cheap Grow Light For Indoor Swiftrans 24W Review

cheap Grow Light For Indoor

For urban farming, cheap grow light for indoor is becoming increasingly popular in today’s time. Because they have a lots of benefits for sustainable urban agricultural practices. Day by day the world is also paying more attention to global warming. So keeping in mind of all these things, Swiftrans 24W Full Spectrum Cheap Grow Lights come with so many different features and great functionality.

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Swiftrans 24W Cheap Grow Light For Indoor Review 

cheap Grow Light For Indoor

The LED light’s direction is not like the incandescent bulbs, rather they spread the light more spherically. They ensure you the correct brightness and appropriate temperature in order to optimize the process of photosynthesis.

Top Features 

  • They provide targeted full spectrum
  • Its require easy setup
  • Able to grow indoor gardening and hydroponics plants
  • They are highly efficient in luminosity
  • Finned heat sink design keeps the unit cool
  • All plants get sufficient wavelength to grow
  • Service life up to 50,000 hours

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Advantages Of Using This

  • You can grow plants, flowers, veggies anything in it
  • As it is LED, it saves a lot of energy
  • Their setup is easy to install
  • Give the extra boost of light for your plants
  • Provide your plants the perfect color temperature
  • 18 months warranty with 30 days money back guarantee

Special Features

Bulbs are heat efficient:

One of the benefits of using this Swiftrans 24W cheap grow light for indoor is their heat efficiency. They are not like sodium bulbs, they do not emit a lot of heat into the growing environment.

cheap Grow Light For Indoor

For plants, water and air temperature are very much important for a hydroponic grow. The massive benefit of using those lights are growing in confined spaces or need to control their heat for other reasons. Thus they allow you to place your lights much closer to your plant’s leaves. All this helps you to take advantage of the inverse square law for light.

Grow light’s color temperature:

Another benefits of using LED cheap grow light for indoor is their ability to be customized to any color temperature of growing. Plants always need different colors of light in different phases of growth. In most of the cases CFLs uses the lights are high pressure sodium route, which are only viable for flowering because of the high focus on the red area. But those used in flowering or fruiting phase.

cheap Grow Light For Indoor

They Last Longer:

Swiftrans 24W Full Spectrum LEDs are guaranteed for lasting more than the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. They have a good name of working in the 70s and 80s still today. Because of they are solid state which means there is no gas or vacuum components. Moreover, for your growing plants, they can last anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 hours before the system fail.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Is this item easy to use?
Answer: Yes the plant light is easy to setup and easy to use.

Question: Is the light durable?

Answer: It has long life service.

Question: What is the dimension of the grow light?

Answer: Exact dimension is 5.3*5.3*5.3 inches.

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Customer Overviews of this Plant Grow Light

Customers already started talking about this awesome grow light. In a very short time, this LED cheap grow light for indoor has become one of the best seller in the market. They got 95% customers positive overview and reaches every growers who are the true users of this plant light.

A true user named Pet Lioness said “These lights increase the health of my menagere and have seen grown in my plants. I am quite satisfied with this. They feel sturdy and well made and have a variety of colors in them to give of the different spectrums that are desired”

M O’connor said “Swiftrans are designed to offer 24W full spectrum LED light that can be used in any garden, greenhouse or hydroponic garden. These lights stay cool, even when used all day long and each bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours which is very impressive to me”

Final Verdict

You can customize any color temperature for growing. When you are buying this cheap LED grow lights, you are actually buying a system that has color filters on sets of individual LEDs for each area of the light spectrum that a plant needs. So you can easily adjust the amount of each color that matches perfectly with the customized color spectrum of your plants.

cheap Grow Light For Indoor

This cheap grow light for indoor have the most flexible design used sometimes in multi layer vertical systems and inter lighting designs between plants. They are also designed in a multitude of customizable options depending on some number of factors as like energy saving consideration, spacing considerations etc.

Above all this facilities, you will get this LED plant grow light in a affordable price in the market today.  

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