5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews with Buying Guide for Beginners


If you are searching for the best LED grow light on the internet and can’t end up till now with a specific one then you have reached exactly in the right place. LED grow lights are really confusing to choose from a multiple range of different brands and models. Maybe you are a hydroponic gardening enthusiast or just planning to put an array of different ported plants at your house and you know how important the grow lights are.

In this addition, different plants require certain kinds of light for their photosynthetic system. As well as an actual airflow system, also needs to ensure for the faster growth of the vegetables, flowers, and plants.5 Best LED Grow Light

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In this article, you will get to know what LED grow light, why should you use and how to choose the best grow lights in your budget. Moreover LED grow lights are easy to use, energy saving, space saving and stimulates plants to go into photosynthesis. Therefore, you won’t regret after investment.

Why Would You Need the Best LED Grow Light

The importance of using a grow light is many; it provides the natural sunlight at all the stages of their growth and maintains a proper nutrition at their growing.

Firstly, photosynthesis is the top most important fact for growing plants. In this case, some plants are there which need the natural change of light to grow. Many of us have a misconception that it’s possible to ensure a perfect emulation of sunlight just with a switch on the lights for the plants.

But, no, it’s not right. Just like the way we didn’t like when our parent suddenly switches off the light at the same way plants also don’t like the improper distribution of light. So to ensure about the perfect ration of light you will need LED grow lights.

5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

Secondly, it’s a very essential to know plants have a different use for a different wavelength. For example, red light is an important factor for stemming and flowering. On the contrary, blue lights also help the plant in springing leaves and growing soon. So for the proper blending of lights color in terms of indoor grow plants you should work with LED grow lights.

Thirdly, another reason behind working with LED grow light is they are quite handy. In general, LED grow lights are a great combination of many individual LEDs. With this purpose, you can buy one that has both red and blue light. While the LEDs change, the tone of light changes and plants get the natural ray they needed.


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5 Best LED Grow Light review

Most Recommended Top 5 Best LED Grow Light

Here, we are presenting the top rated LED grow lights. Most of these are handy, affordable and you will get a preliminary idea about each product.

Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light

For LED grow light under $50 Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light is an amazing choice. You will get much larger grow lights which serves as the main light source. But if you intend to buy grow lights for growing small herbs and plants then nothing could be better than this. Besides this, whenever you need them they also can be usable as extra lighting for other purposes.

Features and Benefits

Perform as Both Red and Blue Light

Some plants are there which requires both red and blue light for proper growth. With this in mind, Apollo Horticulture 24W best LED grow light comes in the market to fulfill this need. In particular, this LED bulb’s blue light has 460 nm wavelengths and its red light has 630nm and 660 nm wavelengths. So the blue lights can boost photosynthesis for fuller and more compact leaves and help them to grow fast. As well as the red light boosts fruiting and flowering.

Energy Efficient

Most significantly, the LED bulbs consume less energy. These will provide you consistent light output as well as longevity at the same time. A research shows that these bulbs also produce less heat compared to other grow bulbs in the industry. It resolves the problems of fitting them in close to your plants.

Allows Universal Fit

Don’t worry if you won’t have any ballast or growing light equipment at your place. Due to the reason, it features a standard household E26 sockets. So you can easily fit them into almost any lamp or on your desk lamp or wherever you need to place them.


  • Quick and simple installation.
  • No special tool you’ll require to get growing.
  • Very much affordable in price.
  • Comes with built in small fans
  • Full life cycle lighting for cannabis plants.


  • Some issues with electronic problems requiring multiple exchanges.
  1. Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights

5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

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One of the best selling companies in the LED grow light industry right now is the Roleadro LED Grow Light. Within a very short time, it picks many more users attention worldwide. Near about 600 users already used it and shared their awesome experience with this LED grow light in Amazon.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

Features and Benefits

Provide Larger Portion of Red Lights

Maybe you know red light (600-700 nm) has a great contribution to grow fast plants. It contributes a lot to the plant photosynthesis. In particular, the best LED grow light has a larger proportion of this kind of red light. As a result, they can provide more nutrients and ensures the appropriate sunlight for the plants.

Bring Your Expected Result

Whoever experiment with the grow light they mentioned they have a huge, thick and dense flower as much as they expected. One thing you just need to remember you have to use this grow light on growing, seedling, fruiting and flowering conditions. Another best thing about this is it provides 26-28f growing temperature and 12-18 hours ideal lighting time, which considered the best parameter for indoor plants.

Develops Faster Plant Growth

Users considered it the best LED grow light because it has a wide range of LED lights differing in wattages and size. Each of the bulbs is sturdy, energy efficient and provides the perfect range of light for both vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Those who are thinking about growing marijuana or weed this blue and red LED lights would be the best option to try.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews


  • Brighter energy saving LED.
  • Efficient photoelectric conversion rate.
  • Perfect red, blue spectrum ratio 8:1 for vegetative and flowering growth.
  • Amazing faster cooling system.
  • 100 High power 3w Branded Epileds.


  • Few complained it could be waterproof.
  1. Swiftrans LED Grow Light Bulb, 24w Plant Grow Light

Indoor Grow Light

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As buying the best LED grow light is a matter of investment of both time and money so choosing one among so many should be nice? Further, these are very small lights. In particular, you’ll get 12 single 1W LEDs in one, so this will be best for a small yard. However, the total lifespan of it is 50,000 hours.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

Features and Benefits

Provides a Full Spectrum

You will be glad to know the Swiftrans LED Grow Light Bulb provides a targeted full spectrum including 2700K, 740nm, 660nm, and 630nm and 460nm wavelength. In this regard, there is nothing worrying about either your plants gets the proper light color or not. Here the most exciting thing is Swiftrans comes with two more extra spectra to get closer to the sunlight, which you might not find in some other similar models.

Easy To Install

No special tools you will need to set it up. You can set it up easily with any desk lamp, it’s a great addition that the grow light fits standard E27/E26 socket. Thanks to the customized color spectrum that let you match perfectly with your plants. If any gardeners want to use this for any larger grows it’s also support to do so.

Durable Construction

One of the greatest reason people considered it the best LED grow light is the design and materials used here. You can see it comes with a polished aluminum body construction. Most of the users appreciate it because the finned heat-sink design keeps the unit cool and not hurt the plant at all.


  • Perfect for growing plants, flowers, veggies or anything.
  • Highly efficient in luminosity.
  • Give an extra boost of light for your plants.
  • Provide plants the perfect color temperature.
  • Don’t generate any heat and hurt the plants.


  • For larger area might not give the expected results.
  1. HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Our next top pick for the best LED grow lights is HIGROW Optical Lens-Series. You can grow your favorite plants, no matter what type of plants you are growing in, this combination of both spectrums let you make larger and higher yields according to your expectation.

Features and Benefits

Special Optical lens Design

It is the first noticeable thing of this LED grow light. At the first glance, they look like little glass cones around the LED bulbs. The structure lets the optical lenses focus the light down 90 degrees straight. It helps the lights to keep the plants more concentrated. It also improves reducing light loss as well as improves high PAR / Lumen output. So at the end, you will get the largest amount of harvest as much as you expected.

Healthy For Plants

Are you looking for a quality LED grow light for use in your greenhouse or basement for greenhouse farming? If so, HIGROW Optical Lens will be the best for you. According to the manufacturer, it is 100% lead-free, mercury-free and heavy metal free. So get the assurance about your plants would have been healthy and grow well.

Light Brightness

One can get mistake seeing the light; it is very much similar to the real sunlight. After use, you can find the change how your plants have grown well with tight nodes.

Hanging Cable is a Breeze

Using the best LED grow light is easy. It comes with hanging cables that makes it easier than before to hang on. You will get individual “veg” or “bloom” mode with the device.


  • Provides excellent coverage area.
  • Full spectrum of light includes UV and IR.
  • Come with a satisfactory warranty.
  • Helps the plants grow healthy.
  • Easy to use.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews


  • Quite expensive than others.
  1. Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow Light

5 Best Led Grow Light Review

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Advanced Platinum Series P600 is another top grow light for those who are seeking for the best quality. In this addition, it brings an astonishing result using in potted plants, water-soluble breeding, tissue culture, flower farming, farm, and plant factory and for others.

Features and Benefits

Ideal for Larger Yard

It has 6ft x 4ft coverage at 18″ height. So it considered ideal for large applications. When you need to use them in a commercial application with multiple units, you can go for it without a second thought. Moreover, it is mercury free, lead-free and heavy metal free. Your plants will grow healthy and you will have better harvest each time.

Great Intensity of Light

The greatest benefit of using the best LED grow light is its light is extremely intense. If you compare it with other models, you can see this intensity is more than double of many competitors. On top of that, the subdued fans keep your plants cool and fresh.

Gives the Highest Par/Lumen Output

Unlike others, the Platinum LED lights give the highest Par/Lumen output per watt, which is very rare in other models. Moreover, it has a 2x-3x intensity of lights. Not only this, you will get more benefits with full spectrum light across 12 bands including UV and IR. Apply this to your indoor garden and then see how your plants will thrive in few days.


  • Provide highest lumen output per watt.
  • The lifetime of 100,000 hours is an attractive feature.
  • Flexible for seedling right through to flower and harvest.
  • Less amount of heat generated.
  • The cooling fan is not very loud.


  • Few complained the cord is a bit short.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best LED Grow Lightgrow light for plantsSome factors are there you should keep in mind while buying the top rated LED grow light. To help you in the best way here included some factors-

Consider the Electricity Consumption

In general, a LED grows light works on for at least 10-11 hours each day. It is obviously a concern of increasing electric bills for the owner. So try to read all the detailed product description it will save you from troubles in the future.

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Many top brands are there who offers electric consumption level up to 1,000W. Remember, it is advisable not to choose anything less than 300W. Due to the reason, the higher output helps compensate for any wattage loss.

Consider the Size of Your Grow Space

The size of your grow space is matter. You will need 32 watts of actual wattage per square foot of growing space if you want to do flowering highlight plants. Measure your growing space at first, if it be16 square feet then you will need to purchase at least a 500-550 watt grow light for this requirement.

However this measurement will be right for flowering cannabis, otherwise, it will be half of this wattage for vegetative growth plants.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

Consider the Price

Those who are very budget conscious they should think about this at first. It’s a matter of fact whether you are purchasing this for professional use or personal (hobby) use. For the professional purpose, you may need to invest above $500.

Otherwise, if you are thinking to buy one for your personal reason then you will get some awesome LED grow lights within $100-300. Therefore, you will get many affordable models in our best LED grow light review collections.

Choose One with Low Heat Output

One of the most important factors in buying a LED grow light is the durability and plant protection. Whatever you choose, remember, this is the first priority. As the lights will be in constant proximity to the plants, so it should not be too hot for the plants.

Choose one that has low heat output guarantees and can maintain a smaller distance between the plant and the lamp. Further, they won’t generate much heat and energy which protect your plants from burn soon.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

Grow Light For Plants

Consider the Brand

Different brands are floating in the market; some may offer a high price or some cheap price. But you need to find the best LED grow light which will complement the crop you want to grow at your farm. It’s better to go for the grow light that has the best cooling system in the market. This will keep your plants healthy and let you have a plenty of harvests.

Choose the Full Spectrum LED Light

We know an efficient photosynthesis requires different wavelengths. You will get some models that provide plants with the full spectrum feature. It is necessary because many plants need light in the blue and red spectrums throughout each growth.

In this case, a powerful full spectrum grows light enables you to cater to the plant’s specific needs. It ensures your plants are getting the proper photosynthetically active radiation values each day.

Summing Up

Before finalizing a specific one, read once our best LED grow light reviews. All of the above-mentioned growing lights are the boast of essential features and affordable price range. Before order, see what are offering them.5 Best LED Grow Light Reviews

It actually depends on your using purpose, for us Advanced Platinum Series P600 is the best choice for a business project. Further, for a small cupboard sized greenhouse Roleadro LED Grow Light will be perfect and save lots of electricity.

However, make a choice according to your own requirement. Hope for the best!

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