15% Discount On Jackson Welding Helmets WH70 BH3 Review

Jackson Welding Helmets

Selling welding Helmets in the market, Jackson is one of the leading names within the welding industry. And if you are thinking of buying a welding helmet at a discount price with a worry-free battery life, check for this Jackson WH70 BH3 Welding Helmets with 15% Discount. Jackson Welding Helmets use the best lens filters offering a truly outstanding optical experience. The helmet has a wide view, 8*2.7 inches large viewing area and it weighs only 2.1 lbs, very light.

Get 30% discount On Jackson Welding Helmets

Jackson Welding Helmets

One of the best things about Jackson welding helmets is it does not require any battery and it is a solar powered welding helmet powered by solar energy. You find it more environment-friendly and energy efficient and people of UK citizens find it more valuable working on the harder side of industrial welding. The lens this welding helmet used meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z89.1 standards. So this is a must buy the product for any person who is professionally working auto-darkening welding helmet.   

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Features of Jackson WH70 BH3 

  • It has almost 9 to 13 shade variations
  • Working with the proper safety of ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 , +2010
  • Solar powered helmet powered by solar energy
  • Auto-darkening lens and air filtration
  • Made of Polycarbonate external filter plate

Jackson Welding Helmets

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Why You Buy This

  • Provided outstanding clarity and bigger viewing area
  • Lightweight and comfortable fits go for hours
  • Ensures the best protection facilities
  • Offers you supreme comfort and smooth usability
  • Reduced built up heat through a front cover plate
  • Provided you a 5 years warranty
  • Excellent fume deflection with aerodynamic shell design


  • May not function well without a dedicated grinding function

Jackson Welding Helmets

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Frequently Asked Question and Answer

Question: What is the viewing size of the lens?

Answer: Generally 4.33*4.33*0.31

Question: What happened to the battery replaced?
Answer: This helmet doesn’t need a battery. Its solar charged.

Question: What’s the switching speed on this?

Answer: Switching speed: 0.15 microseconds.

Customer Overviews of Jackson WH70 BH3

Jackson Welding Helmets

A product can judge properly from the real users word only. This Jackson WH70 BH3 Welding Helmets already got so many customers positive impression with all the great benefits of using it. In the very short time, it got 80% customer responses.

A delightful user named John K Jordan said “Very lightweight. Compared to other helmets, the filter lets an amazing amount of light before striking an arc. Great adjustability for darkness and recovery delay time”

Another comment found there saying “I use it every day for 10 hours a day. And Jackson was totally wonderful and I recommend it to others” –Larry Workman

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Jackson Welding Helmets


The Jackson Welding Helmets grab all the positive parts from many other helmets as it also clears their flaws. It is one of the highly recommended to professionals and also makes a good addition to newbies and amateurs mostly in UK area who expect the best results from their welding operations. The external safety lens and SmarTIGer the Jackson Welding Helmets provide color clarity and better visibility than before Jackson Safety WH60 series. This welding helmet requires no battery as it is powered by solar energy and it meets the ANSI Z87.1 standards. Moreover, you are getting this useful unit in a 15% discount.

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