GoPro Brings New Edition: GoPro Hero 5 Black Review


Seeking a better way to capture high quality images, Nick Woodman created a very creative film wrist camera GoPro in 2002. That time GoPro was the only video action camera and new addition of “selfie” generation in the video marketplace. But gradually GoPro grabbed a large attention of the pro marketers. Recently a new member of GoPro family has come in the market named GoPro Hero 5 Black that is able to capture footage worthy of broadcast. A tiny camera with 4K shot is perfect for filmmaking. Alongside also works great for capturing broadcast quality footage for various sports. 

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In the beginning look at first what are you going to get from the new edition of GoPro Hero 5 Black-


  • Scuba grade 100% waterproofing
  • Rugged and solid build quality
  • Awesome audio and 4K video recording
  • Handy and compact design

New Design of The Camera

The new GoPro Hero 5 Black retains the classic GoPro design. Further the new model upgrades the battery design, earlier that was a much dismayed. As a result the old batteries won’t fit with this new model. At the present time, the batteries keep behind like a trapdoor in the base rather than having to pull off the entire back. Whereas the activity or recording lights positioned now neatly on the front, along the side of the screen. Earlier those buttons set on the side to activate wifi mode, now has a specific spanner icon. Here these icons make the settings much quicker by bringing up a contextual sub menu through the press buttons.

In due time there arises some moments when you need to edit what you had recorded. So that case, during recording triggers, press “Highlight Tag” on the footage, for this you can handle those hairy moments more easily. Incidentally, the watertight case withstands up to 40m underwater that makes the camera for a scuba grade action. On balance, Hero 5 has two different lengths of clip. As a consequence the camera rotates the pointing direction by 90 degree. For the purpose of using the wireless camera to monitor your videos and pictures, connect your GoPro Hero 5 Black to a smartphone.

Incredibly Great As an Action Camera           

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An action camera is very valuable for typically shoot excellent videos as they are dynamic, light, hydro and small. In the time evolution, GoPro Hero 5 got so many popularity because of their great flexibility and functionality. To start with there are many circumstances where using your phone would be hazardous. Everywhere you can’t strap your DSLR to your head while going for a snowboarding. Or it is not possible to to stick phones to surfboard or paddle out into a seven foot waves. So here comes what’s the need of this GoPro Hero 5? Typically the camera action of Hero 5 always one step ahead for this answer.

The came specially built for aerial photography with 3D printed 360 degree camera. Instantly a selfie stick, surfboard, a steadicam attach with the camera to mount it directly in the deck. Here it opens with a new surface with a ton of options. Anyway the new black edition claims to shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second along with 1080P video. Henceforth all the GoPro apps are pretty much reliable and intuitive. Through these apps you can  remotely control the camera, arrange all the camera’s settings, transferring photos and videos, playing back footage, framing quick shoots etc.

Image Quality of Hero 5 Black Camera

If you ever try to shoot a 4K video through a action camera, No answer will be better than GoPro Hero 5 Black camera. The camera quality looks better than the competition. In effect it offers one of the best video quality than any other action cameras we have seen ever.

Moreover the color reproduction is simply impressive. Even so all the images are pretty soft because of the 60 Mbits/sec. The video details are also sharper, excellent dynamic range and  colors are more accurate. Anyways, clearing all the confusions GoPro announced this year they brought a great change. They improved the low light capabilities tremendously which is very impressive. Hence GoPro always has a great opportunity to choose the great video modes, resolutions and frame rates from others. All over Hero 5 edition offers the best low light and a very solid audio. It does really a fantastic job keeping things balanced and exposing features correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reader Question: Is this the best micro SD card to use with this?

Answer: The most reliable card is a class 10 card as standard as you need.

Reader Question: What is the difference between the silver and the black?

Answer: There is not a lot of differences between the two. But naturally the black has higher features.

Reader Question:Can this camera use as a car camera?

Answer: Yes, for a car it is safety to use though it is not designed for that.

Reader Question: Can I switch the system language to chinese?

Answer: Yes it is all present to english. And you can easily configure the camera since most of the accessible screens are setup numerically.

Reader Question: Can this shoot 1080P 60?

Answer: Yes it can.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • 100% waterproof, without a housing 2 230 feet
  • 12 megapixel camera
  • Stabilization voice control the screen and touchscreen display
  • Wifi control function via smartphone or remote
  • 4K shooting display with a totally redesigned user interface
  • Understands seven individual languages- English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
  • The image stabilization brings a much more professional field
  • From the handlebars directly three microphones, is cherrypick the best sound from each one
  • Verified black into charge and automatically starts uploading to your GoPro plus account

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The new edition Hero 5 Black is the most powerful easy to use GoPro ever. Rather how many times you use it but it never gives up any of the performance durability or versatility. Here GoPro is giving people all the tools in one package. One of the biggest part of making this Hero 5 series easier to use is eliminating all the unnecessary parts you don’t need at all. In a word GoPro Hero 5 Black is waterproof, durable on its on.

However take it out of the box, hit the water and go down to 10 meters of snowboarding and see! It is all the same before. Therefore a pure touchscreen is designed so that anybody can figure out how to use it without being told. Additionally a lot of changes you are going to find in this new edition of GoPro hero 5 Black cam. All things consider if you think the price is too rich for your budget, check the previous offerings for Hero4 or 3. Then you can realize the difference of your own and decide the real.

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