Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Edition Flying Drones Review : Smart Quadcopter Just at $299

Flying Drones

Flying drones PARROT AR Drone 2.0 recently a new edition arrives in the market. Technology Sometimes even scares us. Take for example the previous quadrocopter drones that were flying before eyes like spiders. Even though they were just flying, but in PARROT 2.0 you will get a distinct impression. Further, the drone’s motive is a bit sinister and it could take over the world for minutes. Well, it could be 35 minutes at least.

However, my intention is to make it clear and find out the answers to two questions. First one is it worth its $300 asking price? Or would it meet all the needs of a drone?

While many small Ariel vehicles are available, none will be more users friendly and mainstream than Parrot AR 2.0 flying drones. Though it heard that a new edition AR 3.0 may make an appearance in the upcoming year, but until now the hottest and elite edition from Parrots is AR 2.0.  

Enjoy Your First Easiest Flying Drones Experience

Are you looking for flying drones, drones for fun, easy to fly and in a reasonable price? Then you should definitely try this awesome, new edition of Parrot AR 2.0 drone. However, read below what more is waiting for your demand-

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Key Features – (At a glance)

  •    Receives high definition 720P live video streaming to smart devices.
  •    Remote control quadcopter,
  •    Fully controlled by iOS and android apps.
  •    A long battery life, 36 minute flight time battery.
  •    Record and share videos directly from 2.0 piloting app.
  •    Frequently updates to meet FAA requirements.


  •   Firstly AR 2.0 is great for recording clear videos and sounds.
  •   Hugely entertaining and using it is lots of fun.
  •   Integrated HD videos, every pixel is visible in videos.
  •   iOS and android compatible, control it from any smart device.
  •   Provide you sufficient customer supports and exclusive shipment.
  •   The flying drones got maximum customers satisfaction.


  •   For a tight budget customer, the price seems to be expensive.

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Flying Drones

Design of PARROT AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition

There are many quadcopters on the market, but not every model is aesthetically pleasing. In that moment the registered PARROT flying drones have come with some new updates. All over there are two parts of the full body of it. An outdoor body that is sleek, slim, streamlined and allowed some cool maneuvers. Similar with the indoor body also provides some extra foam and plastic padding for the body.

Including two batteries, PARROT is theoretically enabled to double up your flight time. Hence to increase the battery life, you will need to land and swap batteries. The reason is the 36 minutes of flight time will not continue unless you complete the modification of quadcopter to carry both batteries. Unlike the previous edition, Parrot 2.0 comes with a range of additional various colors rotor blades in the market. Moreover, this variety of orange, blue and black accessories allow you to customize the flying drones as your need.

Though there is an option to change the blades on a whim, but doing so will prove like an anger inducing fiddly. However, it not seen before that the drone comes with a plenty of spares. Thus they use the small clips to hold the blades in position. With such a useful construction, the PARROT 2.0 weighs only 380g. Some reviewers said before that its expanded polypropylene body doesn’t match with the real price as it worth more.

Flying Drones

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Wireless Control of the Flying Drones

From a long before PARROT is familiar as a Bluetooth company. As they never think before their technology would work for a drone and can get high or far away like flying drones. Therefore PARROT 2.0 can create a wireless network. As a result, you can connect through it with your choice of a control device. Not only that you can also control your flight using various apps those are available for both androids and iOS. Use from your phone, PC or tablet whichever you’re most comfortable with.

How will the Apps help you?

Using apps you can get a live video feed from mounted cameras. The video quality, as well as the pictures, is pretty good in quality. The overall configuration is really easy and simple. On top of that, the video relay back to your screen will be flawless too. Thankfully PARROT 2.0 flying drones built with clever auto stabilization. That’s why the control is fluid and you can now use it easily. Well, on the other hand when you start to panic, let go of the controls it. However let’s see, the flying drones will stop and hover itself and will be waiting for your next direction. Particularly to make the drone comes back to the earth gracefully; press the button “land”. And then see the result.

Flying Drones

All over the size is broadly enough to show you your surroundings. The most amazing part is the front mound camera of the drone. Certainly, this model is decent enough to review footage of your flights. Most of the time you can get back your footage and watch them with lots of fun. Besides this, there is also a second camera on the base of the drones. Instead, it provides low-quality image downwards, it not usually used for flying. But in that cases when you’re trying to land on a target, they are really helpful indeed.

Check Out Of the Box What is in! 

The first thing you notice at the first glance is the size of this PARROT 2.0 flying drones. Aside from measuring nearly two feet wide, you will get a new body package of three different camouflage styles. For example, the styles are of snow, sand and jungle versions.

The package includes two cameras, 1GB of RAM, 1GHz 32-bit ARM cortex A8 processor, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS. As well as an ultrasound sensor, pressure sensors, a gyroscope and other technical accessories that help you keep the flying drones in the air. A charger, two body shells and a 1000mAh battery gave with this drone for indoor use. As a result, the foam rings around the blades helps you not to kill your pet cat or rip the curtains. And the outdoor shell of the drone is more wind resistant. But it leaves the blades exposed.

Always remember to charge up batteries before you start flying. Even only for outdoor flying, many users recommend to use it staring off with the indoor shell. Doing this you minimize the damage to the drone, rather anything it happens to fly into.

Flying Drones

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Frequently Asked Questions (Including customers)

Question: How much wind speed will the A.R drone fly in and controllable?

Answer: About 10 mph or anything higher than will not allow full control of the vehicle and drain your battery faster.

Question: How long can I record the video?

Answer: You can record videos for as long as the battery lasts.

Question: Can I record a football or soccer game with the flying drones?

Answer: It’s pretty fun recording a game. But always make sure you have your tilt angle a tad bit high so that the wind won’t overcome it.

Question: What is the maximum distance from the Smartphone to operate with?

Answer: About 50-100 meters in an open space, and if you have some range extender, then you can control it from farther.

Question: What’s the wifi range?

Answer: It depends on your mobile device.

Flying Drones

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Customers Overviews of this 2.0 Edition Flying Drones

Real users can figure the exact image of a product. Such way many customers shared their experience after using this great drone. And in the meanwhile, the drone got the maximum customers positive reaction. That may show you the exact quality of the product.

A very honest customer named Kevin Brown said “I have had my AR Drone 2.0 for a couple of years. And now I can definitely say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of these flying drones. However, frame and blades hold up really well against my horrible flying practices”

Saying it an awesome drone with some real world-class application, Olaf Becker, another real user recommended it to others. He said “This is my 2nd A.R drone. It is much quieter, has a way better resolution of the primary camera. The settings in the free flight app allow you make the controls as responsive as you like. Whatever the drone is very robust, crashed many times in trees yet still performing well”

Summing Up

When the drone is a scary name for few people, Parrot AR 2.0 is real, simply a fun toy for them. Therefore the Parrot AR 2.0 flying drones are easy to learn and fun to fly. First, if you more intend to send it off into the distance, it may not come back again. Or it could vanish into a tree, neighbor’s garden, an ocean and never seen again. But what certain is when you use it for big indoor spaces or outdoors, you could have no problem. You can even try it for loads of room and probably it worth flying too high or avoiding the strong wind.

Relatively flying it is reasonably easy, depending on how weird your brain works! Well, the video is a lot of fun, record some amazing stuff and it saved some snapping stills. To sum up, if you are in the market for a super easy to fly a drone or to have the coolest techie flying gadget, a highly recommended flying drones for you is- Parrot AR Drone 2.0.

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