iPhone XS & XS Max Review! Top 30+ Features


After spending a few days with the iPhone 10 XS max. I can finally give you a definitive review comparing it to my iPhone at 10. The iPhone 10 XS max reviewed some preface I’ve always used the plus size phones.

It’s nice that they do and we have the 10 XS and the 10 XS max for those that just need a little bit more display. So the first thing that I’d like to cover is the usability. The general build and size of the iPhone 10 XS max.

It’s no more uncomfortable than a plus series phone would be and after using it already for several days coming from an iPhone 10. It is a downgrade in total comfort you have to stretch a bit more with your fingers it’s a much larger display.

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The display on the iPhone 10 XS has a greater dynamic range by 60%. That means a lot of your content will display better darks and lights various colors altogether. Taking pictures on the iPhone 10 XS is perfect almost every time.

The main reason to go to the iPhone 10 XS max that massive or maximum 6.5-inch display. All of your content and peers larger here in particular video, photos and games just so much better. Apple knows it’s every time they release a new phone with a larger display they make the most money.

iPhone XS & XS Max Review! Top 30+ Features

It’s not only that it’s louder it’s that the quality is just so much deeper. The camera I’ve just been stunned at how much improvement there actually is the pixel sizes are larger about 32% larger than the iPhone 10.

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That directly translates to better low-light performance. The iPhone 10 XS max it does charge faster. But it’s not for the reason you think, Apple actually upgraded the material of the coil. So it’s now made of solid copper instead of a mixture of several different ones. As a result, it’ll charge to full thirty minutes faster over last year’s iPhone 10.


+ Massive display

+ A stainless steel finish is just a beautiful match.

+ There’s still noise.

+ It’s still very similar lens size.

+ The water resistance.

+ The changing feature is certainly very nice to have in iOS 12.1 it’ll be on the fly.

+ Wi-Fi is even faster.


– The iPhone 10 XS max does not disappoint just like in the promos.

– The iPhone 10 was certainly not bad the 10 XS is not the best but a huge improvement as is.

– It does take faster pictures.

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