Top Ranked Waste King L 8000 Garbage Disposal Review

garbage disposal review

Today’s kitchen, a garbage disposal is one of the must-have product for a hygienic homely environment. And if you are thinking about buying one for you considering your limited budget, you can go for this top ranked-Waste King L-8000 Troubleshooting garbage disposal review. Further, it is not only just budget friendly but also a powerful component for disposing bad odor from your kitchen.

Another highlighted feature about this is durability. Its components are finely made of stainless steel and very well polished. Further, its 3 bolt EZ mount system allows you to install it easily and thoroughly clean easily.

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Waste King L 8000 Garbage Disposal Review

garbage disposal review

High Power Motor:

The garbage disposal review is totally noise free for cleaning up the garbage instantly. Because of its excellent feature during grinding, it wouldn’t disturb the other members of the family.

Its powerful 1.0 horsepower motor ensures the silent grinding every time using it. This motor is the fastest motor inserted in all garbage disposals as it operates an energy efficient, high speed 2800 RPM power. You can grind just anything to it.

Durability and Lifetime Warranty:

You can find an extended lifetime warranty only on this Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal review.  During the warranty period whenever you find any mechanic or material defect on your disposer, the service agents will come to replace it free of charge. As well as its stainless steel grind components specify its great durability with corrosion free guarantee.

Top Features Of Waste King L 8000

  • Made with stainless steel grind components
  • EZ sink mount system, fast and easy mount system
  • Removal splash guard (included in this L-8000 only)
  • Continuous feed units can grind more
  • included- drain elbow and gasket
  • No hassle installation system, high speed of 2800 rpm

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garbage disposal review

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it accommodate a dishwasher?

Answer: Yes.t does. Just remember to remove the plug where the dishwasher drain hose connects.

Question: Does this come with sink stopper and splash guard or do they buy separately?

Answer: Yes. It comes with a sink stopper and the stopper acts as a sound baffle that keeps the noise to a minimum, very quiet.

Question: 22o voltage?

Answer: No, 120 volts. Very simple to install.

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  • Removable Splash Guard, making it easy to clean
  • Fast grinding operation and a highly functional unit
  • Lifetime in-home service warranty
  • Acceptable noise level from a powerful 1 HP motor
  • Best for a big family with lots of sink disposal
  • Less chance of jamming and corrosion
  • Most efficient, budget and eco-friendly
  • Dispose of almost everything from your kitchen waste


  • A few users complained about the size. So check before buy if you have enough space to fit it under your sink.

Real Users Review

garbage disposal reviewIn the time between, many customers are talking about this fine product on Amazon. Most of the users of this found satisfied using after the waste disposer. Mostly they were talking about the benefits of keeping this in their kitchen through some raise about some complaints.

A very delightful user named Andrew Rouse said “I can’t believe how easy it makes my life. I can put bones and tough products down the disposal and it makes cooking really simple

Another great customer K. Smith said “Great disposer. It grinds all the food scraps almost instantly. I’ve had one of these for almost 20 years and it still works everyday”

Michael J Dumont said “This is the quietest disposal I have ever owned. Works great and chews through anything”

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garbage disposal reviewFor enjoying a mess-free, jam-free operation Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal is very efficient for you. The best about this garbage disposal is its components are made of stainless steel that proves it corrosion proof. That will definitely a certain purpose for buying an electric pig. This disposal you find a continuous speed disposal which means you can continue to add food waste while the disposal is running. You might only take the half hour to mount in this hassle-free waste disposal. Another best use of this is its lifetime warranty for this particular model. Moreover, this garbage disposal review is highly recommended for you by 4707 customers of Amazon.

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