Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A Review

Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL

Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A Review

Day by day technology is going far beyond its limit. One of the reasons behind this is smart gadget. Such kind of worthful gadget is Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A But there are so many smartband brands are available in the market. SO this is very confusing which met with my requirement. Today i was getting with a smartwatch called “Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A Review” and brought it at home.

Having a smart watch band is not only you are sending and receiving messages or mails but also you can express yourself in a more new, fun and personal way. It has awesome design and can track your fitness, measure the way you running everyday, can have contacts and calendars etc.

Top Features of Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A

  • Included- Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Attached Speaker and microphone
  • Sturdy display, Retina display with force touch
  • Water resistant, Display is 42mm
  • Ambient light sensor, for darkness
  • Included Built in storage, memory 8gb
  • Primary Operating system watch OS 1.0, Fast OS system
  • Long life battery, Battery- 246 mAh


  • One of the most accurate timepiece
  • Can connect to contacts and calendar
  • Helps you be more productive and efficient
  • Can stay closer the people you care about
  • It can track and measure all the way you move
  • Can set fitness goals and monitor real time stats
  • Can check notifications and see and feel what is next in schedule
  • A complete package with so many new features


  • The watch crystal may seem fragile to some of the users
  • To connect with GPS, you need to pair with a mobile first

Customer reviews on this Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A

Already many real users are talking about this fine Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A and almost all of them gave 5 stars out of 5.

A great user named Taylor said “Apple’s built in feature works great. I have used voice dictation to respond to texts multiple times and no mistakes have been made”

Some negative comments are also found from some users. Dennis Dawson said “The watch crystal is very fragile. I loved my watch few days before the crystal shattered”

Question and Answer

Question: Can I listen to pandora without my phone just using the watch while I’m jogging?

Answer: You can use Pandora but it needs a phone paired to it to stream, as the watch doesn’t have its own internet connection.

Question: Does the watch track sleep?

Answer: The Apple watch doesn’t track sleep.

Question: Does this watch come with a charger?

Answer: Yes. It comes with all original packaging.

Question: Is this the original Apple watch or 2015 model?

Answer: Yes. This is the original and current 2015 model of Apple watch.   

Question: Can I make the conversation call through the watch?

Answer: Yes. I can make calls through my watch.

Question: Is it compatible with android?

Answer: No. It’s only compatible with iphone.

Question: Can this band be changed out?

Answer: Yup. I changed mine.

Final Opinion

A smartwatch can consume your time as well as money. By having an Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A”, you can get important notifications, messages, third-party apps, can even access credit or debit card. Its built in heart rate sensor and the GPS in your iphone can provide a comprehensive view of your fitness. Moreover, this Apple Black Sport Band MJ3T2LL/A is a “Must” have product in your daily life.

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