Best Indoor/Outdoor Arlo Smart Security Camera Review

Network Camera

For checking on your children, pets or anything else you want to keep an eye on, you can use best indoor/outdoor arlo smart security camera. By way of example, you can try on Arlo smart security network camera. Even more, they only not securing your home but also give you the live footage being streamed from cameras. They will give you updates in a real-time, using your smart devices like iOS or Android app.

Arlo Smart Network Security Camera Review 

Network Camera
Network Camera

No matter you are in or out of your home but Arlo network camera always ensures you will not miss a single image of your house. As a matter of fact, Arlo network camera works effectively to double up your monitoring over your house as a handy surveillance monitor. Even more, Arlo is a 100% wireless network camera. Along with secure your home, this network camera also used largely in photography.

Product Features Of Arlo Smart Network Camera

  • HD cameras, with sharp and stunning clear recorded videos
  • Comes with 100% wire-free design
  • HD clarity videos even in dark, night vision
  • Customizable and motion activated cameras
  • Provided real-time alerts and notifications
  • Installation easy for DIY security
  • It is waterproof both for indoor and outdoor usage

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How Will You Get Benefited By This Network Camera

Before buying any product, you should know about how you get benefited by it. Otherwise, you may buy something wrong that will not go with your requirements. So, we are going to show you how this Arlo Smart Security Network Camera be beneficial for you-

Cloud Storage And Subscription Plans Of Arlo

Whenever you choose a subscription plan, Netgear offers you some paid plans including elite or premier plans. Such as elite plan offers per month $14.99 and per year $149 with the 100GB recording of cloud storage.

The offer also provides you with up to 15 cameras and three base stations full support. Besides the premier costs, $9.99 per month and $99 per year support up to 10 cameras and one base station.

Along with 30 days of cloud recording with 10GB of cloud storage. Or you need to support less than 10 cameras? If so go for the basic plan 1GB cloud recording storage of 7 days. It also supports you up to five cameras and a single base station.

Nice Looking Interface

The base station of the camera comes with a glossy white finishing. In fact, it has the curved plastic exterior with a compact and elegant design. The camera’s flat front panel is black with the silver edge.

Specifically, 123 batteries are attached with the camera to make it an adjustable stand. Basically, lithium 123 batteries are last longer than the traditional alkaline batteries. However, batteries are especially important because it the camera’s only power source since Arlo network cameras are totally wire free. 

Getting Higher Performances, Try On Arlo Network Cameras

One of the amazing features of Arlo network cameras is its night vision efficiency. In that case, the camera can illuminate objects up to 25 feet away. The customers said they can easily make out the details of their apartment at night with the night vision ability.

They can also see even when all the lights off. As a result, the camera makes no trouble detecting motion on a complete darkness. Moreover, you can find fairly good quality videos in it. Anyway, the playback of the recorded video is very smooth. Even under those circumstances, you have not to suffer from any motion blurring problem.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Arlo Smart Security Camera

More important Arlo’s battery life is very impressive. As well as the mobile app and web console are also proved reliable. The camera ensures not to suffer from connecting cameras through apps even while you are sitting 15 miles away from it.

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Installation Of Arlo Network Camera

Arlo generally doesn’t take much time for installation. For an example, a real customer said he took only 15 minutes process for installation. There is included a regular quick start guideline which makes the process more painless for you. However, you just need to follow few steps to get your installation done. As like see –

Network Camera
Network Camera
  • In the first place, you need to drop the included battery. Though you might feel the battery door a bit finicky it technically ensures a strong seal from the elements.
  • Then do as like the instruction said. Power on the base station. And plugged it into your house’s top wireless router with the Ethernet cord provided along with this.
  • At last, just download the free Arlo app from google play. Download the apps for your iOS or Android. Then press the sync buttons on the side of the base station. You will see an LED on the camera blinks blue for 10 seconds to confirm the sync. To the end that your apps walk you through the pairing process, you would like to add the camera.

So you are successfully done with your installation process.

Question And Answer (Including Customers)

Question: How long the battery charge last?

Answer: The original batteries last up to 5 months usually.

Question: Is there a monthly charge for the software?

Answer: Up to 5 cameras it is free but more than 5 it takes to charge.

Question: How far away the camera can receive the signal from computers?

Answer: It can receive up to 300’ line of sight from the base station.

Question: Will it save recordings for the police?

Answer: Of course, event triggers by motion will be saved via Netgear’s cloud.

Question: Sound or only video?

Answer: The only issue with Arlo is it has no audio recording

Network Camera
Network Camera

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Things You May Like Of Arlo Security Camera – (Pros)

  • It’s customizable alerts. Firstly you can set what alerts and how often you get alerts about your home. For this, it makes the best deals.
  • Secondly the video it’s recorded during day and night is a notch and it makes this smart camera more special than others.
  • The beautiful and sleek design enhanced the beauty of this camera.
  • You will be amazed by its superior video quality with the maximum resolution of 720p.
  • No doubt, you are going to get 4 to 6-month battery life from this Arlo network camera.
  • All the apps used in this camera are highly user-friendly. Further, you can access to the security camera from anywhere you want.
  • By the same token, it has an auto adjustment of night vision feature.
  • A great advantage of placing it anywhere.

Things You May Not Like – (Cons) 

  • In the failure of the network, camera access can be delayed sometimes.
  • The only big issue for the users is it comes with no audio recording.
  • Some customers found not satisfied with the price tag. As with all the best qualities, it seems costly comparing with other cameras available in the market.

Customer’s Overview Of Arlo Smart cam

To get the real picture of this camera, you can check on the real user’s comment who actually used this product. Because they have all the ideas what is good what is bad and the advantages of having a well-made camera like this.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Arlo Smart Security Camera
Network Camera

A great customer named A P in Radford VA said “I like the security and true wireless use of it. Actually, both my husband and I can easily access from our own smartphones. We get alerts to outdoor movements. Easy to sue the program, setup, and monitoring. Likewise, batteries have lasted well, truly waterproof, outdoor-proof, heatproof. In a word, I got truly an amazing experience from it”

Another honorable customer said “Great product! You can set your own settings the way you want the system to be armed or disarmed. Definitely recommended it to anyone”

Not only positive comments but also got several critical compliments from some customers. Hence they tried to say they were expecting more than they have gotten. Among them, one said “Arlo has a very limited set of functionality. Without the app, I cannot turn off email notifications or set the length of recording”

Final Thought

Best Indoor/Outdoor Arlo Smart Security Camera
Network Camera

Arlo smart network camera is for those who are searching for a perfect home networked security system. Its functionality is equally usable for indoor as well as outdoor operations. On the positive side, the network camera can be placed almost anywhere around your house. And, most significantly Arlo has the wireless design, magnetic wall mount, and waterproof exterior.

Another key point is it is simple linking multiple cameras and remotely controlled via the mobile app. In the final analysis, this will be not a good choice if you are looking for something with audio. Nevertheless, the setup process is also easier compared with other security cameras. In conclusion, a set of rich features is Arlo smart network camera that you can use both inside and outside, even in the rain.

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