Best SmartCam HD Pro IP Security Camera Review

IP Security Camera

IP security camera is now becoming all the ranges. In the same way, you must be looking too for an IP security camera for your home service. Recently a new addition of Samsung adds in their catalog to provide you the smartest Ip security camera.

As this IP security camera boasts of some impressive numbers of new models. For example, the camera is able to shoot high definition video at 1080P through that you can able to watch crystal, clear image.

If you lead a hectic life in your office or you involved in constant traveling and naturally get worried of your elderly parents or children, for you one of the best options is Best SmartCam HD Pro IP Security Camera camera, waiting for you. In all honesty, it will monitor your house while away.

Best SmartCam HD Pro IP Security Camera
IP Security Camera

IP Security Camera Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 

A new IP security camera in the market Samsung SmartCam HD Pro comes in the market with some innovative features. In consequence, always get connected with the Samsung HD Pro in 24/7 to your home. So let’s take a glance, what this IP security camera is waiting for you at this moment-

Top Features: Samsung SmartCam (At a glance)

  • A great camera with 128-degree ultra wide-angle coverage
  • For local storage, it has the micro SDXC memory card slot, max 64GB
  • Advanced audio and motion detection
  • There is a built in the two-way talk in it
  • It is a multi-streaming camera with up to 10 cameras
  • The camera has manufacturer’s one year warranty

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IP Security Camera
IP Security Camera

Attractive Design Of Samsung Smart Cam

Samsung SmartCam comes with an attractive cylindrical design. Even if a micro USB power port is attached on the bottom of the camera’s edge. In short SmartCam’s base has an open space. As a result, it can stand up flat with a smart design feature. It is relatively lightweight with only 10 ounces. If you compare it with Dropcam, you may seem it a bit larger. But there are also many other cameras that are much larger than this IP security camera.

So if you are looking for something for monitoring your family or pets, Samsung SmartCam is a very solid choice. It is relatively simple, wise design, LED status light, sensors for measuring lighting condition.

IP Security Camera
IP Security Camera

Get As Much As Good Image Quality

Let’s start with the amazing HD quality videos up to 1080P resolution. Eventually, you can also change the video quality from the live stream view the app. Being that you also find low, medium and high three different quality settings. Among them, the highest quality is super crisp. Beyond this, color accuracy and richness stays the same way.

Now that the medium quality seems decent and if you are willing to record a lot of video on the SD card without taking too much space, use medium quality videos. In this perspective, you can record 3 ten seconds video at a time in an apartment. In respectively the videos will take up to 23.4MB, 14.5MB, and 8.2 MB on the SD card.

What Are You Going To Get From This IP Security Camera

Not only the design, you are also going to get lots of amazing features in a single camera of Samsung Smart Cam. Beyond some minor limitations, you got all the useful functionality in it. Well, let us see, what benefits are you going to get-

IP Security CameraTwo Talking System

At first check out the two-way talking system of the camera. Uniquely this HD pro wifi camera has the ability to communicate in two way communication system. In consequence, you cannot only able to listen to the noise of the background, at the same time you will also be able to talk to your family members. In order that the camera has the built-in microphone. And through this, you can talk to anyone in an emergency. How amazing it is! While you are away from your home, you have all the arrangements to do your responsibility on time.
Now remind your unwell parents to take their medicines on time or your children to complete their homework. Furthermore look after your baby from anywhere sitting around or sing a lullaby to your baby because it is outstanding as a baby monitor.


IP Security CameraGet Alerts Now

The IP security camera is assuring you that you will not miss a single notification regarding your home security. Every single alert will tell you what’s happening in your house. As like when anyone going out or returning home or something breaks down on the floor, you will get an alert. Seeing that you just need to download an app on your mobile or laptop. In IP security camera market, Samsung SmartCam has the most significant high-quality motion and sound sensors. So there is not a single chance of getting missed of any notification.

Save Your Memories

Save your sweet memories in a jar. The camera has a strong functionality of saving your memories like funny memories of your family unwillingly. During eating, sleeping or playing with your babies or pets doing funny antics. And your IP camera records them in a  live video, images format in 1080P quality. So you can see all these while away from home. Isn’t this feature is more unique? Or isn’t this more enough to make it different from others? IF so take a view of this Wireless Ip camera of Samsung SmartPro.

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IP Security Camera
IP Security Camera

Things You Like Of This IP Camera (Pros)

  • Excellent sound quality while receiving messages.
  • Also extreme quality clear night vision
  • Captures small to the smallest every possible detail
  • Ability to store extensive data, by default 64GB memory attached
  • Used in conjunction with Samsung’s smart home monitoring hub
  • Yet you require no user manual or CD in it. Instantly they are easy to install and easy to use.
  • A customizable wireless IP security camera

Things You Might Not Like (Cons) 

  • Few customers said the components feel cheap sometimes
  • Also some said video quality is not as crisp as like Dropcam pro

What Customer Said After Using This Product

Bnewbs23 said “Great wifi camera! I use it as a security camera for my garage. It is useful, very sensitive to motion, audio detection even at the lowest settings. The app is very easy to use and easy set up”

Rebecca Agid said “I bought this to keep an eye on my four-legged friend when I wasn’t around and I’m super glad. The low light mode works well and still allows me to monitor when dark. I used the apps both on my phone 6 and galaxy s5. Both proven very well performance. Thus, the apps work smoother with fewer connectivity issues. Fortunately, I also got a good customer care service experience when I went to replace my power cord”  

Frequently Asked Question (Including Customers)

Reader Question: Is this a good choice to use as a video baby monitor?

Answer: Yes it is usable as a very good video baby monitor.

Reader Question: What is the duration of the video that’s recorded on the motion or sound events?
Answer: Overall the motion and sound detections trigger a 30 seconds recording.

Reader Question: There is a piece of magnet clasp in the box, anyone knows what’s that for?

Answer: Usually it is a ferrite core which that prevents frequency interfaces to the camera.

Reader Question: Can you access this camera directly without using samsung servers?

Answer: Yes the camera has a built-in web server.

Reader Question: Has anyone tried a 128GB microSD card?

Answer: Yes it will work just fine.

Reader Question: Can I save the photo or video on my smartphone when I am away from home?

Answer: Yes, You can use SD card on the camera or you can save to Picasa Online. But not directly to your home.

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IP Security Camera
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Final Word On The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

The Samsung HD Pro is an improvement from all the previous series. Luckily you are now having this outstanding wifi security camera only at $149. Moreover, this is an IP camera with a very simple setup process, scheduled recording and HD quality 1080P videos.

In the long run, it is a very smart choice for the pet owners. They will appreciate it because of its limited motion detection that works great in some certain zones in order to view and adjust the sensibility. For user’s satisfaction, it also includes a customizable security mode and a more streamlined mobile app. The only drawback you found of this wireless IP is the camera doesn’t provide online storage recording. Despite having some shortcomings, Samsung wireless HD IP remains one of the better networked wireless cameras available.

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