Save 40% On Swiftrans 300W Cheap Grow Light Review


You can find many grow lights compromising on either the spectrum of light or the intensity and focus of the light or both. So you should make a choice before buying a good kind of grow light that meets all your requirements. For those, budget is a big concern, this Swiftrans 300W Cheap Grow Light would go perfectly according to their needs.

Swiftrans are offering their users with a 40% discount buying in a grow light from them. And this kind of Cheap led grow light has all kinds of best features you would find in a grow light. 

Being a LED grow light, they are providing a good spectrum with an ample amount of intensity. They can cover all the plants in every way and maintain a good coverage. However its cooling system is easy enough to keep cool significantly than HID lights.

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Swiftrans 300W Cheap Grow Light Review

Cheap Grow Light

Top Features (At a glance)

  • 100pcs LEDs included UV and IR led
  • UV functions, kills bacteria and other insects
  • 300W high power value, high lumen
  • 3 cooling fans, high brightness
  • Zeners exit, protects LEDs from stop working
  • Full spectrum with 10 bands, better heat dissipation

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Pros of Using Swiftrans 300W

  • 3 fans on this model work quietly
  • Simple product to setup and use
  • Can provide more bright lights
  • A very affordable product in the market
  • Easy to hang wherever you want
  • Have 2 years warranty with 30 days money back guarantee

Space Saving Grow Lights

Cheap Grow Light

For indoor growers, LED lights are very appealing for them. A grower might use the HID grow lights for the setup throughout the different stages of growth. But for plants, they need extra lights or more power for blooming and flowering. So in Swiftrans cheap grow light they add in LED panel in specific places since they are easily attachable without taking up much space.

Powerful LED Lights to Grow

The Swiftrans cheap grow light is larger and powerful enough to cover a very wide area. They are capable of supplying very bright light in an entire grow room that keeps your plants healthy and profitable. Whereas, the HIDs and other lighting system requires large ballasts and cooling systems, Your Swiftrans 300W lights are all entirely self contained.

Questions And Answers

Question: How long is the electric cord?

Answer: For the 300W LED grow light, the cord is 4.92ft.

Question: Does it have switches for veg and flower?

Answer: No, there is no switch for the veg and flower but the new one with the switch will be launched soon.

Question: How low do the wire mounting cables hang?

Answer: It depends on the plant’s stage and irradiated area.

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Customers Overviews of This Grow Light

Cheap Grow Light

No wonder, such a short time, this product became one of the top rated product in the grow light seller’s market. Within a very short time, it got 91% customers review and being pleased the real customers recommended others to try this for their veg and flowering.

A happy Amazon customer said “This is bigger than other LEDs which is a plus. It gives better light coverage than most. Out of four different brands, this is my preferred choice. This is superb”

Another user named Radejr said “This grow light covers 48*48’’ tent beautifully. This unit is very nice, quiet, low heat production, excellent light spread. Also excellent light range”

Kristen K. Stewart said “It keeps your electricity bill love, which is nice for budget savy people like me. The light itself is quiet so you don’t have to worry about noise disturbing you. The LEDs are very bright. And help any sort of plants grow very quickly”

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At The Bottom Line

This is a full spectrum cheap LED grow light which helps you to grow any type of plant you choose.

Cheap Grow Light

In this way, you don’t worry about where your plants are in their growth cycle, they will get the appropriate light they need to flourish.

Since they are available in a wide range of wattages, you can equip your grow room with the perfect amount of LED power with this Swiftrans 300W Cheap Grow Light you are looking for. Moreover, from any hobby scale to professional growers who need a supplemental boost in lighting, Swiftrans 300W series seem to offer a good solution.

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