Fluorescent Grow Light T5 Lumin Tekco 24W Review

Fluorescent Grow Light

In order to ensure your plants grow and flourish well, you need to pay attention to the plant’s light source are they maintain the appropriate light quality and brightness or not. Lumin Tekco 24W Fluorescent Grow Light allows greater flexibility in designing lighting system that fits with the need of any grower. So this fluorescent grow lights are superior for use in horticultural applications. 

Particular Features

  • Comes with a beautiful compact design
  • Its heavy steel body prevents rusting
  • Materials ensure durability
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • It is equipped with 4 individual lamps
  • Ideal for any industrial or commercial application

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Lumin Tekco T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Review 

Buying this Fluorescent grow light, many of your costs are saving for sure. While using this, you could not spend more on cooling system.

When the other grow lights produce too much heat on a particular space and burn the yield, thus they require for extra cooling system that will suck the hot air out and bring in cool fresh air. So this choice will solve all these problem and give you a perfect solution.

Fluorescent Grow Light

Special Features

Energy Saving Durable Lights:

This is one of the energy efficient grow light and the more you will grow in terms of yield, the more you will get profit saving money on energy costs. There are many grow lights which waste a lot of plant and lot of power in the process. But in really this  Lumin Tekco 24W Grow Light will solve the problem in a large scale, you will find the most efficient grow light available in the market.

Fluorescent Grow Light

Also Benefited For Environment:

Before buying a Fluorescent grow light you should know about all the benefits of using this awesome Lumin Tekco 24W Grow Light you are going to have. This grow light keeps 450 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb and save the environment thoroughly. The scientists found it out that the average lifetime of a CFL is 8 to 10 years or more than this.

Usually the Fluorescent lights last longer than others from 8-10 times. And while delivering more light per hour, these lights use about 75% less energy as well as produce 90% less heat. They can also save up to 450 pounds of carbon from being produced.

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  • They are absolute cost efficiency
  • They are customizable at any time
  • For maximum coverage they are easy to combine
  • They are energy efficient lighting
  • Saving money over the life of the light bulb
  • Long lasting fluorescent bulbs

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: How many lumens?

Answer: There are 8 lamps in Lumin Tekco T5 plant growing light.

Question: Can fruits grow with this?

Answer: Yes fruits can go with this.

Question: What is the actual dimension of this?

Answer: 50.8*16.5*3.1 inches is the actual dimension.

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Customers Overviews Of this Fluorescent Grow Light

Many customers are already started talking about this awesome grow light. Lumin Tekco 24W Fluorescent Grow Light releases in the market, it’s not a long time. But they have got 95% customers review within a very short time.

Fluorescent Grow Light

A true user named Drussila said “Definitely a nice bulb to use in a small greenhouse. The bulbs are fluorescent, easily installed and changed when needed. Quick and easy setup. You will be growing your own vegetables, dwarf fruit trees or flowers in no time”

Another real customer said “Totally love this light. It works great. The light is nice and bright, it does what it’s intended to do. My plants are growing great. I would highly recommend to others. And I have not seen a huge increase in my electrical bill”

Bottom Line  

Fluorescent Grow Light

Generally this Fluorescent Grow Light is rated at a life around 20,000 hours in most cases. And it will help you  to grow a plenty of vegetables or flowers without having to ever worry about replacing them. If you compare this light with the older models, you can realize this long life is more efficient than the models they upgrade before. You will find this grow light with a high performance glow on your plants throughout the entire life of the bulbs. Considering the price and the quality, this fluorescent light is one of the best choice to the growers.

Therefore, for them budget is a big issue, Lumin Tekco 24W Fluorescent Grow Light is a perfect purchase indeed. It will ensure you a worry free performance throughout all year cultivations.

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