Best Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band Review


Best Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band

Apple products are really very favorite product from a very long before to the apple users. And best Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band is one of the best of them. After using the Apple watch for most of the year and comparing with the other brand sport watch, apple fans are always waiting eagerly for coming the latest new product.

This Rose Gold Sport Band use clean Retina display for familiar touch inputs. It makes the images and texts more easy to see in incredibly high pixel count. It has also zooming and panning familiar recognisable interface for giving you more responsive navigation.

Top Features of Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band Review

  • Has the functionality of testing, basic cleaning
  • It has inspection, repackaging system
  • Comes with a generic box, with minimum a 90 day warranty
  • Sellers offer Certified Refurbished Products on
  • Has digital crown, Sport band stainless steel pin
  • Well polished gorgeous aluminium case, with lon-x-glass
  • Included accelerometer, heart rate sensor, gyroscope
  • Included Ambient light sensor
  • With a force touch Retina display, Water resistant


  • Retina display allows touch input, makes texts and images easy to see
  • Can show extra info like weather, stock update, sunset and sunrise time
  • For delivering timely update has calendar and contacts
  • Various sensors to record your moves and fitness
  • Variety of apps, siri for more convenient assistance
  • A way to introduce yourself in a new way
  • Easy to receive and send calls, messages and emails


  • To connect at the first time, instructions should follow properly
  • It has not mentioned the warranty in the specification

Question and Answer

Q: Can you receive text?

A: Yes.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: No. It doesn’t unless it’s stated in the purchase.

Q: Does it come with a siri?

A: Yes. Siri activates by pressing and holding the home button or digital crown on the side.

Q: Is this a 8 gig?

A: 8.0g but only 6.1g of usable memory.

Q: Can download games on it for kids?

A: Yes. But only 2 or 3 games are in the store.

Q: Does it come in the apple box?

A: Yes. Totally sealed in apple box.

Customer Overviews of this Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band

This awesome watch rose gold sport band has won so many customers heart by its awesome incredible performance. So many are talking about this Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band and it’s good and bad about this. And we all know that a real product can only judge based on its real customers compliment. ‘

A happy user named Dasiey201 said “I’m in love with this watch. Not a scratch or ding on this watch. I’m extremely happy. Don’t miss out just because it says refurbished”

To bring the exact figure about this watch band, mark reyes said “Like brand new comes with everything and a extra strap, very pleased and the one thing that made me smile was the Signature of the employees on a card”

The last comment found from a great user saying “Love my apple watch. It does so much more than the Fitbit. It paired perfectly with my iphone and it is so great to have this awesome technology on my wrist”

Final verdict

Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band has all the time demandable features to make our life more easy more time consuming. It is one of the Certified Refurbished product in the market. Its elegant, gorgeous design definitely makes it different from any other sport watch in the market today.  However, it is water resistance that refers you can continue your use of this watch even in swimming or raining, so stop worrying about this. Moreover, many of its great users recommend others to try this Apple Watch Rose Gold Sport Band to be updated daily.

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