Top Security Camera TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless Dome


One of the reliable wireless dome cameras for your home security is TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless dome camera. For a smart security system, it is not easy to find out the best one among many other surveillance cameras which already entered the market.

Top Security Camera TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless Dome

In the first place, TENVIS is a very popular name for easy to use user interface, FTP video recording, and fantastic night vision and so on. Afterward, the camera comes with a wifi signal reception and infrared LEDs to capture crisp images even during the evening too. The only drawback you can seem is it is only usable for indoors or undercover as there is no outdoor weather protection with it.

However, they are most suitable for residential houses or small offices.

Wireless Dome Camera: TENVIS JPT3815W Review 

Dome Camera

Home Monitoring Features of TENVIS JPT3815W Camera

The impressive thing about the dome camera is 24 hours monitoring of your home. You can rely on this security surveillance for keeping an eye on your properties when you are not around actually. Regarding this, it is paramount what the cameras offer in this area. In particular, TENVIS offers all the essential features those are relatively straightforward to understand without being an expert.

Dome Camera

Many cameras add a lot of motion detection settings into the device. More likely it does too much complexity. So easy setup requires more customer’s preference. In this term to make it more flexible, you simply need to set up cloud storage in two ways. Let alone the first task is providing your FTP credentials to the TENVIS JPT3815W. It is not that much trouble to do. You just need to collect can cloud supplied FTP and enter them in the TENVIS FTP. Then see, here you are ready to go.

The second thing is you need to do to configure the alarm setting on the camera. All the screenshots gave with the manual itself.

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How It Perform As an Indoor Night Vision Camera

Identically JPT3815W is such a camera that you can call it a perfect plug and play wifi camera. You found it almost ready to use while you bring it out of the box. Look, you have your security camera up and running within fifteen minutes or even less than fifteen minutes. A very nice night vision camera is TENVIS JPT3815W.  Thus it provides a good range of crisp and clear pictures with the help of LEDs.

Dome Camera

Though the image quality is not that much bright, they are powerful enough to give you a superior picture quality. In every angle from your house, you can use it to ensure your home’s best security. No wonder, you can watch over your kids or anything from this home safety measure in case the time you are away from your home. Similarly, you can also use this camera easy to watch over your garage or when you are concerned about break INS. To put it differently, it is also as perfect as a baby monitor. As it has a two-way audio, it is quite easy for a baby monitor, and it is also not available for other indoor camera models. Thereupon you can use it as a multipurpose camera which you can position anywhere you like.

What about The User Interface Of This Camera

The overall user interface of this dome network camera is not bad. Therefore TENVIS is smoother overall concerning its interface and functional too. Of course, when it comes to the smartphones, TENVIS always maintained the perfect UI so that users find it more useful and use it more efficiently.

Dome Camera

By the time you are more intended to have an iPad view, it is better to switch on “Non-IE Browser” for a much smoother experience. Then you will get better control, brightness, and planning. There some other IP camera manufacturers make this setup super complicated. Whereas TENVIS always keep this process simple so that the most home and business users can use it efficiently all the time. One minor drawback you may find in this is TENVIS dome camera has only local video storage.

There is no option for a particular storage in cloud storage account for FTP videos. But in overall all the functionality is simple, easy and worked well around.

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Top Features: TENVIS JPT3815W

  • Absolutely wireless network connection
  • A reliable network security surveillance camera
  • An IP camera contains ten infrared LEDs
  • A camera of more user-friendly web UI
  • A night vision  surveillance camera, with Wifi IEEE 802.11b/gg
  • Easy accessible from Android, iPhone, etc
  • Brand new internet IP camera that has more user-friendly UI
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Customer Overviews on JPT3815W

With so much popularity, this dome camera is one of the best selling companies in the market today. Within a very short time, there reviewed almost 2110 customers in total. Thereby most of the reviews were a positive experience, though some negative comments also found there.

Top Security Camera TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless Dome

A very legitimate user named Tobashadow said “I’m almost a week in testing this camera. The video quality is good for the price. Hence the light adjusting ability is also outstanding. The camera can pan around far enough so you cannot hide from it in a circle.”

Recommending others, another happy customer Sabrina C said “We use it as a baby monitor, and it is perfect. Before we purchased one in almost $200 and didn’t work as well as this one! We purchased this so we can still see our girl if someone babysits. And, we like to see her at night time. Recommend!”

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Frequently Asked Questions (Including Customers)

Reader Question: Is this compatible with a MAC computer?

Answer: Yes. Works well with Mac Book Pro.

Reader Question: Is this camera usable at an outside of a house?

Answer: As this network camera is not waterproof, so this will not be suitable for outside use.

Reader Question: How good is the two-way audio?
Answer: Yes it is not bad and works well.

Reader Question: Does the factory software allow 3 or 4 cameras to be viewed simultaneously or software to purchase?

Answer: If you use “IP Cam” free app, it is possible to see 3,4 camera in one monitor simultaneously. Even you don’t need to buy other software.

Reader Question: How to set this up with wifi?

Answer: That is the easy part. Plug into a router and set up the account.

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Final Word on This TENVIS JPT3815W

If you are looking for a good value for your money, no other wireless surveillance camera comes in place of TENVIS JPT3815W dome camera. As you have of course gathered by now, so TENVIS is a decent camera for the asking price. Moreover, this might be a low-end model with high-quality video streaming and video footage to a device of choice.

As a final point, you will get a one year warranty during the purchase. So how much effective it will be for you, to get this answer to grab a new one for you.

You will get your answer having a smart home security system like this TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless dome camera. However, this is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget for all the indoor purposes.

Top Security Camera TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless Dome

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