AEE AP10 Drone Plane Quadcopter Aircraft System Review


Truly buying a drone plane, it is difficult to match the combination of right balance between stunning optics and incredible stability. So probably it will be wise thinking to purchase a unit that coles close as like “AEE AP10 Drone Plane Quadcopter Aircraft System”. In like manner, AP10 carries an excellent performance in capturing videos and photos in the midair.

AEE AP10 Quadcopter Drone Plane Review 

Incredible Features

  • It has a GPS-based autopilot, for home features.
  • Contains Radio controller with wifi link, charger, and batteries.
  • Also, has a great speed of reaching up to 55 MPH.
  • It has the capacity of climbing to altitudes of nearly 5000 ft.
  • Now you can control and monitor free through free apps from your smartphones.
  • Powerful 5300 mAh lithium battery, provides extra 25 minutes long flight times.
  • So many customers response during a short time.

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Perfectly Captures Photos

Integrally attached a microSDHC memory card. Similarly, the drone camera has a full ability to record 1080P Full HD videos. As well as capturing photos up to 16 megapixels. The mount of the camera motorized and it can cover 90 degrees. Together with there are two available photo modes, one for a single shot of one-off photos. And that helps to ensure you catch every single fast action at just the right moment. To remove the complexity, a computerized flight control system attached to it relying on GPS. Either way, the drone has some other sensor data that provides the autonomy a stable flying condition. To use it with more flexibility, there includes two built-in flight modes.

Included a Handheld Transmitter

Correspondingly a 915 MHz radio controller (transmitter) included with AP10 drone plane. Manually it comes with a traditional dual stick design. For users visibility, the drone plane includes an auxiliary control for operating the camera. The benefits of having this transmitter are, it has a holder which allows you to attach a smaller device as like smartphones. Actually using gyros and other sensors help the drone to semi-autonomously stabilize the quadcopter.

In this connection, first, one is GPS mode, works great for redundancy. And the normal mode mostly used to give the pilot more control.

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Wifi and App based Control

As it mentioned above, the drone plane can control by those handheld transmitters that is usable with android or iOS mobile device. Furthermore, the wifi enabled mobile device helps you to view a live feed from the camera by modifying settings of a quadcopter.

Thereafter as a range of wifi device is always limited, so make it use easily a range extender included with it. Where it is possible extend the range up to 1000. As well as the range extender includes its own charger and battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (Including customers)

Reader Question: Does the camera have image stabilization so the video is not all shaky?

Answer: Yes it is stable and not at all shaky.

Reader Question: How many meters away can you fly in a normal area with a few trees?

Answer: Approximately 500 meters.

Reader Question: Can an iPhone attach with it and take still pictures remotely?

Answer: The drone already has a very high-quality camera attached including 16 megapixel and 1080P video.

Reader Question: How long is the charging time?

Answer: A few hours to charge and 15 to 18 minutes of run time.

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Real Customers Overviews

Real users opinion creates an important impression for a product review. In that way, this drone plane gains lots of real customers reviews within in a very short span of time.

A great used named Khalid Mundwiller said “Best drone I have ever flown so far! This drone can go over to my grandmother’s house almost a ¼ mile away. Therefore it is a pretty steep learning curve that takes an hour+ to learn before you fly it. Really amazing drone so far!”

The last comment found in there saying a customer “This unit is much easier to fly. Besides not a ton of money requires comparing to anything other, when it has a simular flying time. The majority of people liked mostly this good long flying time drone. It will not work that much if you are planning to start a business with it. On the other hand, it is perfect choice if you just want to fly and take good pictures”

Summing Up

After researching all its features, considering it a praiseworthy drone it seems as a competitor of DJI Phantom drone.  Above all the nuts using in this drone integrated reducing the risk of loosening or detaching in flight. Similar to a more affordable price tag, AEE AP10 Drone Plane Quadcopter is pretty much higher than the phantom series.

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