Top Brand 16 Inch Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review

Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review

Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review

With the blessing of technology, you can recreate the feeling of standing outside in the rain now at your home inside the room. Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review has come bringing all those features to make your shower more sensational and more comfortable.

Today’s market is full of so many shower extensions to decorate your bathroom to feel luxurious to be comfortable. Considering all those customer’s need KOKO is producing this kind of model with a large 16-inch square rain shower head.

This Ceiling shower head has a very thick and solid stainless steel made head body. It also adds some extra value to an individual or hotel bathroom a more luxurious look. Its wide ultra thin rainfall ceiling showerhead ensures you that you will never run out of the water over you no matter how much you move. Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review

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KOKO Brand Rain Shower Head- (At a glance)

  • Solid stainless steel made head body
  • Include extra features- massaging head, vertical cleansing
  • Very thick, only 2mm thick 16’’ sides
  • The square shape and sleek concepts add the classy look
  • Well polished stainless steel finish features mirror look
  • Includes swivel adapter
  • the adapter allows angling the shower head, easy to use

Special Features

Water Pressure

It should be known that when you are choosing a rain shower head, you are also choosing the ceiling mount of the unit. In using Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review, one of the biggest problems is water pressure. In Koko ceiling shower head, there will be significantly more area for water to come out from. The water pressure will perfectly drench you the way you drenched in the rainwater.  

Relaxing shower

Koko Ceiling Shower Head provides you the perfect water flow down your body. You will not have to face problems with water splashing directly to your face. By this you now can experience more relaxing shower. You can even enjoy a shower head with different settings like massage jets etc. They will make your feeling of showering in the rain even better.

Classy style and Easy fitting

This ceiling shower head comes in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. Before fitting a showerhead, you will have to check which sizes or colors will be a perfect fit for your home. Another great thing of this shower head is you can install it anywhere in the shower. The cleaning procedure is also not so hard as other ones. You just might rinse it regularly.

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  • Provides a decent water pressure
  • Its efficient water mechanism helps to save water
  • Takes only 2.2 GPM water consumption, suits perfectly in shower
  • Easy limescale removal from nozzles
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Easy cleaning with quick cleaning function
  • The exceptional design of showerhead
  • 2 years warranty offered by Koko


  • Some of the customers found it the low pressure of water sometimes
  • During installation, you should be careful because for a plumber’s silly it would occur a serious injury as it is 6 pound of sharp-cornered head

Question and Answer

Question: Does this shower head have a water saver or restrict or in it?

Answer: Yes. It has.

Question: How hard is it to install and how long it takes?

Answer: Very easy. You just need to screw on like any other shower head and it will take only 5 minutes.

Question: Does this shower head come with a ceiling down rod?

Answer: No. It does not. No down rod included.

Question: What is the warranty of this shower head? It is not mentioned in the page so I could find.

Answer: It has two years warranty.

Customer’s Overview on KoKo Showerhead

Many customers already talked about this Koko Brand 16 Inch Rainfall Shower Head in Amazon. They seemed very happy after using this reliable fantastic shower head for their comfortable shower. This shower head has become one of the most demandable shower head in the market today. No customers found to regret after buying this fine product by far this time.

A great user named Gary tried to show the correct figure of this product with few words like Excellent-easy to install. Its really feeling like standing under a waterfall. A great value shower head”

Another regular customer Buys Too Much who is very impressed using this Koko shower head, has talked about a lot about this product. He said “Since it seems to only be dripping what’s left in the pipe and not leaking this isn’t a major issue, just enough to dock a star.  I would definitely recommend this for a truly high-end look”

Though this item has already won so many customer’s hearts, there is also found some negative comments too. Some provide some negative comments about the amount is very low. A great user named Molezooka said “Sometimes the rain head starts dripping then the whole thing cocks to one side and starts draining out on a shower floor. This happens at middle night sometimes”

After all, it’s found a majority of the customers love using this rain shower head and they will recommend others to try this product, Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head Review

Final Verdict

For those who love the feeling of rain, Koko Brand 16 Inch Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head is a perfect choice for them. If you have right shower doors, you will feel like you live in a spa using this ceiling head in your bathroom. The most attracting features of this great ceiling shower head are it can change water limit, pressure where the water is coming out of.

Its high degree of functionality utilizes a unique aesthetic to provide customer something practical which is very rare in elsewhere. It comes in the market with so many various designs with general quality. So, if you are looking for a ceiling shower head for a relaxing, comfortable feeling shower, you should try once this shower head for your bathroom.

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