Eagle Gas Cans Review Type 2 Safety Can U251S Review


For filling micro cycles and tractors, safety cans are very necessary. Because it helps you hassle-free pouring. Further, different types of fuel need to keep separate and should be contained properly. A safety can Eagle U2-51-S is a very well made safety can that is simple, durable and so much faster pouring than others. A very powerfully sealed, tight and long-term source of energy sufficient safety can is Eagle gas cans Review.

eagle gas cans

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Eagle U2-51-S Eagle Gas Cans Review

We all know about the great features of USA made products. Because the products from the usa, ensures the longevity and great usability. For storing gas in a generator, Eagle U2-51-S gas safety cans work great. You will feel 100% comfort in filling it in top and tossing while filling a truck.  This is a Type 2 safety can then made with no top or side seam with a double inter lock no-weld bottom seam.

The best thing about this gas safety can is if needed you can take it the gas station, fill it and bring it home. There will be no gas leakage and no smell out of it. This is not a cheap but certainly a well made gas safety can.

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Customer Overviews Of This Eagle U2-51-S

A product’s real picture only find from a real user who is actually used that product and already know about the advantage or disadvantage of the product. During writing this review, this product already got 306 customers appreciations.

A real customer of this product named HS said “The best petrol you can buy. Love the way it automatically vents the tank when you pull the handle to pour. Tough and durable”

Another user named Damon G. Tomlinson said “I needed a bullet proof safety can so I could keep it in the garage forever and I got this Eagle U2-51-S safety can. I can use it without having any worry about spills or gas expansion”

eagle gas cans

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: How many times it takes to empty the can into a vehicle?

Answer: It takes less than a minute with the ¾’’ nozzle.

Question: Will the size of this spout fit into a push lawn to fill it with gas?

Answer: Yes it fits perfectly.

Question: What are the difference between Type1 and Type 2?
Answer: Type 1 safety cans only have one opening, Type 2 can have two opening.

Eagle Gas Cans Review

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Eagle gas can review (Safety Can)

Eagle gas can, which is very convenient for the user of gas. Most importantly, having so many quality features in it made the gas can more convenient to the users.

It is clear that gas can is a very significant product to the human which can not be expressed within a few words. Especially, in the urban area, these gas cans are more important.

As we know, the chances of using the wood stove in the rural area are more than that of urban. But, notably, nowadays people in the rural area are also being dependent day by day. Moreover, both the areas of the people are getting closer to the dependency on the gas can.

Some of the gas can are stated below as the suggestion while buying the gas can by the customers.

Eagle Type I Safety Can 2 Gal Red UI20FS

Price: $61.28

Key features:

  1. Baked on the powder-coat finish, a premium features for the gas user.
  2. Moreover, it has a Trilingual label.
  3. Besides, This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
  4. Meanwhile, Features environmentally friendly Lead-Free Technology, constructed of 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Customer Reviews:

  • The yellow funnel gets in the way and is a pain to take on and off, which you have to do to fill the tank. I will NOT be using the funnel. The tank also has a non-removable screen in the opening… so be careful when you fill the tank at the gas station.
  • Good quality fuel can with safety in mind.
  • In the age of lawyer valves on every gas can, that basically renders them useless, these cans are great. Simple concept. The funnel eliminates spills. I have two now. Very happy with them.

Eagle Type I Safety Fuel Can

The best fuel can you will ever own. They have spark arrestors installed. They self vent so they will never explode, unlike the plastic variety. There is a reason that these metal cans are required by OSHA on the Jobsite. Yes, they are a little difficult to refill if you have the funnel installed, only because you have to remove the funnel to refill it.

Price: US $44.41

Key features:

  1. Furthermore, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) listed and FM approved for safe handling and storage of gasoline and other flammable liquids.
  2. Indeed, Patented Comfort-grip trigger release, spring closing lid with neoprene gasket vents a 5 psi (pounds per square inch) internal pressure.
  3. In addition, Non-sparking brass flame arrestor and pour spout.
  4. As well, Deep drawn construction means no top or side beams.
  5. Additionally, Baked on the powder-coat finish. Trilingual label.

Customer Reviews:

  • Use of the tank is not a problem. Refilling it is. The funnel must be removed first, the cap does not open fully nor stay open for refilling. Removing the funnel is not easy.
  • I always use a separate funnel when using the 1-gallon cans. I threw away every plastic gas can in my house after a friend had an unfortunate accident at his home.
  • The plastic gas can in his garage expanded, ruptured and the fuel ignited. He lost his home and two vehicles. Thankfully he had working smoke detectors in his home and his family was able to escape the blaze.

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