Ultimate guide to Changing Rainfall Shower Head Review

shower system extension

Most recently, people find it more preferable to craft their kitchen and bathroom more different look. So, for those who are looking for such kind of shower system extension, KES X6008B shower head is a very good option. To add a very classic look to make your shower more enjoyable in your bathroom, nothing is comparable with it.

As your requirements, this shower system extension can be a great help for your bathroom shower which has a flexible extension arm. It has a very standard size and you can easily install this head. A range of incredible features, this shower head has integrated of the reasonably priced package.

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In the time between, many people from all over the world who have bought this product seemed enough contented and provided lots of positive reviews. To see the top features with the specification, take a look below:

Top Features (Have a look)

  • Included- hand shower, rainfall shower, shower bar
  • For the easy switch, it has two function
  • Wall mounted shower faucet, European style
  • 2 holes installation, hole center distance-150mm
  • Adjustable height, height between rainfall and hand bracelet easy adjustable
  • Switch between hand and overhead shower is easy 

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  • Strong and durable brass construction
  • Have a great Discount on this awesome shower head
  • Feel rain like experience during shower
  • Have a great water efficiency
  • Easy clean and installation system
  • Fully chrome plated disc


  • No powerful spray, to spread water more widely during shower

shower system extension

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Question: Have the product come with a valve?

Answer: Yes. The packet is complete and doesn’t need to buy anything else. I have installed the system and it is great.

Question: Do the valve can control the flowing water? How does the valve work?

Answer: The valve is working awesome with this product.

Question: Can someone tell if the spread on the faucet handles is 4’’ and what the dimension is from the valve assembly to the shower head is?

Answer: The hot and cold are 6 inches apart.

What Customer Said About This Product

shower system extensionA real customer of a real product can judge the product most efficiently. Because they have the real experience of using that product. This KES X6008B shower system extension is a very useful product for a great feel decoration of a bathroom. it’s real customers already gave 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

A very happy user of it said good enough about this. He is Robert Day and he said “It is a solid build. The shower head distance is just fine. The mixer movement, hot, cold or shower head held spray is crisp easy to do. Upped the star to five”

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Another great user MP said “It is beautiful and functional. I compared this to similar shower set ups at high-end kitchen and bath stores and this was less than half the price”

The last comment from the customers found Bisco R. Howell III saying “High quality. Final workmanship shows pride in this product. Nice touch with all the parts together in the box”

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shower system extensionWith modern design along with well chrome finished, KES X6008B Rainfall Shower Head is a great product in shower system extension sellers in the  market today. This shower head is perfectly made of European style. Its installation and setup is very easy. Its chrome finish provides it a very bright, lustrous look. The most interesting part of this rainfall shower head is, now you can buy this shower head in a great discount. And comparing others with the same features, the price is super reasonable for its great customers. So make your shower more cozy and relaxing by using this shower system extension.

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