Here’s a Quick Way to Shower Arm Extension MODONA AC42SH82 Shower Arm Review

shower arm extension

Having a shower arm extension in a bathroom has now become a modern obligation for modern families. With the rapid development of technology, now we have so many quality products. But the most found problem is to get the best shower arm extension for me to choose as my requirement. So I just picked today a shower arm named “MODONAAC-42-AS-Inch Shaped Shower Arm

The most amazing part of using this shower arm extension is since it is a part that would support easy movements so that the head can work systemically. This great shower arm comes with a very attractive design. It is well polished and all the finishing of the materials are perfect for a long-term use.

MODONA AC42SH82 Shower Arm Extension Review

shower arm extension

MODONA AC42SH82 – Features

  • Made of Brass, flange also included
  • “S” shaped shower arm, Length(13.5”)*Height(10.5”)
  • Adds 6’’ to current shower head height, for easy movement
  • Included plumbers tape, no wastage of water
  • ½’’*½” NPT fittings, very stout fittings
  • Very appealing beautiful look
  • Polished chrome well finishes, with attractive design

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Special Features

Durable and Affordable:

MODONA AC42SH82 is the most affordable shower arm in the market today. It is unbelievable that at this price, you can get this amazing product. Most of the time, it found very difficult to get the quality with an attractive look at a time. But ensuring the quality, this shower arm offers its users to buy it at a very affordable price.

Easy installation:

You will not have to face any sort of problem installing this MODONA AC42. With even in a plumber tape, it is super easy to install. It will take only 3 minutes to remove the old shower piece to put in a new one. Your installation problem will end for a lifetime if you use this great shower arm extension. There also attached plumbers tape, NPT fittings, solid rod in it, so no leakage happens in this. It also comes with its own flange which is a little more modern look than any other flanges.

shower arm extension

Design and Design Finish:

If you are needy for a head armor multi-arm to raise shower arm up higher Or a ceiling mounted arm or height adjustable arm to fix the wall, You should try with “S” configuration MODONA AC42-AS-Inch shaped shower arm. Because here only Well polished and well-finished materials use to make this awesome shower extension.  


  • Very affordable at a price
  • It can guarantee you worry-free long-term use
  • It adds extra height for short people taking the shower
  • Great to transform low shower head to a rain shower experience
  • Really well made, durable
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Can provide approximately 6’’ of the height of a shower-head


  • For a 12-inch shower -head diameter, it will not be good enough though it adds extra 6inch with the shower height.

Customers Overview on MODONA AC42 

shower arm extension

People who are using this product in hand in hand can make the correct opinion about this product. MODONA AC42SH82  is a preferable shower arm extension of customer’s choice. It’s durability, flexibility, and beautiful design already won so many customer’s hearts.

As only a real user can figure the right impression of a product, we found many customers are talking very positive about this product. A great user named ParttimeGamer said “Excellent for adding height to short showers. This shower arm is amazing.”

Another real user Douglas D.Erb emphasizes “The installation is incredibly easy. It looks and feels very durable and made of quality materials. This is beautifully simple yet attractive”

The customer reviews on Amazon are overall positive,  yet some negative comments are also found there. Jason Spaulding said “I found some junk. The threads almost ruined my new installation”.

In the meanwhile, this shower arm extension has already got 4.7 out of 5 stars and many users recommend it for others.

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Most Asked Questions

Question: Does this come in brushed nickel?

AnsNo. Only polished chrome.

Question: What is the distance of the shower head connection back to the shower arm?

AnsDistance is about 10 inches.

Question: How long is the straight section before the bend?

Ans: From the face of the wall, with it screwed in the outside face of it is 13 ¾ ‘’.

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shower arm extension

At The Bottom Line

The shower arm extension is amazing to transform a low shower head to a rain shower experience. This will add extra 6 inches to level a regular shower head. As it is made of solid brass, it ensures the quality very high. It perfectly holds up a 12’’ shower arm with no interference. Its installation is much easier than any other shower arms in the market. So, no doubt, using this shower arm, one can enjoy a luxurious shower even at home. If you are looking for a good shower arm, MODONA AC42SH82 is highly recommended for you.

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