Headphone!!! New Dolby dimension!!!

Dolbyt headphone technology

Headphone!!! A new dimension of Dolby is in the market. Surprising to see such headphone
with a unique feature. Seriously, I became astonished to see.

Basically, its unique features made it different from others headphone. Surely, the headphone is user-friendly. And very easy to accustomed to the system.

Which are the factors makes new Dolby dimension headphone different from other headphones???

Dolby headphone

  1. Having the separate button for Mac, iPhone, both laptop and pc, and pad.
  2. It is Bluetooth Impressive sound quality.
  3. Extra power button to on and off.
  4. Having a lot of audio processing in enhancement features.
  5. It has active noise cancellation features.
  6. It charges fully within 2 hours
  7. With the interval of clicking it active noise cancellation.
  8. Besides, with the double clicking, it enables the transparency.
  9. A power base used for charging through the micro USB cable.
  10. Surely, user-friendly for the common people.

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What is active noise cancellation???

Suppose you are wearing the headphone. In the meantime, someone calling you. What will happen then? Or you are in the home. Suddenly, your baby is crying hard. But you are busy with your office work or may be busy with music. How you will realize?

Leaves all those apart. Think, someone, knocking the door for a long while. But you are busy with the most favorite music. Surely you will not recognize someone’s presence outside the door.


Thinking all those your problems Dolby came out with a new dimension headphone which will solve all those problems. New Dolby dimension has mouth speaker in it which will help to hear the sound from outside. As it has the quality of active noise cancellation.

Besides, you can use your Macbook and iPhone at a time. If you are wishing to do so. You can do it.

How to use New dimension Dolby Headphone?

  • It has a power button on the right side. You need to press for 3 seconds to start on.
  • Now select which device will be used for hearing.
  • Click the button particularly and it will give an activation through signaling the light.
  • And finally, it will be paired with the devices.
  • A control plate is available on the right side.
  • When you rub or swipe it up.
  • To enable transparency double tap on the control plate.
  • Double tap again to active noise cancellation.
  • Then if you want to pause your entertainment then click it for once.
  • For charging put it into sleep mode and place it on to your power base.
  • Micro USB cable is used for the charge.
  • 2 hours required for the full charge.

New Dolby is a bit different than that of other headphones. In fact, it has unique features. On the other, it is user-friendly to the common people. I think it is wise to buy as early as possible.

I am really excited to buy this. Such an incredible headphone with unique features and characteristics. To be honest it is very rare in the market. Because at a time it can be used for twice. And that makes this headphone different from any others headphone in the current market.

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