How to use French Press Coffeemakers Best 5 Tips


The most popular French Press Coffeemakers in Europe, Australia and Uk is the classy french press that is also known as the coffee press, coffee pot, plunger pot etc. Using this popular method, cylindrical glass carafe and a stainless steel mesh filter to separate the coffee grounds from the water.

French Press Coffeemakers usually robust the flavor of espresso by bridging the gap between the speed and convenience of a drip coffee maker. However, making coffee via french press is more art than science for the coffee lovers who can’t live a day without drinking a strong cup of coffee.

5 Tips To Make The Best Coffee From French Press Coffeemakers 

How to use French Press Coffeemakers

Here are some basic techniques for making the best french press coffee. You will have to settle on your ideal settings as your preference. The good news is, French Press is a little bit faster brew method.

Watch below-

At First Use A Coarse Grind

Generally, French Presses immerse grinds fully for four minutes. By providing a lot more contact between the water and grounds than other brew methods.

Second, Weigh Your Coffee And Water

The most appropriate way to measure coffee and water accurately by weighing it.

The problem is coffees have different densities. As the bean’s densities vary, a volume measurement will not be as accurate as a weight measurement do.

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So the only way to ensure you, having the correct coffee to water ratio by weighing out coffee before grinding it each time.The ratio should be between 1:16 and 1:18, take care of the common cup size also.

How to use French Press Coffeemakers

Third, Wet The Grinds

Instead of immediately filling up the french press, at first, let your water hot. Then wet the grinds first and let them stand for 30 seconds. It will help your coffee to bloom, and provide any carbon dioxide that’s in the grinds time to escape. So that it doesn’t sour your brewed coffee. Then after the grounds have been damp for 30 seconds, pour rest of the water into it. 

Forth, Stir 1 Minute In

Very often all of the grounds rise to the top. If the grounds rise to the top of the press, then keep them stir 1 minute into the brewing process, thus, this will direct them back down in the water.

At Last, Brew It For 4 Minutes and Finally Pour It

French Press Coffeemakers usually took 4 minutes to brew. This is the actual total time, water takes times to hit the coffee

How to use French Press Coffeemakers

Finally, if you found your coffee brewed properly then press down the plunger.

Now it’s ready to be enjoyed.

If you think you won’t drink the whole coffee at a time, then you can pour the remainder into a thermal carafe to prevent over-extraction.

Take a sip and enjoy it!

Add Some Extra Speciality To Your Coffee

  • Use some sweetened whipped cream topping of the coffee that can be recreated at home. You can use a refrigerated store-bought product or make your own in your french press coffeemakers.
  • Flavored syrups can also use to put a delicious spin on any coffee drinks to add more taste. Such as hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, coffee aisle and more. To prepare it, before adding the drinks, microwave the syrup for 30 seconds.
  • For more specialty, coffee drinks can be finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon cocoa flavored syrup.                 

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