Justrite Gas Can Type 2 AccuFlow 7250230 Review


JustriteGas Can : Top Features

  • Stainless steel flame arrestors, to fill properly
  • Fill spouts have self-close pressure relief caps
  • Has also a self closing faucets, for trouble free dispensing
  • Steel laboratory safety cans, for safe dispensing hazardous liquids
  • Fill spouts have self-close pressure relief caps
  • Cans are fitted with smaller faucet

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justrite gas can

Justrite Gas Can 7250230 AccuFlow Review

Justrite gas can is designed with a stainless steel flame arrester and with a automatic venting leak tight lid. The flame arrestor is corrosion and chemical resistant. The gasketed lid of the can helps to reduce air blockages that can interrupt the flow of liquids. It also helps to control the build up pressure inside the can.    

The can is usually used for storing and transporting oil, diesel, gasoline and kerosene. The safety can has 24-gauge galvanized steel, resists rust and corrosion. A squeeze trigger spout with a flexible metal hose, helps provide controlled pouring as the time need.

The red color of the can allows color coding to designate gasoline as well as other other flammable content. The can also has a fill port,  contained with an ergonomic handle allows the port to be opened quickly.

One of the greatest features including the flame arrestor is, it helps to prevent the liquid inside the can from igniting and seam welds.

justrite gas can

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  • Big handles, allows the port to be opened quickly
  • Nice spout
  • Designed well and good paint
  • It has solid construction
  • It has fast pouring, easy filling


  • No cap for end of spout
  • Bottom edge does not have a rubber/plastic ring so gets scratches up quickly

Customer Overeviews Of Justrite 7250230

justrite gas can

A variety of discussions you will find about this Justrite gas Can. We tried here to grab some remarkable line to show you the real picture at a glance.

A great customer named Bobby Stills said “Best gas cans I have ever used. Replaced all my plastic cans with them. Worth every penny”

Another user named Joann Torelli said “Best gas can ever! Solid, safe, flow control, easy fill, fast pour”

Squid Man said about this “Excellent! No more dangerous spills from those foolish plastic cans with the spouts from the EPA. This will last a lifetime”  

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Questions And Answers

Question: Is this can weatherproof?

Answer:The cans are constructed in a way in which they would survive in “the weather”.

Question: Can the diesel transport inside a suv in this container?

Answer: The cans are made to keep the diesel inside them.

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