getting a great video or photo is much more rewarding with it.

Crash Landing Seems Less Painful In It

People have an experience working with quadcopters, thus they aware of crushes are inevitable also there. On balance Testers always recommend not to practice the karma drone for indoors. Especially when you have children or valuables around your house yet fly. Though you’re not likely going to break anything on purpose, but the crushes may be not affecting its performance much. The thing here is to worry about the camera mounts and propellers that will not spare of.

DJI’s GPS Stabilizer


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There was a time when GPS only used in the military industrial complex. But today something as cheap as this device basically utilizes GPS technology. While you are flying, the satellite will locate itself and provide you the full control over the flight. Likewise, you can take a complete control over the karma drone. Further after flying it, you can also correct itself to a certain point of your desire.

However, even in a strong wind, it can hover at the high altitudes. Identically it works ideally for getting shots of stadiums, cityscapes, monuments etc.

Don’t worry if the karma drone ever looses connection to your controller. That because an impressive safe mode featured with this and that basically returns to it to the original point of departure. Well, despite the wind blows in its direction, it has enabled to get back its way using the error correcting technology.

Some Other Awesome Features

Up to the present time so, many features included with this DJI Phantom Karma Drone. In brief, the camera of it is 3 axis auto stabilized. As a result, you will get some buttery smooth video from it. Amazingly the controller itself is more fun to use. Not only get the snaps around on the screen, it is possible to do most of anything right from the controller. As an example, aim the camera straight down or any angle whenever you wish.

Key Features – (At a glance)

  • Phantom has collision detection, which is pretty sweet.
  • Produce dramatic cinema-quickly results from the air
  • Comes with a maximum speed of 22miles/hour horizontally.
  • Included landing gear, propellers and 4 AA batteries.
  • Good for indoor, as well as advanced GPS made it possible for outdoor.
  • Capture the action of any sports, event or scene.

Frequently Asked Question (Customers Included)

Reader Question: What is the life of the battery and is it interchangeable?

Answer: Battery lasts up to 15 minutes. Yes, the battery is interchangeable.

Reader question: Does It come with a remote and other needed equipment?

Answer: Yes all equipment come with this great product.

Reader Question: Is it suitable for Eken H9 action camera?

Answer: No karma drone is just for Go Pro camera.

Reader Question: Which Go Pro should use for this?

Answer: Actually any Go Pro will work.

To Conclude

DJI Karma Drone captured the consumer’s attention by making their products accessible and easy to use. With a 4K video drone, DJI Phantom 3 is perfect for the masses. If you already a Go Pro Hero user, yet this is the right choice for you. Any amateur fliers or hobbyist video makers will love this due to its simple flying modes. Moreover, Phantom 3 has some incredible values that deserve your money.

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