Best Light For Growing Plants TaoTronics Grow Light Review

grow light for plants

Technologies keep improving all the time. These days, among hydroponic gardening enthusiasts, grow light for plants is a very hot topic. To provide adequate lights to your plants the most effective ways are LED grow lights for both flowering and vegetative stages of growth. Such kind of grow lights are TaoTronics Grow Light Bulb which does not only produce specific wavelengths of light but also they are appropriate for optimum plant growth. They are very much efficient in their electricity use as well as the bulbs last two to four times longer than other kinds of lighting.

TaoTronics Grow Light For Plants Review 

Before buying the best light for growing plants, you have to consider a lot of factors including the size of plants, the room you need for your indoor garden and the time you are willing to spend. So decide well and check for all the amazing features of this LED Grow Light Bulb.grow light for plants>>>Click Here To See Customer Reviews & Ratings<<<

Particular Features

  • Have 12 LEDs (3 blue & 9 red), ultra bright
  • Outside is constructed in a pure heat sink fashion
  • Growing lamps emit the wavelength of life
  • Brilliant all-metal housing
  • The bulb has low power consumption
  • No energy waste like fluorescent lights

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  • You will find it at a very affordable price
  • Works well for growing seedlings
  • Easily fits in the standard 12w socket
  • Coverage sufficient area
  • Comes with a great warranty


  • Some reviewers had the problem that bulbs stop working after a few months

Special Features Of This Grow Light For Plants 

Excellent Starter Bulb

This best light for growing plants has 12 LEDs, nine red and three blue that emits wavelengths of 660 nm and 430 nm, as well as it has 630 nm and 460 nm for all phases of the growing cycle.

However, the bulbs are well designed for large growing operations. This is a great choice for people who are looking to start out small. So those who are planning for rather small but simple hydroponic setup, this bulb light surely deserve a close look.

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Price Affordability

grow light for plants

The best about this is,  this TaoTronics grow light for plants wonder is more than affordable. For this lightbulb, you will need a lamp to power this bulb, anything can be used, including a conventional desk lamp too. This LED light bulb is highly efficient. They are good at emitting the exact wavelengths absorbed by plants.

Question And Answer

Question: Is it strong enough for a small herb garden?

Answer: Yes of course even bigger.

Question: How many hours does it need to leave the light on each day?
Answer: It will take 8 to 10 hours.

Question: How hot does the bulb get?

Answer: It doesn’t get hot.

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Final Verdict

The best benefits of using such kind of grow lights for plants are, during the corresponding part of the growth process, they allow the plants to absorb the right amount of light energy at the right time.

best light for growing plants

To use this best light for growing plants need not to buy any additional materials. Good from seedlings all the way to harvest. You will get a guaranteed one year warranty if you buy this from the authorized retailer. Thus this light works great for shorter plants.

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