Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Parrot Drone Controller Review

Parrot Drone Controller

Parrot drone controller, this popular camera is a new update from Parrot. They mostly come in the marketing promising after double flying time and true autonomous flying. On the other hand, once you meet with this great energy saving drone, you would never wish to try another. Because the parrot drone controller is mostly succeeding to keep their promise. Now this camera drone comes with a blast to fly. In addition to this, it has a very attractive video and excellent battery life.

Bebop Drone of Parrot Drone Controller

To get the best parrot drone controller on your budget, check for the new arrival of Parrot’s collection. Hope this Parrot Bebop drone camera meets all your requirements.

Compact Design And Made Of Strong, Streamlined Materials

This time, Parrot drone controller comes with a more professional look than the previous AR drone generation. The overall design of this drone is pretty cool and much strong. The key point is the built-in 14-megapixel camera right into the nose of the craft. And including this four red rubber balls integrated into the frame that makes awesome.

In addition to this, the optional foam bumpers are pretty much cool too. However, it can snap right onto the frame with just a quick squeeze every time. However, the quality materials keep the Bebop light. Altogether the maximum weight could be 410 grams. Electronically the camera itself stabilized on three axes.

So there exists no fragile gimbal to worry about “you could crush”. Furthermore, the camera has an 180-degree angle of view along with a 2.2 fish eye lens. Instead, the parrot drone controller can’t physically move, but if you want digitally pan and tilt it to help you. In overall, the camera is a new set up from the previous model of AR Drone 2.0.


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The Battery Life of Parrot Bebop Quadcopter

The new upgrade is the double battery life of the original bebop. Instead of being poorly secured, the batteries exactly locked into place. What is more is the rotors now come in colorful coded to make them easier to remember. Well, despite being a small altitude, it performs well to hold its position.

Even in strong winds, the parrot drone controller is capable of controlling their balance. The parrot drone controller found often disconnected for few feet away. But sometimes it continues flying without hovering after a disconnection. They improved naturally the quality of the videos. So the unique viewpoint that is aerial filming continues to produce some magical results on some interesting terrains.

How to Control Parrot Bebop

For instance, there are generally two ways to control the beautiful Parrot Bebop Quadcopter. You can control through new sky controller or from a smartphone. Additionally, Flightaware 3 apps used to control from smartphones. And this app is available for both android and iOS users. Thereby this is one of the sophisticated apps from the parrot that offers a lot of features.


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Though the app is a little bit confusing at first, but once you figure it out you never have to worry again. At the same time, the drone provides a simple interface with the features. For example, landing, take off, images and battery levels including video starts and stops too. By parrot drone controllers you can track the GPS location of the smartphone and quadcopter. As well as you can fly the drone directly, take videos or photos and get all the access to the setting.

Thus the sky controller also helps you to use other interesting features. You just plug a video headset into the HDMI port. Then it allows you to see what the quadcopter see. There also available a USB port to control a drone from the computer. Conversely, you could get the access through ARdroneSDK, which offers to the programmer from the company.

Key Features (At a glance)

  • 14 megapixel full HD 1080P “fisheye” camera.
  • It records videos and pictures in 180° field, excellent image quality.
  • Has ability of automatic return home with Built-in GPS.
  • Can take updates for FAA requirements easily.
  • Can increase the flying range up to two kilometers.


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Good Stuff

  • The parrot drone controller comes with excellent lens flares.
  • Lightweight, further you can get it at a low price.
  • In overall a compact device with strong video quality.
  • Improved battery life and easily replaceable parts.
  • Easy settings and perfect touch screen control.
  • Tablet/phone controls are easy to learn.

Bad Stuff

  • There is no removable storage with it.
  • For more distance, the connection gets failed.

Frequently Asked Question (Including customers)

Reader Question: How far can I fly from the controller?

Answer: It depends on. If you are in a wide open are, it is possible to fly about 500 meters.

Reader Question: How many batteries total come with this parrot drone controller?

Answer: The kit comes with three batteries. There one is for sky controller and the rest two left for the drone.

Reader Question: Can the camera’s view be changed while flying?

Answer: Sure, you can do it using your cell phone or the sky controller.

Reader Question: Would the drone hover in position if you do not touch the control?

Answer: Yes it will hover in a virtual box when you let go of the controls, given that there is no wind.


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What Customers Are Saying About This?

The real users found very glad about this product. One of them said “How high can you go? Well, I have had that feeling multiple times while piloting the Bebop with the sky controller. All I can say is incredible! As soon as you turn it on, it will like powering up a fighter jet”.

Tracy F Peterson said “It is significantly cheaper than DJI Phantom 3. Video quality is great and I LOVE LOVE LOVE add-on GPS route planner. Took it to lake every day and took hours of video randomly”

Though happy with all features, a user claimed some problems. He said “All is okay with my drone. But it is a little bit difficult to connect and update for me”

Summarizing the both pictures of this parrot drone controller, most of the customers found giving the maximum positive overview about this drone.


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Landing Page

Most of the testers and reviewers shared their good experience with this kit. Overall they praised the performance and reliability. Similarly, the parrot drone controller is fun to fly. Thereafter it automates the tricky parts of flying when handles breeze without a problem. In all honesty, the longer battery life makes it more enjoyable. Particularly it provides time to you get comfortable with the controls. So you can take photos and videos without any worry.

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