Why is French press coffee so good? Sterling Pro Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker Review

A fine cup of coffee can make a very refreshing starting off a morning. It gives us the better spirit to do something and makes us think clearer. So when it comes to getting a nice coffee, surely you also need to get a nice french press coffee maker. And who are thinking of buying a good featured Press Coffee Maker with a large discount price, look for Why is French press coffee so good?

Making press coffee maker machine in the market, a very renowned brand manufacturer is Sterlingpro and this model is being listed as Top One seller in the market today.

Why is French press coffee so good?

French Press Coffee Maker Review
Particular Features – (At a glance)
  • Capacity for 34 ounces
  • Heat resistant Borosilicate glass
  • Unique double screens system
  • Plastic liner on lid prevents accidental burning
  • Attractive shiny design
  • Has its full color printed gift box
  • Comes with two replacement screens, lasts many years

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Why is French press coffee so good

Great Coffee Brewing

This beautiful well constructed French Press Coffee Maker can brew up to 1 liter of coffee once. Only a coffee lover knew how important it is to have a french press big enough to make more than a small mug of coffee. It will provide you with 8 cups of coffee and 4 mugs of coffee. However, the heat of this coffeemaker preserved for a long time in the carafe because it is made from the best material in preserving heat.

Two Extra Filter Screens

You can enjoy additional extra filter screens in this french Why is French press coffee so good? It has two additional double screen filters that are included with the package. Which means that once the first filter goes out you will not hassle with ordering new additional filters. So you can easily find a right match and you will have the replacement parts ready to go.

French Press Coffee Maker Review

Quality Build And Safety Lid

This french press coffee maker review is constructed with Borosilicate Glass which is much different than other common glasses and it provides a higher quality of heat. Thus, this SterlingPro is sturdy, thick but not so heavy. The handle of this press is fitted properly to the carafe and it is enough easy to grasp and pour onto your coffee.

It is also made with enough safety property. There is some standard distance between the handle and the carafe. So that you would not burn yourself in any circumstances your hand comes into contact with the hot exterior of the press.

Easy To Use And Easy To Clean

The borosilicate composition of this press along with the double screen plunger makes it incredibly easy to use. The sturdy design of the SterlingPro means it is more likely to retain its shape after many uses compared to any other plastic presses. Most of its user found it much more durable when it was scratched or dropped.

Why is French press coffee so good?

The filters of this machine can remove easily for washing in the sink. You can wash your brew basket of the dishwasher to clean it. So you can always have a clean machine for fresh and tasty coffee drinks.


SterlingPro has always a good name for their product lasting. As they are made of the most quality materials, they are extremely durable and easily can survive major bumps and shocks. Its mesh and plunger are also highly durable. If the machine can be used according to proper instruction, the device can last for the really long time.

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Pros- SterlingPro Coffeemaker

  • 100% guaranteed no grounds coffee
  • Dual screens remove all coffee ground
  • It has a beautiful minimalist design
  • Can brew amazing coffee
  • Chrome makes it less prone to breaking during pressing
  • It has the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can Cold Brew Coffee make with this?

Answer: It can make exclusively cold brew coffee.

Question: Is the glass cylinder removable or replaceable?

Answer: Yes the glass carafe is easily removable.

Question: How long the coffee last?
Answer: The magic maximum window of brew time is about 12 minutes.

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The SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker Review packs all the neat features required to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

With a big discount, the machine does a perfect job. Elegantly designed, this Why is French press coffee so good? provides you with the amazing value for money.

If you love mild or strong coffee drinks, SterlingPro is the perfect choice for you, as this particular product has been a customer favorite for many years now.

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