Tips for Head Ceiling Ana Bath SS5450CBN Shower Head Review

Head Ceiling

When you are looking for something to upgrade your shower system and more relaxing without a lot of tools, Ana Bath SS5450CBN Head Ceiling will be a good reference for you. This head ceiling will make your life much easier installing a new shower in your bathroom. The most important advantage of it is its water saving shower technology that will reduce a lot of your water bill.

The head ceiling lets you experience a relaxing and quiet full coverage rainfall shower. It is adjustable and with its great massage head, you will feel like you are in a spa, being in the comfort of your home.

Combo 5 Function Ana Bath SS5450CBN Head Ceiling Review

Head Ceiling

Top Features – Ana Bath SS5450CBN

    • Included- 5 Function 5-inch Handheld Shower
    • Includes a 5 Function 5-inch Showerhead
    • Included- 60-inch stainless steel shower hose
    • Has a combo shower system
    • Water flow rate is good enough- 2.31 GPM
    • 3 Functions are-Massaging spray, Bubble spray, Saturating spray
  • Mounted by a big 3-way diverter mount

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Special Features

  • The difference between this head ceiling with others is it has a dual shower head system which is fully adjustable. And the dual shower head refers that you can have both heads going in almost any direction while having a shower. You can also use one head at a time, change the flow only go to one head. It increases the water pressure and offers you a more thorough shower. Further, in order to enjoy a relaxed and luxurious shower, you can use both heads at a time, that saves your time and consequently money.
  • This shower head has an additional PVD coating process. Which will make the difference considering the environmental protection and resistanceThis PVD process helps your shower to have the more uniform deposit, better corrosion resistance, harder, smoother and brighter surface. In the environmental issue, there are no harmful chemicals in its material that can harm your shower. 

There are also so many features and different benefits of using it. In the meanwhile, when you need a quick shower or need to wash a particular part of your body, you can use the handheld too.Head Ceiling

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Advantages – Ana Bath SS5450CBN 

    • Both mounts provide a superior stream of water
    • Easy unpacking and install
    • Offers you superior craftsmanship
    • Very intelligent and practical design
    • Can massage and enjoy bubbling spray
    • Will blow you with its innovative spray patterns
  • Will allow washing difficult area of the body  

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I use both heads at the same time?

Answer: Yes. Both heads can be used at the same time.

Question: Do the angles allow for two people to shower at the same time?

Answer: Sure. Have fun!

Question: Is the angle of the handheld also adjustable, as the stationary shower head?

Answer: Yes. It is.

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Head Ceiling

Customer Overviews of  Ana Bath

In the meanwhile, this shower head has got 4.6 stars out of 5 and so many real customers are talking about this. This is now one of the demandable head ceilings in the market today.

Benjamin J Sabol, a happy customer said “Great quality dual shower head.It is easy to switch from one to another or both. The pressure is not compromised when both shower heads are in use. My wife says it’s a dream”

Kat said “I am extremely impressed not only the product itself but also with the customer service and how well the company honors their warranty”

The last comment found, saying a customer Kelsey “Excellent shower head! The water pressure is amazing even with both running simultaneously. I recommend you to take the water restrictors out for better flow”

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Head Ceiling


Normally comparing with other expensive models, you will have improved functionality and versatility in this head ceiling. As Ana Bath SS5450CBN comes with a stainless steel design, you can count on it to shine and work even when used constantly.  In this 60-inch hose, this model will blow you away with its innovative spray patterns. This will definitely feel you like All-in-all with a full package of massage spray, saturated spray, bubbling spray, saturated+bubbling spray, and massage+saturated spray. Therefore, many customers recommend this bath head ceiling with their true expressions.

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Ana Bath Anti-Clog SUPER WIDE 6 Inch 3 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System with 5 Foot Metal Hose and BRASS CONNECTOR Chrome Plated Finish SS3232CCP:

Price: $46.00

Key features:
  1. Easy installation
  2. Easily remove calcium and mineral deposits by pushing nozzles with water on.
  3. 6 inch wide to provide rainfall spa experience.
  4. shower fits your hand comfortably
  5. Anti-clog nozzles
  6. Large diverter with the bass connector.
  7. 5 Ft Super Flexible STAINLESS STEEL Shower Hose with 2 BRASS NUTS
  8. Premium chrome finish
  9. In the same way, Ana Bath metal hose is coated with the same finish
  10. On the other hand, the Switch between 3 functions for different shower experiences. Including Rain Spray / Massage Spray / Massage and Rain Mix. Brass ball joint provides durability.



Is this fully metal? If not, what components are plastic?


I’ll back up what the other person said about the materials used to make this. It’s mainly plastic which might initially turn one off, but I’ve had it for about two years now and it’s still a well functioning, sturdy product.


How do you remove the restrictor to increase water pressure? Thanks!!


What color is it? I don’t remember mine having a restrictor? But all the little things that were inside, I used a flat head screwdriver to get out.


Is this an eco flow/water saving showerhead?


Yes, unless you remove the restrictor as I did.

Best Rating Products On Amazon

Customer Reviews:

  • Top notch customer service for a high-quality product.

  • This is a good one. Has a slight angle adjustment coming off
  • Well – I love them – anything from lots of water running over
  • Great product — really well done.
  • Love this combo shower head!
  • Great Price and Superior Quality – Look No Further For a Great Shower Head
  • Excellent Upgrade without the excessive cost.
  • I like a drenching shower and this product delivers
Product information  
Product Dimensions 6.5 x 14.1 x 8.8 inches
Item Weight 2.9 pounds
Item model number SS3232CCP
Size 60 Inch Hose
Color Chrome
Style 6 Inch 3 Function Combo Shower System
Finish Chrome
Hose Length 60 inches
Special Features rainfall, quiet, easy to install, massaging head, adjustable
Usage Bathroom Multi-Function Combo Shower System

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars

Ana Bath Anti-Clog LARGE SPRAY FACE 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower and Shower Head Combo Shower System with 5 Foot Hose w/ BRASS CONNECTOR Brushed Nickel Finish SS5450CBN:

PRICE: $59.00

Key features:

  1. Basically, Switch between 5 functions for different shower experiences. Including Rain Spray / Massage Spray / Massage and Rain Mix / Bubbling Spray /Bubbling and Rain Mix.
  2. Besides, Metal hose and fittings provide better durability.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Additionally, all parts are electroplated with the same finish, especially the metal hose.
  5. Particularly, the Brass ball joint provides durability
  6. Easily remove calcium and mineral deposits by pushing nozzles with water on.
  7. Modern wide and large spray face with ergonomic handle.
  8. Anti-clog nozzles make it easy to rub clean lime and mineral deposit resistant.



I see the finish is brushed nickel but is it plastic or actual metal?


It is hard to tell but I believe it is plastic. very nice though. I think I almost prefer plastic when I think about it because of no chance of rusting. (and it is not chintzy).


Can you have both shower heads on at same time?


Yes – you can blend both heads at the same time or switch between one or the other

Question: Does anyone know the difference between this model and the SS5600CBN?

Answer: No water restrictor is installed. This model is designed especially for low water pressure area use.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Nice Blast of Water in Every Direction!!

  • Great unit for a great price
  • I love this shower head
  • Better than expected and better than the “top name, big box” stuff.
  • Excellent product, even better customer service
  • Water saver while feeling like a gusher is coming out. Worth every penny!
  • Good Quality, Great Price, Will Buy Another!
  • Very comfortable showers ahead, great quality product

Product information


Product Dimensions 7.8 x 6.3 x 13.1 inches
Item Weight 2.5 pounds
Item model number SS5450CBN
Size Dual Shower + 60″ Hose
Color Brushed Nickel
Style 5 Inch 5 Function Combo Shower System
Finish Brushed Nickel
Hose Length 60 inches
Special Features easy to install
Usage Bathroom Multi-Function Combo Shower System
Included Components Handheld Shower + Shower Head + Diverter + Hose + Sealant Tape

Ana Bath SS5159CCP 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Kit, Chrome Plated Finish:

Price: $27

Key features:

  1. 5-Function Handheld Shower

  2. A common feature for Ana bath is Metal hose and fittings provide better durability
  3. Most importantly, all parts are electroplated with the same finish, especially the Metal Hose.
  4. Even more, Turn water to Handheld Shower, Stationary Showerhead, or Both
  5. Namely, Ana Bath metal hose are COATED with the same finish.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent for those looking for stronger water pressure
  • Great product. Highly recommend.
  • Great Spray Head
  • Solid construction and great pressure
  • Good dual showerhead for the price
  • Best Showerhead I’ve Ever Had
  • Love it!

Product information


Product Dimensions 6.1 x 11.8 x 5.7 inches
Item model number SS5159CCP
Item Weight 2.01 pounds
Size 5 Function
Color Chrome
Style 5 Function Combo Shower System
Hose Length 60 inches
Special Features Rainfall-Like Shower Experience, Brass Fittings, Self Cleaning Nozzle Against Calcium Buildup, Chrome Plated on All Components, Quick & Easy Installation
Material Brass
Usage Bathroom Multi-Function Combo Shower System

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