Top Review Belkin Netcam Wireless IP Remote Camera

Remote Camera

Nowadays, it is a very smart idea of keeping a home gadget for home security like a remote camera. While keeping a security camera, you can keep an eye on kids, grandparents, and pets via easy access to HD quality videos.

Top Review Belkin Netcam Wireless IP Remote Camera

Certainly, you can also relocate with two-way voice. So that you can communicate with those who are away from you now. Not surprisingly, It will support you 720P resolution videos, wide angle lens. As well as built-in microphone for audio and night vision.  

Belkin Netcam IP remote camera also requires less simple setup process, high motion activated recording, online storage for recorded footage, competing with other wifi security cameras like Netgear Arlo, Dropcam Pro etc.

An Amazing Home Security Remote Camera: Belkin Netcam Review 

Thereby keeping a home CCTV kit like Belkin netcam home remote camera is simple to use. And, also easy to secure home monitoring network for your home security. Eventually, the video quality is exceptionally smooth, the color, resolution all over is as like you’ll feel never left home.

In that case, Belkin always like to take the full advantage of ensuring the device’s audio capability. As well as high definition video quality too.

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Remote Camera
Belkin Netcam Remote Camera

Beautiful Outlook Of The Camera  

A very well constructed, this Belkin netcam IP remote camera has a shiny white plastic with a lens including IR capability. Including a power port and setup switch on the back and a microphone in the front.

In brief, this camera’s view angle adjusted with the swivel style base. And, the base itself is a little wider which is heavy and has a tendency to tip over depending how you set in in your room. Another thing is, the bottom of the base has screw slots.  For this, you can mount the base on your flat wall or ceiling of your place.

Moreover, Belkin Netcam wireless Ip camera comes with a very compact and simple design. The Belkin contains a 2-megapixel camera at the top of the front panel. Besides this, a brightness sensor attached directly to the above and an infrared LED on below.

While designing the Netcam, Belkin eliminates external I/O and Ethernet ports. And, in exchange, it puts a simple wifi setup switch. For the most part, the camera stands actually on a stand via a mini ball head mount. There it provides a 90 degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal rotation.

How It Performs?

A wireless IP remote camera can record video at a maximum resolution of 720P. Likely, it has a 2-megapixel camera that can able to capture a 95-degree field of sports view. The camera features a clear night vision with a 26-foot illumination distance, where the infrared video quality is also good. Be relax, you will not have to face any trouble to differentiate between dark-hued objects. Afterward, the daytime footage is much better of this IP camera. The color pop on the screen is absolutely okay and all the video details look crisp and clean.

On the top of that, a great use of this remote IP camera is you can see everything even if missed a party or playtime held at your home. Because Belkin netcam can cover the whole and record for you, therefore with the apps you can directly choose the sights and sounds from your mobile phone.

The digital HD video and audio keep your recording smooth and clear and make you watch more times with so many fun. So for hold your valuable, remarkable moments Belkin netcam remote camera will work for you remotely to capture your memorable moments.

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Remote Camera
Belkin netcam remote camera

Not Only  Use a IP camera, But Also Use It To Secure Your Privacy

Where many CCTV cameras including baby monitors come in the market with fear of fire burning. Therefore Belkin netcam ensures you the best use of it with protection. There are many possibilities of hacking the IDs.

Because of the unsecured logins and through this hackers could easily watch the video stream. So for users best security, Belkin covered this with secure login and also added some protections for the apps so that only you can access, not no one else.

Every time using this wireless camera, you must remember to change the passwords for the individual device. Yet forget to change the password is as like you are leaving a backdoor open to your home remote network system.

Therefore the camera requires an effortless setup. No need for a computer or other device to install it. All you need to do is downloading the free Netcam apps and connect to it with a home router. Then see, it starts automatically streaming audio and video to your smartphones. So done with the super easy installation without following any complicated user manual.

Features They Are Offering Now

So many features are coming with this Belkin netcam at a time. And all of them are amazing. Get instant email alerts while they detect any motion. To begin with, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor as well as the video resolution through the mobile app as per your need.

Most impressively, your Belkin netcam also acts like a WeMo device controller. As a benefit, you can find available every WeMo products on Belkin’s website like electrical light bulbs, door, switches, coffee brewer, window sensors etc.

For your more clearance, WeMo is a wireless protocol developed by Belkin and it helps to control home accessories directly from the mobile through WeMo apps.

On another point, in Belkin, you can use the camera as a two-way intercom as your needs. You can transmit your voice through the camera’s speaker by only pressing and holding the chat icon middle in the mobile app.

So this addition allows you to listen to people on the opposite end of your side. Similarly, you can also adjust the volume high or low of the speaker in this mobile app.

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Remote Camera
Belkin netcam

Top Features : Belkin Netcam

  • Compatible with both iOS and android phones.
  • Newly added with WeMo device controller.
  • Easily can link with the wifi-router.
  • Instant alert for sensing any suspicious movement.
  • A wide angle surveillance camera, to cover a wide range area.
  • Weighs only 15.2 ounces, adjustable any corner of home
  • Included- a built in microphone

Frequently Asked Questions (Including customers)

Reader Question: Can it record only with motion?

Answer: Yes you can but you have to do it from your mobile app.

Reader question: Can you have more than one camera on the system?

Answer: Yes, you can keep.

Reader question: Does this work in a house that does not have internet or wifi?

Answer: Netcam needs a wireless router and internet connection to function.

Reader question: Is it possible to turn off the audio and have the camera record video only with no sound?

Answer: Yes you can turn off the sound.

Reader question: Is the electricity 110v or 220?

Answer: Functionally it is 110v in most of the time used.

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Top Review Belkin Netcam Wireless IP Remote Camera

What Customers Said About This Product

There are huge customer reviews on Amazon for this product. As it is not possible to grab the whole section, so after a deep looking we just pick the important section that can help the other readers. But our main intention is actually to take the whole picture of positive and negative sides of the review section.

A user JLine te27 purchased it for his home security and said “I have had no problems with it for over a year. I love it because I can move the camera and point it in the house or in my driveway from inside. But every time just remember to clear your password if you’re on a public computer or someone else’s”  Some negative comments also found there.

A user said “Lots of false alarms. Sometimes the camera loses its signal when I try to view the picture it will say unavailable. Otherwise, it works pretty well”

The last comment found there from Steve Prue saying “Currently I have two of the cameras running flawlessly. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to have the ability to look in on kids, elderly, pets or anything while you are away”

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Top Review Belkin Netcam Wireless IP Remote Camera
Belkin Netcam Remote Camera

Things You May Like – (Pros)

  • You will get proper setup instruction, with detail explanation.
  • For any motion, you will get an instant alert notification.
  • The audio recording sound is excellent.
  • Also works excellent for night vision.
  • Not require any subscription for using surveillance camera.
  • With better performance offers you a very affordable price.
  • Solid construction and great wireless range.

Things You May Not Like – (Cons)

  • Probably some features not available via browser.
  • Sometimes the loading time could belong.
Top Review Belkin Netcam Wireless IP Remote Camera
Belkin netcam Remote Camera

Final Word On This Belkin Netcam

As far as many wifi security cameras tested, Belkin netcam IP remote camera is one of the best home security cameras. At this time it provides a full range of features like motion activated video recording, a robust mobile app, ability to maintain WeMo home accessories like switches, sensors, alarms and cloud storage etc.

Most of all, thanks to Belkin netcam for the invisible LEDs, the nighttime video quality shines every time with excellent clarity. Unlikely the daytime clarity is reduced for sometimes. Afterward, the addition of WeMo smart home integration increases the value of this remote camera incredibly.

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