Best Plant Grow Light CrxSunny LED 1000W Review


In this time, the CrxSunny 1000W LED Plant Grow Light stands up to the competition in a big way. For those who are looking for a powerful, long-lasting LED lights for their beginning set up at a very reasonable price, this could be a good choice for them to be considered. 

Having a very high PAR value ranging from 380-730 nm depending on how close you install it to your plants. This is 1000W which makes it a good size for medium to large grow tents.

It can also be usable by combining it in a daisy chain with multiple lights for larger rooms. It’s enhanced spectral output covering full PAR also promotes photosynthesis for growth and blooming. Thus it has super light penetration and provides the right amount of light in every portion of your plants.

Particular Features (At a glance)

  • Energy saving grow light, consumes only 240-280w power
  • Has powerful 1000w BridgeLux LEDs
  • Run 80% cooler than high-intensity discharge (HID)
  • Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR
  • Low energy consumption cooling fan

CrxSunny 1000W LED Plant Grow Light Review 

Plant Grow Light

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Great Energy Conversion Efficiency

Plant Grow Light

A very essential concern of growers regarding incandescent is the high amount of heat produced.

Heat is a big concern because it can prove detrimental to the lifespan of the plant, even can kill it off. Initially, the solution is to keep the lights at a great distance from the plants. Further, this CrxSunny 1000W LED Grow Light can produce to light no heat because they can convert a large portion of their electricity supply to light energy. That means they can be placed in close proximity to the plants. Therefore they ensure the optimal absorption of light.

Energy Saving Lights

This plant grows light can convert directly into a reduction of electricity costs. It is found in many studies that this LED plant grow light can be translated directly into 40% lower electricity cost compared to other HIDs of similar power. In some tomato plants, it can also save up to 75% saving of electricity as compared to other HPS bulbs. This grows lights are more friendly for small home growers.

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Plant Grow Light


  • More cooler and quieter than other
  • High efficiency powerful cooling system
  • Energy saving LED grow light
  • Very bright light
  • 3 years long lifespan guarantee

Question And Answer

Question: Is this unit ul listed?

Answer: It’s listed. Works great.

Question: Is it comparable decibel wise?

Answer: No louder than a fan at mid-blast.

Question: How to control the veg and bloom cycle?

Answer: There is a timer to control the different cycle.

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Final Verdict

Nowadays, using plant grow lights has become popular. Because it takes less trouble and less effort to grow more veg and flowers in a perfect environment.

Plant Grow Light

The benefits of using this CrxSunny 1000W LED Grow Light is, it allows your plants to absorb the right amount of light energy at the right time during the corresponding time of the growth process.

At the same time, these plants also ensure you that there is only a little wastage of electricity in producing lights which the plants have no use of. This LED plant grow lights have the flexibility of design and the lights can be combined into structures capable of working together to illuminate unconventional plant grids.

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