Top 8 Best Indoor LED Grow Light Review And Guideline 2019

LED Grow Light Review

These days, among hydroponic gardening enthusiasts LED grow light review is a very hot topic. As well as the use of LED grow light technology is also rapidly improving. The making process, the product features, materials quality and sizes are also improving everyday.

But unfortunately, for some cheap manufacturers, there are still a lot of cheaply built lights out there. And many misinformation being spread among people. So before buying a indoor grow light, this LED grow light review will help you in a great way to make you the best decision. 

The indoor grow lights that we will look at below are long lasting, attractive and great to use. I have used each of these grow lights, and the reviews are therefore a true reflection of what the LED grow light makers have to offer.

Swiftrans 24W LED Grow Light Review

Day by day the world is also paying more attention to global warming. So keeping in mind of all these things, Swiftrans 24W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review comes with so many different features and great functionality.

Top Features (At a glance) 

  • Its require easy setup
  • Able to grow indoor gardening and hydroponics plants
  • They are highly efficient in luminosity
  • Finned heat sink design keeps the unit cool
  • Service life up to 50,000 hours 

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LED Grow Light Review

You can customize any color temperature for growing. When you are buying this grow lights, you are actually buying a system that has color filters on sets of individual LEDs for each area of the light spectrum that a plant needs. So you can easily adjust the amount of each color that matches perfectly with the customized color spectrum of your plants.

This indoor grow light has the most flexible design used sometimes in multi layer vertical systems and inter lighting designs between plants. They are also designed in a multitude of customizable options depending on some number of factors as like energy saving consideration, spacing considerations etc.

Above all this facilities, you will get this LED plant grow light in a affordable price in the market today.  

Advantages Of Swiftrans 24W 

  • You can grow plants, flowers, veggies anything in it
  • Give the extra boost of light for your plants
  • Provide your plants the perfect color temperature

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Nova Dual Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

Nova N300s Dual Spectrum has come with a really nice 300w grow light and this is definitely capable of standing up to the competitive market. This is one of the best LED grow light that comes with a 5 year warranty. It is a California based company who made this great grow light.

Since it is a combination of 90 and 120 degree angles, you can install the lights closer to the plants than some other models.

Top Feature (At a glance)

  • 3 virtually silent high speed fans
  • Grower can have full control of customizing and optimising
  • New features added- VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Replaces with 400W HPS grow light

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LED Grow Light Review

With the time changing, the revolution is highly effective. Earlier, LED grow lights offer one or two advantages along with numerous disadvantages. But now time has been changed. The reason people turn to the best led grow light Nova N300s because they are efficient in every way that can imagine. They are beautifully designed to emit only the right blue and red spectrum light that helps to encourage the vegetative growth and flowering. So you can rely on this LED grow lights for your productive harvest and could not go for costing a lot of money in expenses.

Advantage Of Nova Dual Spectrum 

  • Very well built and rugged design
  • Comes with 5 years warranty
  • Allows to expand for large setup

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CrxSunny 1000W LED Grow Light Review

For those who are looking for a powerful, long lasting LED lights for their beginning set up in a very reasonable price, this CrxSunny 1000W LED Plant Grow Light could be a good choice for them to be considered.

The 1000W makes it a good size for medium to large grow tents. It is also usable by combining in a daisy chain with multiple lights for larger rooms.

It’s enhanced spectral output covering full PAR also promotes photosynthesis for growth and blooming. Thus it has a super light penetration, it provides right amount of light in every portion of your plants.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • Energy saving grow light, consumes only 240-280w power
  • Has powerful 1000w BridgeLux LEDs
  • Run 80% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID)
  • Low energy consumption cooling fan

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LED Grow Light Review

One of the great benefit of CrxSunny 1000W Grow Light is, it allows your plants to absorb the right amount of light energy at the right time during the corresponding time of the growth process. At the same time, these plants also ensure you that there is only a little wastage of electricity in producing lights which the plants have no use of. This lights have flexibility of design and the lights can be combined into structures capable of working together to illuminate unconventional plant grids.

Advantage Of CrxSunny 1000W

  • High efficiency powerful cooling system
  • Very bright light
  • 3 years long lifespan guarantee

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Swiftrans 300W LED Grow Light Review

you should make a choice before buying a good kind of grow light that meets all your requirements. For those, budget is a big concern, this Swiftrans 300W LED Grow Light Review  would go perfectly according to their needs.

Swiftrans are giving 40% discount to their users.  And this light has all the great features you would have in the best grow light.

The lights are providing a good spectrum with an ample amount of intensity. They can cover all the plants in every way and maintain a good coverage. However its cooling system is easy enough to keep cool significantly than HID lights.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • 100pcs LEDs included UV and IR led
  • UV functions, kills bacteria and other insects
  • 300W high power value, high lumen
  • Full spectrum with 10 bands, better heat dissipation

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LED Grow Light Review

This full spectrum LED grow light helps you to grow any type of plant you choose. In this way, you don’t need to worry about where your plants are in their growth cycle, they will get the appropriate light they need to flourish.

Since they are available in a wide range of wattages, you can equip your grow room with the perfect amount of LED power with this Swiftrans 300W, you are looking for. Moreover, from any hobby scale to professional growers who need a supplemental boost in lighting, Swiftrans 300W series are willing to give them a good solution.

Advantage Of Swiftrans 300W

  • 3 fans on this model work quietly
  • Simple product to setup and use
  • A very affordable product in the market

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Viparspectra 600W Indoor LED Grow Light Review

Today indoor growing is becoming popular way to know exactly how your herb and food is produced in your grow room, saving money on your bills. One of the best indoor grow light reflector hood is Viparspectra 600W Grow Light

The Viparspectra Reflector uses a very average of only 136 watts, comparing to other traditional kinds of lighting which is nearly half as much as you would expect.

So it saves your electrical cost as well as ensures greater LED lifespan and makes cooling more easier. Therefore Viparspectra always has a good name for their great warranty. And they come with 3 years warranty, so your your satisfaction goes a long way in ensuring its quality.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • Optimal full spectrum, to maintain natural sunlight
  • The unit works cool while operating
  • Can cover up to 4*4’’ with 24’’ height
  • Later upgraded with 4.72’’ fans
  • Consuming only 276 watts, save energy

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LED Grow Light Review

Viparspectra Reflector 600W is the latest series of indoor grow light reflector hood in the market today. It should keep in mind that higher temperatures can damage the vegetables so before buying an indoor grow light it is important to check the lighting heats and temperature properly.

No doubt, this indoor grow light reflector hood  is equipped with multiple 4.72 inch fans. Since it has its individual heat sink, it can dissipate heat without any issues properly.

While using this LEDs, you won’t need any additional cooling systems in your grow room. Now you get this awesome indoor grow light with 3 years warranty and 30 days return guarantee policy.

Advantage of Viparspectra 600W

  • Emits a bright light with plenty of color
  • Balanced grow light and easy to hang
  • Comes with 3 years warranty

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Lumin Tekco 24W Fluorescent Grow Light Review

In order to ensure your plants grow and flourish well, you need to pay attention to the plant’s light source are they maintain the appropriate light quality and brightness or not. Lumin Tekco 24W has greater flexibility in designing lighting system that fits with the need of any grower. So this fluorescent grow lights are superior for use in horticultural applications.

Buying this Fluorescent grow light, many of your costs are saving for sure. While using this, you could not spend more on cooling system.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • Comes with a beautiful compact design
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • It is equipped with 4 individual lamps
  • Ideal for any industrial or commercial application

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LED Grow Light Review

Generally Fluorescent Grow Light is rated at a life around 20,000 hours in most cases. And it will help you  to grow a plenty of vegetables or flowers without having any worry about replacing them. If you compare this light with the older models, you can realize this long life is more efficient than the models they upgrade before. You will find this grow light with a high performance glow on your plants throughout the entire life of the bulbs. Considering the price and the quality, this fluorescent light is one of the best choice to the growers.

Users who are more worried about the budget, Lumin Tekco 24W Fluorescent will definitely go with them.

Advantage Of Lumin Tekco 

  • They are customizable at any time
  • For maximum coverage they are easy to combine
  • Saving money over the life of the light bulb

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Vintage High Yield LED Grow Light Review

Recently the scientists and researchers are working to develop LED grow lights, so they have a greater flexibility in designing. And after so many researches, they suggest this Vintage LED Indoor Grow Light to the individual growers. 

Wavelength is important to consider buying in an indoor grow light and here these LEDs have more targeted wavelength options which can be optimized for flowering and vegetative responses. The benefits of using this light is its blue light helps to shorten inter nodal length and create strong stems.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • Has full spectrum, precises light wavelengths
  • Harvest more solid dense with high yield
  • Standard size fits any standard common E27 base
  • Very energy efficient
  • Comes with full one year warranty

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LED Grow Light Review

These indoor lights weigh a fraction of other lights and they are pretty much easy to configure where needed. And however, according to the Vintage Grow manufacturer, LED grow lights maximize red and blue light to provide excellence balance for plants.

It produces considerably less heat than other lights. They are also reducing the need for expensive and involved cooling systems that should be necessary to avoid damaging plants. This amazing growing lamp is suitable for any types of plants and can also be found at home now.

Advantage Of Vintage High Yield 

  • More energy efficient than HID, CFL or incandescent lights
  • Various light spectra for plants specific development
  • Included proper manual to follow

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TaoTronics LED Grow Light Review

To provide adequate lights to your plants the most effective ways are LED grow lights for both flowering and vegetative stages of growth. Such kind of grow lights are TaoTronics LED Grow Light Review which does not only produce specific wavelengths of light but also they are appropriate for optimum plant growth. They are very much efficient in their electricity use as well as the bulbs last two to four times longer than other kinds of lighting.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • Have 12 LEDs (3 blue & 9 red), ultra bright
  • Outside is constructed in a pure heat sink fashion
  • Growing lamps emit the wavelength of life
  • Brilliant all metal housing
  • The bulb has low power consumption

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LED Grow Light Review

The best use of this grow lights for plants are, during the corresponding part of the growth process, they allow the plants to absorb the right amount of light energy at the right time.

To use this TaoTronics Grow Light need not to buy any additional materials. Good from seedlings all the way to harvest. You will get a guaranteed one year warranty if you buy this from the authorized retailer. Thus this light works great for shorter plants.

Advantage Of TaoTronics 

  • You will find it in very affordable price
  • Works good for growing seedlings
  • Coverage sufficient area

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Bottom Line 

Now when you know the top LED grow Light review of the market, it will be seem easy for you to pick the right LED grow light as your requirements. The top 8 Indoor LED Light makers described above definitely provide you with incredible value for their price.

With these indoor grow light you can start a new setup or the professionals can grow more veg and flowers as per their needs. So put your budget to good use and we are highly optimist that you will  be surely benefited by our guideline of Top 8 Best Indoor LED Grow Light Review. Then you’ll come back and thank me later.

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