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Looking for an air drone under $500? Then this review is a must for you. In addition to this for aircraft flying or a moving motorbike rider, a snowboarder or a fast moving athlete HEXO is, as usual, a favorite choice for them. Now if you want to footage of yourself, HEXO+hexacopter comes with a great help of yours. They autonomously fly above you and shoot videos whatever you are doing it.

What Comes with HEXO Air Drone

A ton of real life features is waiting for you. With this air drone, auto follows technology used. And, they are good enough, perform also arguably better than what you will find in some other competitor. So let’s take a visit below-

They will Fly For You

Drones are cool enough and come with a  very straightforward design. As you already know this is  a hexacopter, so it designed as like to fold over and stuck in a backpack. According to this, you largely control through your smartphone of this drone.


Afterward always make sure lock your film subject, match the air drone signal, GPS signal and internal processor to make the job easy for you. Given that, it completed the job when it whipped at 45 miles per hour.

Now come with the point of few unique features of it. Well, as being a hexacopter it is a little more stable in the air. Hence after the impressive fact about this even if one motor of it fails or a prop breaks your air drone will not stop to fly or fall out of the sky that moment. In other words, this bird shaped drone doesn’t have a built-in camera. Though in technically it can fly without a camera, but as it is an auto follow system, without a camera it wouldn’t be any help actually. Correspondingly in your invest of another $300 or $400, you can take the full advantage from this.

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Awesome Battery Life, Range and Charge Time  

Speaking about this, you can expect on this hexacopter to stay a lot for anywhere once you are in the air from 15 to 18 minutes. Isn’t this great for you? Of course, it is, and before start beeping, you will get a warning notification on the screen. Even while some other air drone marketers take 20-30 minutes flight time, HEXO will fly now within 15 to 16 minutes. Thereby it makes a difference choosing HEXA or other drones in the market.


Again this air drone will definitely impress you with its speedy charge time. Regardless of this  the rechargeable batteries able to fill an empty battery less than 40 minutes. And that makes them these drones of the quickest charge time you have ever found in other. So as a good news for your, range is not a big issue for this drone. Sometimes it heard that range depends on the type of phone you are using. But as being an auto-follow drone, it is able to always maintain a reasonable distance regardless of wherever you go. Actually once your drone into the air no matter how much up and running it is, but always it make sure not to fell out of range for a single minute.

Piloting and Super Control Power

Using a drone always remember, directing is not alike piloting for an air drone. The time your drone is in the air it will be completely autonomous of its own, you will only tell it how to behave with your phones. The drone has no manual start button so whereas you are unable to control its direction, calibrated just right. Then see either it refuses to take off or stay on the ground even if your phone’s wifi is on.

HEXO air drone operated with several robots.  In that case even if one of those robots does not perform well  exactly you need to close all the apps, restart it and do all the process once again. In particular, you will like it more the time you are having fun in mountain biking, snowboarding or whatever crazy action sports you tried to film with a UAV.

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Things You May Like – (PROS)

  • Have enough stability to handle minor scrapes or knocking into a tree from low altitude.
  • Enabled remote control, so you can fly it like a regular drone if you have a spare controller kicking around.
  • Also, propellers are easy to change if needed.
  • Stays strong to remain stable in moderate wind and light snow.
  • Above all HEXO is a semi-autonomous flight which refers it can replace a helicopter. And, also an entire film crew to record you from the air.


  • A little bit expensive considering not including a camera.
  • Actually not designed for general recreational flying.

Customer Reviews on This Camera

There found lots of customers who gave their excellent reviews on the performance of this camera. In fact, they said many good and bad of the both side of HEXO self-flying air drone cameras.

A very delightful user named Cooper said “I run a hidden treasures media and entertainment company. And it came with so much help me. So I am definitely going to order a few more”

Zabdiel Rodiguez said “I have been doing my research for few months. I mostly do outdoor sports so I require at least 3 batteries. At this point, HEXO self-flying drone is my best choice. Amazing drone, I will buy one for me soon”

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Wrapping Up

First and foremost, HEXO air drone is good for up to 45 mph speeds. Even if in the strong winds, it allows you to keep up straight. To emphasize there comes more than 80 custom camera movements with it and can fly 10 to 15 minutes of flight time carrying a full charge.

In the final analytics, if you are into extreme sports, this air drone is definitely perfect for you. All the built-in features and simple easy steps can keep anyone happy.

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