Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm Review


Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm

Lumsing is a brand which always devoted itself providing fashion and superior products to its users so that you can enjoy a leisure shopping experience. Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm is one of the latest Apple Watch Sport Band in the market today. This sport band is finely made with 100% pure leather. Its awesome beautiful design will definitely adds a true expression on a person’s personal taste.

One of the most reliable fact about this Apple Watch Band is its battery life. Only Apple promising for 18 hours battery life without the screen being always on

Top Features of Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm (Red)

  • Has precise cut hole to fit well for most wrist
  • Length is just perfect like Apple’s original one
  • Made with 100% genuine leather
  • Its craftsmanship is super stylish also mixed with fashion
  • Contains a very simple and elegant design
  • Strap bands are sturdy and high quality full


  • A very latest version released in 2015, with awesome features
  • Leather made band, so comfortable to wear for a long time
  • It consumes hundred works at a time
  • Is a reflection of personal taste, styles and preference
  • Also go with every kind of fashion and clothes
  • Design is so simple and elegant
  • This apple watch band has a great durability


  • 18 rated battery life needs to charge daily
  • May to sync music, it is not possible without connecting a phone

Customer Overviews on this Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm

Many customers are already using this awesome Sport Band and giving their valuable reviews about this on Amazon. Almost all the users gave five stars to this awesome band. As a product can only judge from their truel users compliment, so it seems many user get good experience at the same time some also get some bad experience though.

A very happy user named ZParker83 said “This watch band feels really sturdy and for the price you really can’t bear it. The shipping was super fast”

Another user Nicholas Calderon said “A nice, high quality, inexpensive band for the Apple watch. It’s made from 100% genuine leather and is a very nice, high quality product. The band is very comfortable and fits the watch well”

Giving 5 stars, a great user said “It is sturdy and very well made. This band is very sturdy and still maintains a sleek look on wrist without being too bulky. It is perfectly measured and looks very streamlined” by Beren A.

Final Verdict

Though Apple always comes with some extra featured devices in the market but among them Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm is one of the best product of Apple. Though few leather bands out there say that it is durable leather but still crack and break down easily. But this band really maintains a sleek look on wrist. For those who feels metal band a little heavy, this lighter band is really feel lighter to them and can be a best choice for them. This band is really have a very premium look and matches the quality at the same time. It is told that people who are looking for a more traditional watch band, this band is ideal for them. Moreover, being happy using this band, many real users recommend this awesome Apple Watch Sport Band Lumsing Red Edition 42mm sport band to others.

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