Best French Press Coffee Maker KONA Black 34oz Teapot Review

French Press Coffee Maker

Only a coffee drinker knows, how important it is to make sure the coffee is brewed perfectly. But when it is related to the intense flavor of coffee, nothing can beat with the capability of French Press Coffee Maker. This outstanding Best French Press Coffeemaker KONA Black 34oz Teapot comes with a sturdy glass cup and stainless steel filter screen that is mounted on three different parts.Best French Press Coffee Maker

 Best French Press Coffee maker KONA Black 34oz Teapot Review

French Press Coffee Maker

The main advantage of this Best French Press Coffee Maker is its portability. It can serve up to 8 cups of brewed coffee or tea with the perfect aroma and essential oils. However, the lid this French coffee maker use is made of plastic free from BPS and BPA free through the coffee never touches the lid when you are pouring it on your cup.  For Users satisfaction, the manufacturer also provides you with 90 days money back guarantee.

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Particular Features 

  • The detachable stainless steel infuser filter system, easy to clean
  • Rubber plunger knob, for quick and easy press
  • Comfortable handle
  • easy for use in travel and outdoor camping
  • Made of BPS/ BPA free, no smell of plastic
  • Attractive, unique insulated outer shell, 
  • It is nonelectric and quieter teapot maker

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Benefits of Using This

  • Protective design to minimize any cracks or breaks
  • Serves you up to 8 cups of brewed coffee
  • Its ergonomic design is user-friendly and convenient
  • Admire on a kitchen counter
  • Can wash this on your washing machine
  • Portable and sealed well to carry it as a travel mug
  • Affordable price and the perfect choice as a GIFT


  • The plastic liners on the lid is a bit of a turn-off

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Best French Press Coffee maker

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it stainless steel or aluminum in it?

Answer: The filter and strainer are stainless steel. The handle, top cover and black siding around the side are all plastic materials.

Question: How many 8oz cups of coffee do one actually get?
Answer: Usually it can make up to four 8oz cups of coffee.

Question: Can it place directly on a stove top?
Answer: No. It has a plastic frame that will melt.

Question: Can you place the carafe in the microwave?

Answer: The Booklet says, NOT for microwave use.

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What Real Customer Said About This

This amazing French Press Coffee Maker already got so many customers review within a very short time. Real users are talking about this benefits and great features in their reviews. Mostly they seemed very happy using this awesome French Press Coffee Maker.

A very delightful user named NyiNya said “You will discover a new way to get a tremendous amount of flavor out of almost any grind. Easy to clean. The best part is the generous volume”

Another great user said “For a newbie, they are the easiest and also the best way to make coffee. There is nothing better. The French press is cheap, fast and the best”– by Zen

Some negative comments are also found from some user. A customer named Charles Burns said “The only reason I removed a star is because the plastic it holds the glass in place tends to collect coffee. The glass is somewhat hard to remove for cleaning but is dishwasher safe”

French Press Coffee Maker

At The Bottom Line

French Press Coffee Maker is different from other coffee makers in the market because they are well known for their intense and flavorful coffee results and they are far better than the usual coffee taste. Buying the best press coffee maker with the best quality, the price is also important. And you can purchase this coffee maker with a very affordable price compared with other Best French Press Coffee Maker in the market today. Besides Cleaning the filter of it is easy for anyone. Moreover, this  Best French Press Coffee maker KONA  is now providing you an amazing offer of  90 days money back guarantee for their customer full satisfaction. So if you are a real coffee lover, Kona is just for you serving the best coffee taste anytime.

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