IP Cameras Outdoor

If you are looking for the affordable wireless IP cameras outdoor, a few models are available you can choose in your fixed budget. From a long ago, Dropcam is a big name in wireless IP cameras market. Among so many brands Nest Cam Pro IP cameras outdoor are most popular. By this same token, it is a camera people used it across the world to keep an eye on pets, to watch babies and catch unsuspecting thieves and so on. 

Dropcam Nest Cam Pro Wireless IP Cameras Outdoor Review 

IP Cameras Outdoor
IP Cameras Outdoor

Naturally, a question may arise in your mind, what you get in this Dropcases Nest Cam Pro? In particular, the answer to your question is- NestCam is a new version of Dropcam Pro with few improvements like better sound, motion detection, enhanced night vision and sharper videos etc.

Along with it offers powerful digital zoom, two-way audio, 720P video, night vision too. In again, this IP cameras outdoor goes one step further than the market’s HD cameras, here it goes with a sensor and a glass lens that will able to pick more subtle motion. Which is a big advantage of Dropcam Nest Cam Pro for your smoother scenes and better picture quality with every movement? So let’s see what next is waiting for you-

Product Features Of Dropcases Nest Cam

  • It has the weatherproof outdoor case with polarizing lens and anti-reflection ring, to save it from the water.
  • Included matching installation hardware, for quick and easy installation.
  • In that a good option of placing your camera in any direction to get the best possible angle.
  • Nevertheless, the most dedicated and reliable solutions for outdoor NestCam.
  • Obviously contains 100% night vision capacity, and allow air ventilation flow
  • Give you the crystal clear video footage both in day and night vision mode
  • All cases are waterproof and available now

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How The Nest Cam Pro Help You Monitoring Your House?

Get the answer of your own from this IP Cameras Outdoor Dropcases Nest Cam Pro Review , get a deep view of this. We hope, all your confusions will be clear and you will definitely got a clear guideline about will this IP Cameras Outdoor go with your requirement or not! 

Amazing Design Of Nest Cam Pro

At first, the most noticeable thing of this IP cameras outdoor is its compact design which is only 5.7 ounce. Notably, Nest Cam pro comes in a sleek, simple design with an aluminium build boasts.

IP Cameras Outdoor

Aesthetically beautiful, IP cameras outdoor Nest Cam pro has the ability of conducting 360 degree surveillance. Beyond this, a magnetic stand is placed on it which allows the camera to rotate on its axis in 360 degree. By the way, not surprisingly this Nest Cam Pro is very lightweight and it is only 5.7 ounces. This beautiful camera allows you to watch live video of your house connected over an internet connection, from wherever you stay. In the first place, it’s recording service help you to listen and watch what’s happened from a few hours to a month ago in your house. In fact, the camera comes with all the recording triggered by motion detection feature. Where most of the times they make you updated with every alerts what actually happening at your home.

Nest Cam Pro Will Tell You Everything In Your Absence

IP Cameras Outdoor
IP Cameras Outdoor

In spite of entering so many new products in this category, we can assure you, you’ll not find a update choice for your setup than this Nest Cam Pro. Likewise, the new cams are offering you improved video quality, that time you already having high definition video at 720P with 130 degree field of view alike the older Dropcam pro. 

Whichever happens at your absence or the time being you are suspicious about something, Nest Cam Pro will suggest you to review previously recorded videos. Identically, you can find what actually happened or who entered into your house or stole your accessories when you were not at home. But it also does a matter how long they store the videos for you! Whereas, IP cameras outdoor with sensors are kind of best security system as they are providing battery operated sensors, arming/disarming keypad, siren on your doors and windows for water leaks, temperature change, glass breaking etc.

Stop Worrying About Installation  

Not more than two minutes the camera will take to install. The process is easy. Even you don’t require a computer to do the installation. Alongside if you have a new android or iOS, you can install the Dropcam app by using bluetooth wirelessly. 

IP Cameras Outdoor

So for that, the service has different options for how long they store videos. Or what you will have to pay for the concession. Thus some default options are included with most plans, where some are also payable to store up more to a month. Henceforth there are some cameras only will save videos. On the opposite, some will detect motion and sound as well as record everything that happens in front of their tiny lenses once in a minute. Therefore a good recommendation is cloud storage. In across your local storage memory card could be stolen anytime or could be destroyed in fire or natural disasters. So keeping IP cameras outdoor, there always need to store evidence, cloud storage are always safe option for you.

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  • Incredible picture and video quality.
  • Can do monitoring over remote via a web browser.
  • All the applications of Nest Cam Pro is user friendly.
  • All the users of android and iOS have the access easily.
  • It brings new horizons in in-house communications.
  • Wonderful night visualization capability.
  • Apps are also usable to monitor baby or even talk to each other in different rooms.
  • Best IP cameras outdoor for monitoring.
  • 24/7 customer support via phone and emails.


  • You should keep in mind that to run your Nest Cam apps apps at your smartphone, your smartphone battery drains quickly
  • On the other hand, Nest says it doesn’t keep backup copies of its recorded videos.

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IP Cameras Outdoor
IP Cameras Outdoor

What Are You Going To Get from This Nest Cam Pro

You are going to have different kinds of benefits from this Nest Cam Pro IP cameras outdoor. From now you are not going to miss a single image of your house that happens back in your eyes.

So, let’s see, what offerings are waiting for you from Nest Cam Pro IP cameras-

  • You should know what is waiting for you the next. This camera is going to turn on or off based on locations.
  • The camera got 8X digital zoom to capture images crisply or focus on a particular area.
  • A high security system you are going to install. That means Nest Cam utilizes bank level safety system. Thus this system guarantees you all the live videos will be highly protected.
  • Luckily the camera has a dual band router. As a result, you will get a greater flexibility with your home networking setup.
  • You are going to amuse of the camera quality of Nest Cam pro. It is fabulous and with the time being this security camera boasts of a 1080P resolution.
  • Don’t worry about the battery life of this Nest Cam IP cameras outdoor. As the camera works well on battery as well as direct power supply, you can keep continued your eye on your home for monitoring.
  • To conclude with the most highlighting feature of Nest Cam Pro, which is your option to share your camera feeds with your friends. Thus this feature helps you more effectively when you were away from the network and your near ones could get the alerts and take necessary steps in emergency.

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IP Cameras Outdoor
IP Cameras Outdoor

FAQ (Including Customers)

Reader Question: Anyone have any steps for mounting to cement blocks outside?

Answer: Drill holes for the camera holes. Then locate an outdoor electrical plug first to install near where you want.

Reader Question: How does the 2 way speaker work with installation in case?

Answer: So far Yes. A little muffled but it does work.

Reader Question: What about the cold affecting the camera?

Answer: No effect at all. I have 3 cameras and when the winter approaches zero, all are working fine.

Reader Question: What are the dimensions of the cameras?

Answer: Approximately 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches in height.

Reader Question: Does this item protect the camera from UV damage?

Answer: The lens is clear and I have my own in the sun for some hours. But no far so fade.

Reader Question: Will this work with the new Nest Cam?

Answer: Yes it will work without any problem.

IP Cameras Outdoor
IP Cameras Outdoor

Final Word On The Nest Cam Pro

Overall Nest Cam Pro comes with a new look in the market, it has come to a slimmer build than the previous Dropcam. The structure of it is round face, futuristic, cute and overall look like a single eyed little cute alien.

Actually it is made of plastic with an adjustable, magnetized metal stand. Moreover compared with other cameras, it’s powerful sensors offer you better video capture in the dark. For example, you could also see your pet prowling around at night as its night vision is that much powerful enough. Specifically, you can set a maximum 20 Nest cams throughout your home at the same time. It should also mention you that all the videos this IP camera provide you are 1080P HD streams video with 130 degree wide angle view. Henceforth New Nest Cam Pro IP cameras outdoor is capable enough to cover up the whole area or a good portion of your living.

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