Sparkling Revival LED Dog Collar,USB Rechargeable,Flashing light

LED light Dog Collar

Maybe you are worried or devised about your dog are conscious weather your best friend is missing or not.besides you may think how this problem of being worried situation can be overcome.we are providing you a product which will be more beneficial to you that is  LED light Dog Collar.

Sparkling Revival LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Flashing light

you are worried about your pet, on the other hand, we are devised about your friend’s safety. How readily and how easily we can give the best safety of your pet.we posses the responsibility to give you the best possible product.LED light Dog Collar
Some special features which might build a strong confidence in our product.

 LED light Dog Collar


1)Removable LED light

2)Three flashing light: Fast flashing, Slow flashing, Lighting constantly

3)Longtime lighting

4)Lovely pattern and beautiful color

5)Durable for daily use


1)Charge remains for a long time about 10 hours

2)Durable and having different adjustable color

3)Its comfortable for the dog

4)It has different size and shape

5)It has lifetime guarantee. LED light Dog Collar

6)Can be understood of the presence of the dog from a long distance.

7)We have arrangement of money bank guarantee


1)Actually this collar is not water proof

Elaborately More Features Are Stated

Enhance visibility And Safety:

 LED light Dog Collar

 LED light Dog Collar

Your friends may in a great danger while walking through the road. There might be a  collision with different vehicles, motorist, cyclists, runners etc. This glow dog collar will save your pet immensely. The cyclists will be aware from a long distance only for this light. The motorist he himself can help you are tamed to take out from the road. Thus it will exaggerate your dogs’ indemnity. LED light Dog Collar

weatherproof And Durability:

Surprisingly this light dog collar are usable throughout the year.Basically this  dog safety collars are adjustable in any kind of weather.Moreover this collar last for a long period of time.As a result you will get rid from hassle to buy it several times.Though this Light dog collar is water repellent but mildew resistant.

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Different Sizes And Shape:

Its a matter of concern for you that weather you will find the perfect size and shape or not.Only for your betterment we made different sizes and shapes.We made it in five category Xsmall,small,medium, LED light Dog Collar,large and Xlarge.Xsmall sizes are made of 25-35 cm.small sizes are made with 28-40 cm.we made medium size a bit long which is 34-50 cm.On the other hand large sizes are consist of  38-60 cm.The top large sizes are made of 43-70cm.

Sparkling Revival LED Dog CollarAssorted Color:

We all know, Of course, the choices vary person to person.vAll will not be liking one individual color. Likewise, we made diversity in the context of color.vWe have variations in color these are Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow. As we have various colors you people can wear your pet which color matched the best for him or her.

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Advanced Technology And Provides Fantastic Battery:

USB rechargeable Lithium-ION battery provides a fantastic battery life that means your reared will be enlightened and flamed for a long time even though the charge are being enforced a less amount.

Innovative Design With Awarded Quality:

We create dog safety collars in such a way which is well adjustable according to size and shape.Besides enough comfortable to put it on and off.You have three ways to flame this LED light(Always on,Rapid flash,Slow flash),can be used any one according to your wish.

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