Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood Viparspectra 600W Review

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

Today indoor growing is becoming popular way to know exactly how your herb and food is produced in your grow room, saving money on your bills. One of the best indoor grow light reflector hood is Viparspectra 600W Indoor Grow Light

The Viparspectra Reflector uses a surprising average of only 136 watts, comparing to other traditional kinds of lighting which is nearly half as much as you would expect. So it saves your electrical cost as well as ensures greater LED lifespan and makes cooling more easier.

Not surprisingly, Viparspectra always has a good name for their great warranties. And this Grow Light comes with 3 years warranty, so your your satisfaction goes a long way in ensuring its quality.

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Viparspectra 600W Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood Review

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

Particular Feature (Quick Look) 

  • Optimal full spectrum, to maintain natural sunlight
  • Designed scientifically engineered
  • Works perfectly for a 3*3’’ growing area
  • Can cover up to 4*4’’ with 24’’ height
  • Later upgraded with 4.72’’ fans
  • Also included a big aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • Consuming only 276 watts, save energy

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  • Made of strong materials
  • Emits a bright light with plenty of color
  • The unit works cool while operating
  • This model works quietly because of the 2 fans
  • Requires simple setup
  • Balanced grow light and easy to hang
  • Comes with 3 years warranty

Special  Features

Best Benefits of Using this

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

The biggest challenge of a indoor grow light reflector hood is providing the appropriate light at the right times while growing. This is also important what factors are you developing like stage of growth, development cycle or what kind of plants you are cultivating on your garden. Very few grow lights can provide the two things of the intensity and the focus of the light. But this Viparspectra 600W Grow Light can beautifully maintain this two things to provide sufficient light.

Provides Full Spectrum

A major advantage of using this type of indoor grow light reflector hood is it provides a full spectrum, so you can use it for any kind of plants you choose for your cultivation.

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

No matter where your plants are in their growth cycle, Viparspectra 600W are capable of providing the appropriate light they need to flourish. In many cases, many grow lights do provide a good spectrum with an ample amount of intensity and unnecessarily draw the majority light toward the center. As a result, it makes “hot spots” in certain area.  

Good Quality and Proper Light Intensity

Its LED chips can work intuitively with the included 600W reflector to provide the same light the natural sunlight do, the way is too bright to stare at with your naked eyes. This lights are not as the COB, name brand diodes or the latest high end, although they seem to work well at providing plenty of usable light.

Optimum Growing Coverage 

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

You can get this Viparspectra indoor grow light in different color and sizes. This indoor grow light reflector hood series is now available in a wide range of sizes including 300w, 450w, 600w, 900w and even 1200w. So that you can select the appropriate panel which you are thinking is the best specific size you are trying to grow in. Generally a beginner growers need to experiment with the 300 or 400 watt, whereas professionals always prefer to work with 900 of 1200 watt panels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Question: How loud is this unit?

Answer: It is so negligible as it can say the noise level is non-existent.

Question: How does it perform during flowering?

Answer: It plays great dealing with a warmer climate for flowering.

Question: Is there enough red LEDs for flowering?

Answer: Yes. It is running awesome for flowering and give awesome result.

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Customer Reviews of This Indoor Grow Light

Within a very short time, the indoor grow light reflector hood got so many customers positive overviews. A real user can only talk about the very true things about a real product. And for the great performance of this grow light, this is one of the best indoor grow light seller in the market today.

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

A real customer named Smeeter said “This light is definitely worth the money. Jump on it, this light stays warm and it’s perfect as far as temp goes”

Another happy user said “It works fantastic for veg stage. Explosive growth on my tomatoes and peppers. Will be ordering two new style ones for my bloom tent. Definitely worth every penny” by Andy

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At The Bottom Line

Viparspectra Reflector 600W is the latest series of indoor grow light reflector hood in the market today. And in a short time, it got so many customers attention. It has become one of the best indoor grow light seller in the market today.

Indoor Grow Light Reflector Hood

It should keep in mind that higher temperatures can damage the vegetables so before buying an indoor grow light it is important to check the lighting heats and temperature properly. No doubt, this indoor grow light reflector hood  is equipped with multiple 4.72 inch fans. Since it has its individual heat sink, it can dissipate heat without any issues properly. Further, using this LEDs, you won’t need any additional cooling systems in your grow room. Moreover, you can have this awesome indoor grow light 3 years warranty with 30 days return guarantee policy.

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