Best Electric Skateboard Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+

The Best electric skateboard by boosted board dual plus model is sporting twin brushless motors and this is pumping out 2,000 watts of power. With smooth braking and powerful electric motors, the boosted board offers an amazing riding experience.

The High-performance Bluetooth enabled remote that acts as a safe, secure link between you and the board. The Best electric skateboard needs to have more than just a few miles of range. The value battery for 6 miles of range or the elaborate battery for 12 miles of range.

Best Electric Skateboard Very Cheap Price On Amazon

Boosted Dual+ is not only the fastest best electric skateboards available on the market, but it is also equipped with the latest technology.

Product Images Power (watts) Battery Charge Time (hour) Max Speed (mph) Max Range (miles) Weight Capacity (lbs.) Price
1. Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ 2000 Lithium-ion 1 22 12 250 $1,779.99

Hiboy S01 Electric Skateboard

400 Lithium-ion 3 to 5 12.5 18 220 $179.00
3. Evolve Bamboo GTX Long-board(GT 2in1) Best Electric Skateboard 3000 Lithium-ion 4 to 5 26 31 220 $1,779.99
4. SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced Cruiser 400 Lithium-ion 2 15.5 12 187 $594.99
5. Boosted Dual+ 2000W 2000 Lithium-ion 1 22 7 200 $1199

Best Electric Skateboard– A Comparison Table

It also guarantees your security with the regenerative braking method mobilized into the skateboard. The skateboard top speeds up to 22 mph and the mortars also help with a hill climb up to 25 percent grade.

The battery expects it standard one to give you up to a 7-mile range. The Best electric skateboard It is popular for its excellent quality and long lifespan.


+ Board is planned with vehicle-grade stability in mind.

+ The board is very much supply and the wheels are spacious which makes it ride highly sleek, even on NYC and NJ broken roadways.

+ There is also a Bluetooth remote control, which you can use to apply brakes or variable speed modes.


– The board are still bulky and costly

– Mediocre mileage

Best Electric Skateboard Yuneec E-GO 2 Long-board

The Best electric skateboard by Yuneec E-Go 2 It’s one of the only electric skateboards you can buy regular retailers like VNH Best Buy and Walmart. It’s also one of the most affordable at six hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Best Electric Skateboard Very Cheap Price On Amazon

That price comes with trade-offs. It’s all powered by a single 400 watts motor which is a little on the small side. But it’s still a lot faster than walking. The Best electric skateboard is the right board with excellent performance and high endurance. The E-Go 2 with a max speed of twelve and a half miles per hour and a chunky belt.

Best Electric Skateboard

The biggest compromise on the E-Go 2 is its user interface. You control the board with a smallpox-loaded Bluetooth remote which can be recharged over micro USB.

The deck and battery running along its underbelly make the E-Go 2 very stiff and the 90-millimeter wheels are pretty bulky. Charging the battery on the E-Go 2 does take a long time around 4 hours.

It tops at 12 mph with a top mileage of 18 miles which is far better than other boards on the market. The Best electric skateboard has a Stable, durable and best performing. It is also a good choice if you’re looking for the cheap electric skateboard


+ Decorated with large 90-mm wheels that absorb sidewalk cracks and gravel.

+ Fantastic mileage with top speed and 10% hill climb.

+ Positive braking method


– The E-Go 2 stiff deck large wheels slow speed and long range.

– But to tell for sure you have to focus on the remote for a long time which is kind of dangerous while riding.

Best Electric Skateboard Evolve Bamboo GTX Long-board(GT 2in1)

The Best electric skateboard Evolve bamboo GTX is light enough to take on all your adventures. It has a board can climb hill gradients of 25%. Bamboo GTX version is also cheaper than Carbon by +/- $200, and for $200 you can get the 2in1 option with street conversion kit (97mm wheels) extending the range to 30 mph.

The Best electric skateboard manufacturers who use top quality battery cells will tell clearly about its brand, other information, and specifications. It has a flexible with the aid of its maple hardwood and bamboo deck.

Best Electric Skateboard 2018

Best Electric Skateboard Very Cheap Price On Amazon

The Evolve Bamboo GTX grant more than riding modes than ever before. Use “SLOW” mode for simple control and a safe top speed, unerring for beginners and first-time users. The battery charge takes up 4 to 5 hours which is quite long when compared to the others.

The Best electric skateboards are a great technological revolution. We’ve tried our best to parochial down the field to the best options available on the market so that you can put your hands on the best product which offers outstanding features.


+ The board has regenerative braking to give back some of the power that you use to go up to them.

+ The acceleration with the ability to climb hills of up to 25% gradient!

+ The board up to a 31-mile range depending on the rider.


-Unlike the Evolve Carbon GT, Which has its battery fully mobilized into its deck.

-The specific model from the Evolve Skateboards does not follow such design.

Best Electric Skateboard SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced Cruiser

The Best electric skateboard by Spectra’s lightweight and viable carbon fiber unibody provides you the luxury of a sleek, quiet, and hands gratis riding expertise. It has featured a facing duplex motor diagram and the spectra commencing can reach the top speed of 15.5 mph.

But it is only a mini board and therefore the battery isn’t a big as some of the other boards. The Best electric skateboard has run great, super quick and charges quickly, Super simple to usage. The board is also capable to be controlled through a mobile app.

The Spectra is the world’s first board with a mobilized 3D posing control and AI driving method to assist with speed and turns. Pressure sensors are created into its carbon fiber deck to learn and adapt to body movements for an effortless riding expertise.

The board doesn’t have any handheld controls, it’s completely controlled by your body movements. Purchase the best electric skateboard should not be done in a careless and rushed method. We added the Swanton Swagboard NG-1 to our chart of the best electric skateboards under $300.


+ Control the electric skateboard with your body movements while its AI method learns the way you ride

+ Push your skate cruiser to the limit with the eBoard Go App, which grants you complete entry to all of your Spectra’s Bluetooth features.

+ It also features a regenerative braking method that helps to top up the battery every time you brake.


-The Spectra doesn’t grant quite as good stats as some of the other boards.

-Not that compatible with skateboarding

Best Electric Skateboard Boosted Dual+ 2000W

The Best electric skateboard by boosted dual plus can be used as a main source of transportation and rides very smooth. It’s powered with the 2,000 watts of dual drive and that is controlled by a Bluetooth technology.

The thing that makes it THE UNERRING electric skateboard for beginners is its regular speed. The speed 22 miles per hour is the highest speed from the writing modes that the electric skateboard provides for the riders.

The Best electric skateboard is of high quality and highly reliable. It charges in 1 hour to full capacity and overall it’s one of the best boards on the market.

The boosted dual+ best electric skateboard is tailored for students as it has a recorded range of 7 miles and a speed of 22 miles per hour.

On top of the impressive speed capacity is the belt, drive, mechanism. It affects the performance of the brakes and acceleration which is advanced compared to hub motors. But the problem is that they make you believe that exchanging the belt is as easy as an oil change, which it is not at all.


+ The board’s features is sufficient for you to enjoy it.

+ The dual drive mechanism helps riders for uphill activities and ensure safety when going downhill.

+ Smooth Ride


-Belts wear out over time, tearing holes and snapping.

– Not Waterproof


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