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Inside the butterfly is a technology to know what’s going on around it. but at the heart
of RFI is something, unlike any other home security. a powerful computer then learns
and makes decisions based on what it sees and hears.

That way it only records when there’s something going on that you need to see. you can learn a unique rhythm of your
home and realize when something is out of the ordinary.

It can also detect familiar faces and tell the difference between humans and pets. butterfly I become an extension of the ability to know what’s normal that way you only get alerts butterfly really matters. With the top of a finger, you’re instantly in two places at once.

the butterfly app is a portal into your home when you’re away, and sorts the moments into an interactive
timeline that’s the curated newsfeed of what you missed when you were gone. butterfly I
was designed to look like a natural and elegant part of your home and it’s wire free
so it can be placed where you need it instead of where your power outlets are.

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# 2  The Gun Box Gun Storage Evolved


Ryan Hyde has designed and built a gun box the most convenient way to safely
store your handgun. He own an engineering firm and for a long time, he thought about
designing this product.

He believe it wil keep guns safer while giving gun on our safe convenient access to their firearms in situations where they may need them the most. among current gun owners, they have found two schools of thought regarding gun storage the first group keep their gun in a traditional type safe usually in a concealed location in the home or office but would like quicker access to their firearm in case of an emergency.

The secound sacrifice safety for accessibility they might keep their handgun beneath their mattress or in a dresser drawer near the bed. They have also found that there are many people who would like to own a handgun for protection. but they haven’t found a way to safely store a handgun and yet still have easy access why buya handgun for protection if you can’t get to it when you need it .

the gun box is the solution to all of these problems and is the ideal way to defend responsibly. the gun
box is built tough diecast using an aircraft strength aluminum alloy with the tensile
strength of over 24,000 psi and a melting temperature of over a thousand degrees. the
gun box opens using an RF signature, a biometric signature or a combination of both
programmed by you included with the gun box is a wristband or a ring with a unique
RFID chip. the gun box premiere model has alert notifications that will be sent to
your phone when the box is opened moved or tampered with using GPS technology it will
give you the exact location of the box while light is moving.

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# 3 Kuna

Getting your house broken into sucks. it’s not just stuff that you lose but because
your home feels violated. what you want is to keep it from happening in the first place.
that’s why we created Kuna help you prevent break-ins. this is Kuna, Kuna is a smart
Wi-Fi camera built into an elegant outdoor light fixture. it detects people and alerts you so you can see and talk to them on your smartphone. it’s the best way to actively prevent break-ins.
Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity : the burglars were actually knocking on your door to see if you’re home. and when they realize you’re not homethey’ll attempt to enter your house keeping them outside is the most important thing you can do and Kuna allows you to do that. you can deter burglars by talking to them or setting off Kuna’s alarm.

they’ll leave and all this happens when they’re still outside before they even try to break it. making your home safer it shouldn’t be a chore. for one of these you have to climb in the Attic run wires drill holes, it’s a pain and it’s not cheap that’s why they built kuna into an outdoor light just replace your old light fixture and use your existing. wiring connect to
another Wi-Fi and you’re done. it’ll take 15 minutes do we want Kona to look good
No matter where it is.


so you’re making it in three different styles to match your house, you can put kuna anywhere front door, back door, even the garage to watch your car. Oh and your light gets smarter too, you can control it with the kuna app. turn it on, turn
it off, set a schedule or just let it turn on automatically.

when it gets dark when there’s
a person. you only want to get alerts that matter. kuna ignores trees and small animals
and it recognizes people’s behaviors. so if you don’t want to know every time your spouse
goes out jogging you can tell konidela you only for visitors waiting at the door and
it’ll learn and get smarter over time.

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# 4 Luma Home WiFi System

This is not the future I was promised. Wi-Fi routers are dumb machines and they make
us act like dumb people. yes, we unplugged it .these machines work just fine a decade
ago when I only had one computer. but now my house is more connected devices and I
can even count.

I want a modern Wi-Fi network that’s reliable and consistent. wherever
I am in a house a network that’s fast and secure. a network that keeps kids like my
nephew out of harm’s way. enter luma an intelligent Wi-Fi system that actually delivers
on the promise of fast reliable internet.

it surrounds you with Wi-Fi using technology that was previously only available to large companies. you’d put one here, another one there immediately you’re up and running. we call it to surround Wi-Fi luma is smart enough to know things like what devices you’re using, what networks are interfering and where potential problem spots are. so it can make smart decisions to get you the faster data everywhere and of course no network should be without a good security system. I can easily grant people access to my network and just as easily revoke it.

speaking of that I can rest easy knowing that luma has modern parental controls . so I can limitthe kid g-level websites and monitor to make sure he’s not up to any shenanigans, I
can even set time limits or pause the internet like during dinner time.
yay awesome.

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# 5 Spot Home Security Camera

Spot was designed to be flexible easy to use easy to set up and super simple. you can
mount spot on a wall, on a ceiling have it sit, on a countertop or a bookshelf or any
of a thousand other locations.

Twist it, turn it, make it stand up or sit down. do the Hokey Pokey spa can be aimed in almost any direction. not only that you can use as many spots as you want to cover your whole home you can place one two three four or more in any room all easily viewable from the eye smart alarm app.

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# 6 Korner

life’s busy and you’re on the go. keeping your home safe should be easy and with
corner it is. corner is simple home security from the palm of your hand. just plug it
in and our app connects automatically. then stick tags to doors and windows easy ,
portable, powerful technology. after a brief one time setup your home is ready.

it’s that easy!

when there’s an intrusion corner lets out a loud siren and your phone receives a notification instantly letting you call the police. your message, your security circle a list of friends family and neighbors who can cheak on your home it’s your own neighborhood watch right from your phone. at under $80 corners affordable on any budget, compact and portable. so you can take it when you move and allows you to arm and disarm the system from anywhere.

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# 7 SkyBell HD Video Doorbell

Skybell is a video doorbell, that allows you to answer your door from the smartphone.
whether you’re at home at work or on the go. when a visitor presses the button skybell sends a live video feed to your smartphone.

so you can see, hear and speak to the person at your door. skybell is more than just the doorbell with a video camera. it’s a smart device with exclusive features that give you even more convenience and control over answering your door. Skye Billa delivers additional security through a motion sensor that alerts you when someone is at the door.

with a 1080p camera and full color night vision you’ll see your visitor in crystal clear high definition video day or night. sky bells Wi-Fi is always on allowing you to start a live video
feed directly from the app so you can monitor your front door at any time.
skybell gives you more safety convenience and control while answering your door.


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# 8 The Arlo Pro 

Our lo smart home security system introduced the first wire free weatherproof HD
security cameras with night vision and industry leading free cloud recordings. now
with our load Pro wire free HD security cameras you get even more great features.

To get the most out of your wire free use our low Pro features rechargeable batteries
with flexible charging options. every our low pro camera comes with a 2440 milliamp
hour rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be easily charged using the include
power adapter by plugging it into the microUSB port on the camera.

our low pro rechargeable batteries are removable. so you can keep extra. our low pro batteries on hand and easily  swap them out minimizing your camera’s downtime during those unexpected moments when your camera needs to charge. our low pro cameras feature fast charging technology for up to four times faster charging than traditional charging options.

delivering lightningfast charging while minimizing the time connected to an outlet. and in case you need even faster charging the optional dual Bay our low pro charging station allows you to two our low pro rechargeable batteries simultaneously. while our Lo Pro cameras can be placed outdoors it’s important to always charge your batteries indoors before placing the cameras back outside. if you have an electrical outlet near your camera.

you can also connect our low pro cameras directly to a power outlet with the included
cable and power adapter. since our low pro uses a fast charging technology always
remember to only use your our low pro power cable and power adapter when charging or
powering your our low pro cameras. our low pro cameras feature an upgraded 130 degree
field of view imaging lens and new motion detection sensors that support advanced
passive infrared technology. this allows the camera to detect motion up to 23 feet

another new feature on our low pro is the addition of a speaker and microphone.
this allows you to stream or record video with audio you can listen in and receive
alerts when your cameras detect audio. with two way audio you can even talk to family
members or your pets remotely through the camera speaker using the Arlo app. our low pro
supports the same easy mounting options by using the cameras built in magnet, to mount
it to the included indoor mounts or using the optional outdoor mount when placing the
camera outdoors.

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# 9 Novi Security

Novi is the world’s first portable security device that you can place anywhere to monitor
your home apartment or office anytime of the day. Novi is a one time purchase system
with no contracts or monthly fees. and it instantly sends picture notifications to your
smartphone when it detects a potential problem.

We feel peace of mind knowing that our loved ones and things are safe and watched over. traditional security systems are expensive require long term contracts and often send false alarms to the police. they also cost too much to install in a rental home or office that’s about to change. Novi puts you in control of your security to install just plug in the base station sync with your phone and stick the monitor to your ceiling.

the monitor is battery powered so you can put it wherever you want and it has three security features an HD camera a motion detector and make a smoke detector when it’s armed and detects a problem it takes a picture and sends it right to your smartphone in just seconds.

Then you control the response. Noby is portable so you can take it with you. it doesn’t leave holes or require any hard wires. so it’s perfect for renters. when you move just take it to go you can install as many novi monitors as you want and multiple users and devices can be synced to the monitor.

so everyone stays informed Plus Novi is smart it remembers your behavior
and learns when to arm and disarm the system even if you forget. the uses of Novi are
endless and we’re excited to see just how you use it. we wanted to see what our customers
wanting in the Novi security system so we took it to the homes and ask them their
responses resulted in all of nobies key features including the battery powered monitor
a discreet design that looks like a normal smoke detector and the ability to sync
multiple monitors and devices.

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# 10 Amcrest Security Camera

At amcrest, we belive that security should be for everyone. that’s why we make everything
we offer not only affordable but painless to set up. there is the thing we all worry about.

For example, did I forget to close the garage this morning, are my kids home from school
yet or maybe you’re wondering what your little one is doing right now? there’s a difference
between hoping and knowing then you don’t have to worry. it’s easier to focus on what’s
important. when you have the power to see things for yourself you’re in control believe
us when we tell you it’s nice not to be in the dark.

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