Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Review

Shower Head Speaker

Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker H2oVibe

Are you looking for a shower head speaker to tune into music, radio, news, podcasts while taking your regular shower? Then go for the latest feature of Bluetooth-H2oVibe Rain Showerhead once. You will find all your requirements for enjoying a great melodious music shower environment having a soothing shower in a drenching mode in your bathroom.

All impossible is now possible in today’s shower head functionality, it employs a durable lithium-ion battery for operating power, 8 to 11 hours of playback capability while bathing. It itself a super magnetic speaker with so many features.

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Special Features

  • One of the best services of this great wireless Bluetooth speaker is during your shower, you can answer your phone calls. Beside this, you can also listen to news and podcasts too. So you can save your valuable time by doing all these things while taking a shower. You can party hard by turning up the volume of your dance playlist. Rather, you can sync your speaker to nature sounds and relaxed music to calm your nerves.
  • Here you have the option of buying a waterproof speaker to keep it in your shower. But the innovation puts music right in front of you. Actually, the mids and lows in these small speaker systems sound great. So you will not have the fear that your phone might get wet or get damaged because of the mist. best bluetooth shower speaker

Shower Head Speaker With Bluetooth H2oVibe  Review

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Features: H2oVibe Rain Showerhead

  • The dual microphone has speak button to answer calls
  • Has luxurious spa, feel the soothing sensation
  • Wireless connection, up to 33 feet away
  • Ability to reduce noise
  • Ultra wide and powerful drenching rain capability
  • Has crisp premium clean sound, easy and fast installation
  • Standard showerhead, 3 times more spray power

Why You Use This Product?

  • Enjoy body-soothing shower with mind relaxing music
  • Installation within moment
  • Can switch between three shower speeds in a jiffy
  • Very sleek in design
  • Easy push in button for answering calls

Customer Reviews Of H2oVibe

Shower Head Speaker

By far, this H2oVibe shower head speaker got 900 customer reviews. All the customers seemed very pleased using this awesome  Bluetooth Rain Showerhead.

A truthful customer named Phillip Drum said Unbelievable quality for the price. The fit and finish of the materials are all first rates. The battery lasts me through about five maybe six showers without recharging.

Being too happy, Juan m Arambula tried to figure it like I found it completely humorous when I found out I can actually receive phone calls as well as answer them via a small mic on the speaker”  

The last comment was seen from Jenny saying “Sounds like a crazy idea! It’s small and easy to transport. It actually worth the price”  best bluetooth shower speaker

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Is it rechargeable?

Answer: The battery is rechargeable using the supplied Micro-USB cable.

Question: How is this on water consumption?

Answer: It’s very good for water consumption.

Question: Could this use in a steam shower?

Answer: Yes. You can use it anywhere as long as it is not submerged.

Question: Does it come with a remote?

Answer: No. There is no remote.

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At The End Point

best bluetooth shower speakerWhile bathing, if you want to have a great time or to enjoy favorite music use this shower head speaker. Because H2oVibe Rain Showerhead is the perfect brand for this job and now it offers you a great reasonable price. This showerhead speaker not only offers you a body relaxing shower but also a contemporary information about the world or a soul-filling music. The recharging is also easy and not need to charge it frequently. It enables to provide around an 8 to 11 hours of audio playback. Therefore, it is one of the top demandable accessories for bathroom materials in the market today. 

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